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Chapter 16: The Unexplored Land

By VHCC → Saturday, July 29, 2023

 Zhang Yuanqing returned to the main hall, bathed in the candlelight, calmed down the pain of relapse of the old disease, and purified himself by the way.

Calculated according to the time, the wraith will entangle him within a minute or two. It is definitely not suitable to enter the east courtyard and face the zombies at this time.

After resting for four or five minutes, his physical condition became worse and worse. The headache was accompanied by slight dizziness. He knew that the corpse poison had gradually eroded his body, and the symptoms were initially showing.

The candlelight in the main hall seems unable to purify the toxins in the body.

"We can't delay any longer..."

He wanted to take advantage of the half-hour usage time limit of the red dancing shoes to make a quick decision and clear the dungeon in one go.

Zhang Yuanqing left the main hall, walked along the cobblestone path, shuttled among the weeds, and arrived at the courtyard.

Standing in the undulating grassy yard, open the inventory, and summon the red shoes.

Two dark red gleams moved swiftly in the night, turning into a pair of brand new dancing shoes.

"Choose the second form!"

Zhang Yuanqing recited silently.

The red dancing shoes disintegrated into a dark red shimmer again, sweeping out two arcs, enveloping his feet.

In an instant, the running shoes under her feet turned into a pair of large red dancing shoes.

Well, isn't this just women's clothing in disguise? Fortunately, it's red dancing shoes, not high heels... Zhang Yuanqing looked at his feet uncomfortably, feeling weird.

He forced himself not to care about this detail, took out the corpse talisman, held it in his hand, and walked through the arched door amidst the soft rustle of the big banyan tree, and came to the east courtyard again.

In the east courtyard, the weeds were undulating, the moonlight was shining, and the two big houses stood quietly. Everything was so quiet.

He looked around carefully, but saw no trace of zombies, and immediately walked cautiously through the courtyard, approaching the big house divided into four rooms.

In the room where the coffins were displayed, the wooden door had already been knocked away. He didn't need to enter the room. He looked into the room from a distance across the threshold.

The moonlight shone in through the gaps in the tiles. The corpse, the coffin, the lifted coffin lid, and the brass pestle were quietly in place without being moved.

There were no zombies in the room.

"Will it lie back in the coffin?"

From this angle, he couldn't see what was going on inside the coffin.

While hesitating, he suddenly noticed that the moonlight seemed to be dimming, and a black shadow fell from the sky, covering him.

Immediately afterwards, the night wind brought a strong smell of corpses and a low growl of "ho ho".

It, is it hidden in a tree? Zhang Yuanqing was horrified, his heart contracted suddenly, and he instinctively thought of dodging.

The next moment, the red dancing shoes on his feet shimmered dark red, and Zhang Yuanqing suddenly slipped on the soles of his feet. Before he could react, a sliding shovel rushed out, plowing a trail in the weeds.


The zombies wrapped in ragged clothes rushed to nothing.

Dodge, dodge... Zhang Yuanqing got up in a hurry, overwhelmed with surprise, and put his heart back into his stomach.

The red dancing shoes are indeed miraculous, and their ability to dodge is stronger than he expected. With his own reflexes, it was impossible to dodge the pounce of the zombies just now.

Zhang Yuanqing's confidence increased greatly.

"Ho ho ho..."

The zombie with hair like dry grass let out a roar that shook the eardrums, and its protruding eyeballs became more ferocious. It bounced its knees and rushed towards the prey again.

The speed is as fast as a car running at high speed.

In the midst of the horrific wind, the terrifying femininity was already in sight. Zhang Yuanqing twisted his feet uncontrollably, like a ballet spinning, smoothly cutting out a semicircle, avoiding the sharp nails, and cutting behind the zombie.

Immediately afterwards, he "naturally" performed the splits, his body suddenly collapsed, the strong wind howled above his head, and his arms swept across.

Twitch, it's getting to the point... Zhang Yuanqing's face was contorted, and he really wanted to scream with his crotch in his hands, but the red dancing shoes had already manipulated his legs into a jump, and he jumped up.

He jumped high and kicked the zombie's chest fiercely with both feet.


Amidst the muffled sound, the zombie's tattered clothes splashed fine dust.

It let out an angry and unwilling roar, and was kicked by this huge force and fell on its back.

  Chance! Seeing this scene, Zhang Yuanqing didn't care about the tearing pain in his crotch, and ran with big strides, slapping the corpse suppressing talisman in his hand hard at the highly rotten and foul-smelling face in front of him.

Pat it on the forehead.


The violent and bloodthirsty zombie froze suddenly as if under a holding spell.

All movement and movement disappeared and returned to silence.

The zombie lay upright among the wild grass, and the scarlet color in its ferocious eyeballs gradually dimmed.

It lost its "vitality".

Looking at the zombie who turned into a clay sculpture and couldn't show off his power, Zhang Yuanqing panted violently, exhaustion and joy welling up in his heart.

He survived!

"Without the help of the red dancing shoes, it is difficult to single-handedly deal with the zombies, and the zombies are just one of the weird ones. As expected of an S-level spiritual realm, it is too difficult.

"But the construction team has a lot of people, so it stands to reason that dealing with zombies should not be a problem. How can a group of old men be so unbearable..."

Zhang Yuanqing sighed suddenly, he knew the reason.

The corpse talisman was found in the pocket of the corpse under the window. The senior got this item, but he didn't tell his companions, but hid it privately.

The human heart is more complicated than ghosts, and it is also more terrifying.

After the zombies have been dealt with, it's time to go to the well to find that shameless female ghost.

But before that, there was one thing that Zhang Yuanqing was very concerned about.

He left the zombies behind and walked to the room where the coffins were displayed, and stepped across the threshold while holding the door frame. In the dark room, the moonlight shone like beams.

He stamped his feet in front of the mummy, bent down and picked up the copper awl.

It's obviously a copper object, but it doesn't feel cold when held in the hand, but is as warm as jade.

Immediately, a message appeared in the field of vision.

【Name: Demon Crusade】

[Type: Weapon]

[Function: Purify, suppress spirits, destroy demons]

[Introduction: The weapon that contains the divine power of the sun is the nemesis of all yin things. Sacrifice this pestle with essence and blood, and you will gain the power of the sun god. 】

[Remarks: Is it powerful? In exchange for life. 】

Sure enough, it is a prop. Looking at the function introduction, it seems to be stronger than the candles in the main hall. The seniors of the construction team probably wanted to use it to kill the zombies, but they failed. Alas, they had already lost too much before dealing with the zombies. Zhang Yuanqing is glad that he made the correct judgment.

Cleverly using the red dancing shoes to solve the difficulty.

Of course, the seniors of the construction team had no choice. It was impossible for them to subdue this regular item, and most of them died from being trampled by the red dancing shoes.

"With this item that is designed to counteract femininity, and paired with red dancing shoes, my chances of passing the trial mission will be greatly increased."

Holding the crouching pestle in his hand, he felt a strong sense of confidence in his heart. He left the room and returned to the yard before five minutes had arrived.

This time, he went straight to the ancient well for the final investigation.

The mouth of the well is deep and dark, and a damp, rotten smell of vegetation surges up.

Go down and have a look... Zhang Yuanqing held the crouching pestle tightly in a defensive posture, raised one foot to step on the edge of the well, and then he just walked down the well wall like walking on the ground.

Before switching to it, he definitely didn't dare to go down to explore, not to mention whether there was any danger at the bottom of the well. Without ropes and helpers, jumping to the bottom of the well meant suicide.

Soon, he successfully reached the bottom of the not-deep well, where the moonlight was already very faint.

The water in the well had long since dried up, black silt was deposited at the bottom, clumps of weeds grew on the edge, and dark blue moss covered the walls of the well.

"There are no ghosts in the well..."

Zhang Yuanqing frowned, thinking that this is wrong, I clearly saw a faceless female ghost protruding from the well.

He checked repeatedly at the bottom of the well. Because the wearing time of the red dancing shoes was limited, he had no choice but to step on the steep well wall, return to the ground, and quickly ran back to the eaves of the main hall.

Only then did he relieve himself of wearing the red dancing shoes.


In the main hall, bathed in dim candlelight, Zhang Yuanqing leaned against the tribute table with a sluggish expression. The corpse poison's erosion of his body deepened. Following dizziness, he developed symptoms such as dyspnea and heart and lung pain.

  time is limited.

"I've already explored the two backyards and successfully subdued the zombies. The mission is not over yet, which means I haven't explored yet..."

Every room in the backyard has been explored, and even the bottom of the well has been lowered. There can be no mistakes.

Then, where is it?

When all possibilities are ruled out, no matter how unbelievable the remaining one is, it must be the truth... He muttered in his heart, and slowly supported his body.

The place that has not been "explored" is this place, the main hall in front of you.

Zhang Yuanqing's gaze swept across the main hall slowly, and finally stopped on the clay sculpture of the Empress of Sandao Mountain. When he entered the main hall for the first time, he was very concerned about a detail on the clay sculpture.

The right hand of the clay sculpture is empty, but it is in the shape of a grasp, indicating that it was originally holding something.

I didn't know what she was holding in her hand before, but now I know.

It's the crouching pestle.

With the mentality that it would be no harm to try, Zhang Yuanqing stepped forward, inserted the yellow crouching pestle into the palm of the clay sculpture, then jumped off the base, and took a few steps back.

Almost at the moment when he retreated, the surface of the base "squeaked" and cracked, and a burst of dense dust bounced off the crack, and then the entire base collapsed, revealing a dark cavern.

Chapter 15: The Red Shoes



There was another sound similar to knocking on the door.

There's something next door!

Zhang Yuanqing quickly replaced the rusty kitchen knife with a rusty short knife, and the wooden stick with a long spear.

Carrying the weapon, she ran out of the room with light steps, the moonlight was like frost, and the surroundings were silent.

Zhang Yuanqing leaned over and leaned against the window secretly.

The paper pasting the window had long since been torn. He squatted under the window, raised his head cautiously, and looked in through a certain opening in the lattice window.

The cold, frosty moonlight was compressed by the holes in the roof into beams of light, bringing light to this narrow room.

Seeing the scene in the room, Zhang Yuanqing's heart skipped a beat.

In the dark and quiet room, there were three old coffins. The black paint was mottled and the lids were covered with dust.

There were two mummified corpses lying beside the coffin, wearing protective clothing, and a copper awl rolled down from one of them.

The awl attracted Zhang Yuanqing's attention. It was half an arm long, made of brass, and the awl handle was engraved with spells and carvings. patina.

A picture appeared in his mind for no reason, one hand of Empress Sandaoshan, with five fingers folded together in a grasping shape.

But my palm is empty.


The muffled sound came again, and Zhang Yuanqing had to move his eyes to the coffin in the middle.

There was a toothache "creak" sound, and the coffin lid slowly slid open.

A blue-black hand stretched out, grabbing the edge of the coffin.

Then, a terrifying figure sat up from the coffin.

With the bright moonlight shining down from the roof, Zhang Yuanqing saw the appearance of the thing clearly. It was wrapped in ragged clothes, its face was swollen, highly decayed, and its dead eyeballs protruded.

Her hair was like dry grass, messily covering her head.

"Ho Ho~"

It raised its head, facing the moonlight above its head, exhaled a mouthful of turbid corpse air, and its two fangs were shocking.

Zombie? Zombies! !

Zhang Yuanqing felt that his Uncle Ying had a ptsd attack.

It turned out to be a zombie. Yes, it should be a zombie. Otherwise, what's the point of this consumable item, the corpse-suppressing talisman? Zhang Yuanqing thought of retreating in his heart. At this point in his exploration, he had obtained enough information.

It's time to go back to the main hall.

But at this moment, the shoulders suddenly sank, and the familiar cold feeling descended, eroding the body, and bringing the chill of goosebumps.

At this critical moment, the shoulder-squatting ghost came.

It's fifteen minutes... Zhang Yuanqing's heart sank.

In this ancient temple full of crises, the spirit is highly tense, and it is difficult to devote all energy to silently count the time. You can only guess by feeling, and there will be deviations.

The appearance of the Crouching Wraith made things worse, and the next scene would add fuel to the fire.

As if smelling the breath of a living person, the zombie sitting in the coffin stopped raising its head, its protruding eyeballs dropped, and looked towards the window, looking out of the window to peek into its own eyes.

...... Zhang Yuanqing bounced up in the horror of goosebumps one after another, turned his head and ran away.

As soon as he turned around, he heard a loud bang when the coffin lid fell to the ground.

Not daring to look back, carrying the wraith on her shoulders, she ran with heavy steps.

There was another loud bang, and the door was knocked away.

While running wildly, Zhang Yuanqing turned his head and saw a hideous and terrifying figure wrapped in tattered clothes rushing out of the room, leaping violently, and chasing after him like a hungry tiger pounced on a sheep.

This is a zombie? Where is the freeze? His face changed drastically, he spun his feet, turned around with the help of inertia, and stabbed the zombie in the chest.

The end of the gun was thrown to the ground to form a simple horse rejection post.

At the same time, he saw a hideous hollow in the zombie's chest, where the heart seemed to have been dug out.

Senior brother? Zombies are the big brothers in the Codex!

The next moment, the zombie rushed forward with a long gun on top of it. The finger-thick gun body collapsed like a full moon, and then snapped off with a 'click'.

Before he had time to think about it, Zhang Yuanqing seized the opportunity created by the spear and rolled past the zombie's feet. His nose was filled with the smell of corpses, and the sound of a big knife slashing to the ground sounded behind him.

He rolled all the way behind the zombie, flicked his knees, jumped up, and swung the dagger in his hand.


The short knife slashed at the back of the zombie's head, like cutting steel. It didn't cause any damage except for cutting off a few hay-like hairs.

On the contrary, Zhang Yuanqing's jaw was in severe pain from the force coming back from the handle of the knife, and he almost let go of the weapon.

"Copper skin and iron bones?"

Zhang Yuanqing was terrified. Immediately, he saw the zombie turn around quickly, raised his sharp black-nailed hands, and clasped his shoulders.

The pain hit immediately.

The sharp black nails pierced his skin, and the dark red blood stained his red coat.

The smell of blood stimulated it, and scarlet light flooded from the depths of its protruding eyeballs. The zombie opened its fangs, spit out foul-smelling gas, and bit Zhang Yuanqing's neck fiercely.

The purification effect of the candlelight was still there, and he didn't lose his mind due to fear. With a thought, a fluorescent blue inventory appeared, and he had an extra talisman in his hand.

Thump, thump, thump..... The zombie, who was vicious and violent just a moment ago, saw this piece of talisman, and backed away again and again, like avoiding a snake or a scorpion.

It is effective, it is afraid of me, it has a certain amount of wisdom... Zhang Yuanqing endured the pain in the wounds of his arms, tensed his muscles, stared at the zombies, and carried the wraith on his shoulders, stepping back slowly.

As he retreated, he prayed for the female ghost in the well not to make trouble.

During this process, the zombie let out a creepy growl from its rotting throat, and stared at Zhang Yuanqing with scarlet eyes.

Fortunately, I don't know if it was because of the zombies, or Zhang Yuanqing walked backwards. The female ghost in the well did not appear. Zhang Yuanqing withdrew from the east courtyard and returned to the courtyard. When the eaves turned up, an unreal scream rang in his ears.

With a light shoulder, all negative effects dissipated.


"Whoa, whoa, whoa..."

In the main hall, Zhang Yuanqing was panting against the latticed door, his legs and feet convulsed uncontrollably.

Half of this is out of fear, and the other half is a physiological reaction after the adrenaline subsides.

After resting for a few minutes, the adrenaline subsided, and the wound on his arm began to ache. He took off his coat and T-shirt with a grin, only to see that his two arms were bloody and bloody, and the bleeding was red and black.

It's obvious that the zombie's nails contain poison.

The situation suddenly got worse.

"There's no disinfectant here, no tetanus shot, and the corpse poison will attack quickly? I won't be poisoned to death, will I?"

A series of thoughts flashed through Zhang Yuanqing's mind, and he was surprised to find that he was not very afraid, and then had nothing to do with him, it was the courage given by the candle.

He was bathed in candlelight, and his emotions were gradually soothed.

"Now that I've been poisoned by the corpse, I can't wait any longer. Let's go directly to the second plan."

Before entering the spiritual realm, Zhang Yuanqing formulated two plans for himself. The first plan is to carefully explore the mountain temple, control the information, and then seek a way to crack it.

It belongs to steady and steady.

Then, benefiting from the inspiration of playing games with his aunt, looking for patterns and methods, he formulated a second relatively risky plan.

Try to subdue the red shoes.

Since they are all props, the yellow paper talisman can be used by him, who said red dancing shoes can't?

Guan Ya said that if you break the rules of rule-type props, you have a certain probability of subduing them.

"Based on my ability, it's impossible to stick the yellow paper talisman on the zombie's forehead by myself."

Sticking the talisman paper on the forehead of a ferocious, terrifying and intelligent genital is like a child holding a knife and fighting an adult one-on-one. Although adults are afraid of the blade, it doesn't mean that children can really hurt adults.

Zhang Yuanqing didn't delay anymore, stood up holding the lattice door, stepped over the threshold, and came to the courtyard in front of the main hall.

This is where he first met the red dancing shoes.

The full moon is like a pan, with shadows of ancient houses, wild grass, and trees whirling.

He waited and waited, waited and waited..... He stood among the weeds for a long time, alert to the changes around him, but he couldn't wait for the red dancing shoes to appear.

These shoes seem to have no fixed place. At first, they followed him when entering the temple, and then appeared in the courtyard. Now, they don't know where they went.

The longer the delay, the worse the physical condition of Zhang Yuanqing sighed, turned around helplessly, and returned to the main hall.

Just as he turned around, his body froze suddenly.

  "Da da....."

Between him and the main hall, a pair of red dancing shoes with a dark red shimmer were rising and falling, as if an invisible person was walking in place wearing them.

The sound of footsteps reverberated in the empty and silent night.

Can you change the way of appearance? Every time it's so horrifying... Zhang Yuanqing's soul, which was almost frightened, slowly returned to its place, and quietly swallowed.

Even though he was looking forward to its appearance, Zhang Yuanqing still felt that his san value was dropping uncontrollably when faced with this weird dancing shoe...

The red dancing shoes continued to stand still, and the heels made a crisp sound when they hit the ground. The rattling echoes were superimposed, making the loneliness and terror even more apparent.

In Zhang Yuanqing's field of vision, a glowing blue message suddenly popped up:

[Would you like to dance with me? If so, please stay where you are. 】

This message appeared on the side of the red dancing shoes, as if it was talking to itself.

Sure enough, he asked to dance, and if he didn't dance with it, he would kill people. Bad shoes... Zhang Yuanqing had no choice but to put all his eggs in one basket, because he discovered one thing, the red dancing shoes cut off his back.

It appeared between Zhang Yuanqing and the main hall.

Once the dance fails, he will surely die.

Is it a coincidence? Or is this shoe intentional? Does it also have wisdom... Zhang Yuanqing restrained his thoughts, settled his emotions, and visualized his father's appearance in his mind.

At the same time, raise your foot to make a step.

Da da... It seemed to be a switch to turn on this prop. Along with his steps, the rhythm of the ups and downs of the red dancing shoes changed, and there was an extremely fast kick.

It danced a tap dance with a sense of rhythm and extremely fast speed. The loud "tap" sound echoed in the silent night sky and echoed in the deserted ancient temple.

On a moonlit night, among the wild grass, on a path paved with cobblestones, a pair of red dancing shoes danced alone, with an indescribably coquettish beauty.

Zhang Yuanqing opened his eyes wide, allowing the pupils to absorb the moonlight, and stared at the red dancing shoes. He didn't need to deliberately remember, he just needed to see the other person's steps in his eyes.

At the same time, his heart was beating fast like an overloaded engine, loud noises filled his ears, and countless broken images flashed in his mind.

The brain began to automatically receive information from the outside world, the sound of the wind blowing, the slightly curved posture of the wild grass, the frequency of the swaying leaves of the big locust tree in the distance, the posture and frequency of the red dancing shoes kicking...

The brain that receives the information quickly analyzes and memorizes it.

A few minutes later, Red Dance Shoes stopped contentedly, stepped back with her left foot, and stood on tiptoe.

This posture looks strange, but if someone is wearing it, it is a standard curtsy.

Quite polite... Zhang Yuanqing, who was bleeding from his nasal cavity, muttered in his heart, and then saw a sentence floating above the red dancing shoes:

[It's your turn! 】

In a few minutes, it danced hundreds of rhythms with different steps, which has surpassed the shorthand ability of ordinary people.

Zhang Yuanqing settled down, took out a small pill from his pocket, and put it in his mouth.

Then, his brain fell into a strange state, and the pictures in the past few minutes were played back frame by frame.

"Da da da da..."

With a slow speed and a crappy posture, he danced a few rhythms, and then carefully examined the red shoes.

If the opponent's standard is exactly the same material, then even if he can memorize all the rhythms and movements, it is impossible to complete the task.

Seeing that there was no abnormality in it, Zhang Yuanqing felt relieved and started dancing with all his concentration.

Kicking, turning around, jumping slightly, crossing left and right feet... He danced very slowly, with awkward and ugly postures. Compared with the flowing movements of the red dancing shoes, it was simply unsightly.

But slow-paced dance steps can guarantee that there will be no mistakes.

Seven or eight minutes later, Zhang Yuanqing resumed all the steps of the red dancing shoes, and stopped panting.

His nasal cavity was overflowing with warm liquid, which flowed down his lips and jaw, but he didn't bother to wipe it off, staring at the red dancing shoes.

Whether he can walk out of the spiritual realm alive, and whether he can successfully complete the trial.

It's up to now.

[Your dancing skills are as bad as ever! 】

The red dancing shoes popped up such a message, and then it turned into a dark red gleam, dissipating in the night.

Immediately afterwards, Zhang Yuanqing heard a cold voice in his mind:

  【Ding! You accompanied Red Dance Shoes to complete a dance. Congratulations, you have been appreciated by Red Dance Shoes. However, because your dancing skills are too poor, Red Dance Shoes only appreciated you for half an hour. Good luck! 】

Zhang Yuanqing slumped to the ground like a collapse, his face turned pale, and his brain was throbbing.

Half a minute later, his symptoms eased. He sat up with a pale face, and eagerly opened the inventory.

In the second grid, lay a pair of red, brand new dancing shoes.

Stare at the dancing shoes for a few seconds, and the item information will automatically appear.

【Name: Red Dance Shoes】

【Type: Footwear】

[Function: Tracking, chasing down]

[Introduction: Its former owner was a princess from a certain western kingdom. The princess was born beautiful and good at dancing, and the men in the kingdom fell in love with her. But the vicious stepmother was jealous of her talent and beauty, and imprisoned her on a high tower. The lonely princess danced alone in the cold moonlight, and finally died. This pair of red shoes inherited her behest, began to wander, and never stopped dancing solo. 】

[Remark 1: Use form 1: Throw red dancing shoes towards the designated target (you can also use the target's blood, hair and skin cells as a medium to lock the target), and it will chase and kill the target endlessly. During the hunting process, ignore any physical obstacles, cannot escape, cannot be destroyed, until the target dies, or dances with it, there are no restrictions on the types of dances. 】

[Usage form 2: Wearing red dancing shoes can increase agility, improve dodge ability, run regardless of the terrain, and don't need to pay physical strength. The only thing you need to pay attention to is that you can only wear it for five minutes at a time. If the time exceeds, the red shoes will never be taken off. You will run with them until the end of your life, or your feet will be cut off. 】

[Remark 2: Won't you dance with me? Everything tender. 】

It's an artifact... Zhang Yuanqing was very excited after reading the introduction to the attributes of the item.

This is a regular prop?

It's unbelievably powerful.

The previous yellow paper talismans and candles had relatively simple item introductions, just a few sentences, but the item information of this pair of red dancing shoes was long and lengthy.

From this point alone, we can see the uniqueness of the red dancing shoes.

"It's a pity that you only appreciate me for half an hour..."

Zhang Yuanqing noticed the item

Chapter 14: Exploring the East Hospital


 Candles, sculptures, corpses, and antique lattice doors. Outside the door is a courtyard with undulating grass, an overturned bronze incense burner, bluestone roads and bright moonlight.

There is desolation and weirdness in the dead silence.

"This place seems to be in perpetual darkness."

Zhang Yuanqing raised his palm to his mouth, and spit out the small blue pill in his mouth.

The method succeeded, I was so clever... He happily put the pills in his pocket, and had a little confidence in his "future".

With them, in the face of the red dancing shoes, there is a hope of saving one's life.

Then, he walked straight to the tribute table, thought for a moment, and reached out to hold the candlestick.

Suddenly, a piece of information appeared in front of his eyes:

【Name: Candle That Never Extinguishes】

【Type: Fuel】

[Function: Suppression of evil spirits, purification]

[Introduction: The props left by the Empress of Sandao Mountain are said to be extracted from the fat of Changming Beast, which has the effect of suppressing evil and purifying. 】

[Remarks: Sometimes, purifying fear may not be a good thing. Also, it cannot be moved. 】

Sure enough, the props can only be obtained by touching them with one's own hands. And I didn't dare to touch the candle before, so I didn't know it was a prop until I read the information......

"Purifying fear may not be a good thing. According to Guan Ya's classification, candles are a price, and the price of using them is losing fear. But I'm very scared now, and I don't have any thoughts of dying. Let's stay in the main hall for now."

He sat cross-legged in front of the tribute table, thinking about his next move.

"The next goal of the operation is to explore the east courtyard, find out the hidden dangers and laws there, and then find ways to restrain and overcome them. The exploration time should not exceed 15 minutes, otherwise the wraiths will surely die."

"The blue pill is my trump card to deal with the red shoes, but it may not be effective, and once you face the red shoes, you will either live or die... Let's explore the east courtyard first, and make a preliminary understanding of the environment there. Understand, and then think about countermeasures.”

When the incident came to an end, he was still a little afraid and shy, and didn't want to go out. It was a fluke to survive last time, but it is still unknown whether he can survive this time.

The situation in the east courtyard is unknown, and it is impossible to judge the degree of danger. It is easy to try and die.

However, things in this world are never meant to be ignored if you don't want to.

Although there is no time limit for the task of exploring the ancient temple, in theory he can stay in the main hall forever, but the lack of time limit means that if he does not complete the task, he will probably never be able to get out.

After a long delay, the body will decline due to hunger, sleepiness, thirst and other reasons.

If the time comes to go out and explore, it will be a dead end.

"It's a knife to stretch your head and shrink your head, so you can only fight!"

Zhang Yuanqing gritted his teeth and strode towards the layman.

Wait, I should think about it again. It's dangerous outside... He stepped out of the threshold with one foot, but suddenly retreated. He couldn't help but look back at the hall, yearning for the brilliance of this place.

Candlelight warms, dispels the haze, purifies the filth, and brings unparalleled courage and self-confidence to the heart.

It's not a big problem...... Zhang Yuanqing went out confidently.


The moonlight was as bright as frost, Zhang Yuanqing walked along the left side of the main hall, stepped on the cobblestone path, and came to the desolate and dilapidated courtyard again.

On a night without insects or birds, the silence is terrifying.

But the silence is also reassuring. He is most afraid of hearing "da da" footsteps when he goes out.

"Fifteen minutes, I only have fifteen minutes to finish exploring the East Courtyard before the wraith haunts me..."

He entered the easternmost room of the courtyard, groped for the bronze mirror from the corpse leaning against the window, and hid it in his pocket.

Then carefully pass through the arched door and enter the east courtyard.

The East Courtyard is much larger than the Siheyuan. What greets the eyes is a deserted garden, with rockery, pavilions, small ponds, and a big banyan tree with a thick trunk and gnarled branches. The tender green leaves reflect the bright moonlight.

There is an ancient well under the banyan tree.

Looking across the rockery pavilion, one can see a straight roof ridge protruding from the depths of the garden.

Zhang Yuanqing did not go straight to the buildings deep in the garden, but walked cautiously around the big banyan tree. According to the information, this tree was very dangerous, but after he circled around, no accident happened.

"Looking at the big banyan tree, it should also increase the exploration speed..."

Thinking to himself, Zhang Yuanqing glanced at the dark ancient well, hesitated again and again, but he still didn't have the courage to rush over to take a look.

He has a strong psychological shadow on Gujing in this kind of horror story.

Zhang Yuanqing bypassed the ancient well, rustled among the weeds, and walked towards the buildings deep in the garden.


Suddenly, there was a crisp sound under his feet, which scared him to jump up on the spot.

Looking closely, it turned out to be a corpse buried in weeds, wrapped in oxidized labor protection clothing. Zhang Yuanqing leaned over to check, and the skeleton of this corpse was well preserved.

It was lying on its stomach, but its head was facing backwards, which means that something twisted its head 180 degrees before it died.

What did it do?

Zhang Yuanqing quietly became vigilant, stood up, and was about to continue exploring.

At this moment, a gust of wind blew over, and the weeds in the garden undulated and rustled. The big banyan tree behind him seemed to come alive, shaking its branches and leaves in a twisted way.

"Zhang Yuanqing, Zhang Yuanqing..."

A shrill cry came from behind.

The voice drifted over with the wind, as if it was whispering in the ears, bringing waves of chills.

Instinctively, Zhang Yuanqing was about to turn around to be alert, and the information of the materials suddenly flashed in his mind:

  Do not look back!

"Zhang Yuanqing, Zhang Yuanqing..."

Seeing that he didn't respond, the voice seemed a little anxious, trying to make him turn his head around quickly.

Of course Zhang Yuanqing would not turn around. He stood still, quietly unzipped the pocket of the jacket, took out the brass mirror, and slowly lifted it to a position higher than his shoulders.

The brass mirror reflected the scene behind him not so clearly in the mirror.

In the ancient well, a woman in white clothes with disheveled hair came out. She had no facial features on her face. She was about to stare at Zhang Yuanqing with that pale fleshy face.

Don't care about you... Zhang Yuanqing's face turned pale, and he ran forward sullenly.

"Zhang Yuanqing, Zhang Yuanqing..."

The voice called over and over again, calling eagerly, but he could only watch helplessly as he ran further and further away.

Soon, Zhang Yuanqing walked around the rockery and came to the depths of the garden. There was a big house with a straight roof, a foundation built of stones, and a wall made of loess.

The houses here are even more dilapidated than the courtyard houses, with sparse roof tiles and many holes.

"The night wandering god in the data has also been here. He only said not to turn back, but he didn't say that he couldn't go back. The call of the female ghost in the well may only be for those who turn back. In this case, when I return later, I shouldn't In danger..."

He took a deep breath on the spot, calmed down the surging fear and horror, and focused on the present.

"Let's explore this house first."

This big house has a total of three doors, representing three rooms.

He carefully approached the leftmost room, and pushed open the broken wooden door with his hand.


Amid the sound of the wooden door opening, Zhang Yuanqing quickly backed away, putting on a defensive posture.

For a long while, nothing happened.

Boldly entering the house, the moonlight shone in from the dilapidated roof. He tried his best to open his eyes wide, allowing the pupils to absorb as much light as possible.

This is the kitchen and canteen. There are two earthen stoves built of blue bricks, pots, pans, water tanks, cabinets and other items, which have long decayed and accumulated dust.

There is no danger, and finally found the container... Zhang Yuanqing grabbed a dusty gourd scoop, and couldn't help thinking:

"I heard that boy urine can destroy evil spirits."

He considered whether to take a spoonful of boy's urine, and after careful consideration, he reluctantly gave up on this idea.

Although he has never dated girls, Zhang Yuanqing feels that he should not be considered a boy.

"I've indulged you too much, and I've given you chances to pretend again and again." He lowered his head and stared at his hands, feeling a little heartbroken.

After some exploration, after confirming that this big house is a combination of kitchen and dining hall, there is nothing special or dangerous, Zhang Yuanqing walked out of the house with a rusty kitchen knife and a wooden stick, and set his sights on the last rectangular building Big house.

Unlike the kitchen which doubles as a large dining hall, this house has four doors and is divided into four rooms.

Zhang Yuanqing couldn't help but clenched the wooden stick and kitchen knife in his hand. They may not be useful, but they can bring comfort to people.

He carefully inspected the first and second rooms. They belonged to the utility room, and they were piled up with ancient farm tools, furniture, and donation boxes.

It's of no value... Zhang Yuanqing turned to the third room.

This is an arsenal. There are swords, bows, daggers and short knives hanging on the wall. Many weapons have fallen to the ground due to the decay of the hanging ropes.

Next to the window are two rows of weapon racks, one of which was overturned, and sticks and spears were scattered all over the place.

Next to the overturned weapon rack, lay two corpses.

Seeing these weapons, Zhang Yuanqing was not surprised. The disciples in the temple learned from the Empress of Sandao Mountain and were able to make corpse-repelling charms, so they obviously have the ability to help them.

It's not surprising that she can dance and play sticks.

As usual, he went to check the corpse and search for information from the seniors.

As soon as he approached the corpse, he couldn't help but let out a "huh". The two corpses lying on the ground were not skeletons, but two mummified corpses.

The skin is gray and wrinkled, clinging to the bones, and the belly is sunken.

"How could there be a mummy?"

Zhang Yuanqing frowned for a while. As a student of Songhai University, he has enough knowledge reserves.

There are two reasons for the formation of mummy, one is artificial embalming, and the other is natural formation.

The first type can be ruled out directly. The second type is mostly formed in dry areas such as deserts.

The conditions in the temple obviously did not match.

He carefully inspected the two mummified corpses. There were no fatal injuries on their bodies, and the bones were not broken by the red dancing shoes. However, there were two obvious holes in the flesh of the neck.

It looks like it was bitten out by the sharp fangs of a ferocious beast.

"Did they get sucked dry by something? Hiss..."

Zhang Yuanqing took a deep breath and tensed up.

At this moment, he heard a "boom" from the next room, like knocking on a wooden door.

In an instant, his scalp exploded, and Zhang Yuanqing, like an alert wild deer, raised his neck to listen.

Chapter 13: Re-Entering the Mountain Temple


 "Horrible mountain temple..."

Zhang Yuanqing leaned back and put all his weight on the back of the chair.

He closed his eyes, combined the information in the documents with his own personal experience, and analyzed the mountain temple to find the rules based on the inspiration he got from playing games.

"The Wraith of the Shoulder Crouching can be dispelled by candlelight. There is a safety period of 15 minutes for each extermination, and it will not be injured immediately after the Shoulder Crouching..."

"Be careful of the banyan tree in the east courtyard. You can't turn back. Why can't you turn back? Under what circumstances can you not turn back? What will happen if you turn back? Why isn't it clearly written in the materials?"

"For the time being, it's not clear whether the roar has anything to do with the banyan tree. If it's not, it's more dangerous. The real face of those red dancing shoes are props? Regular props, it sounds very compelling."

Looking at it now, there is a high probability that the seniors of the construction team were trampled to death by the red dancing shoes, and their bones were shattered.

"Although under my uncle's training, I can also do some dances, but even a level 1 night wanderer can't handle it, and I certainly can't do it as a child... If my uncle met the red shoes, I would definitely be able to dance forever ..."

This kind of thing should be done by an unreliable uncle. After all, my uncle only loves to sing and dance rap when he doesn't do business in his life.


Zhang Yuanqing's eyes suddenly lit up.

According to the information, the fundamental reason for the failure of the Night Tourist God was that apart from his lack of dancing experience, the most important thing was his inability to memorize complicated and chaotic dance steps.

This has probably exceeded the limit of ordinary people's shorthand.

But he doesn't have such troubles. As long as he pushes himself to relapse his old illness and put his brain into a state of overload, what that name has seen and heard will reappear in his mind.

And in the state of overload, the brain's control over the body is far beyond that of ordinary people, so it's not a problem to do some high-energy movements.

"The problem is that non-spiritual items cannot be brought in, and my medicine may not be brought in. Once the old disease recurs, without medicine to suppress it, I don't know what will happen to me."

There's no need to think about this kind of thing by yourself, just ask directly, otherwise why join an official organization.

Zhang Yuanqing grabbed the phone, opened the call history, and called back Guan Ya's number.

After a few rings, the call was connected.

"Have you read the information?"

Guan Ya is about to rest. She is a woman who pays attention to maintenance. She hates staying up late and hates being disturbed while sleeping.

But for Zhang Yuanqing, she has a high tolerance. Who would have the heart to speak harshly to a boy who is dying, and besides, he is handsome and nice to speak.

"After reading it, I don't quite understand some things." Zhang Yuanqing asked, "What are rule props?"

Guan Ya explained: "There are many types of props in the spirit realm, and their functions are also different. Our official organization has summarized three categories based on the characteristics of the props, namely the price class, the rule class, and the other is not clear. My level Not enough, out of reach."

Speaking of this, she added with a smile: "There is usually no distinction between rule-type and price-type props. After all, props have different functions and cannot be measured by a single standard. But one thing is generally recognized. It is more troublesome and rarer, and every regular item is priceless."

She paused, and then said:

"The way to deal with rule-type props is not a secret in the official organization. That is to find its rules and decipher its rules. The fact that the red shoes invite dancing mentioned in the information probably coincides with its rules.

"If you can complete its invitation, then there is a certain probability of accepting this regular item. Of course, there is only a certain probability. This depends on many factors, such as whether it is willing, such as whether it has no owner, etc."

But you just have to think about things like subduing rule-type props, don't take it seriously... she said to herself.

After listening patiently, Zhang Yuanqing asked again: "One more thing, can medicine be brought into the spiritual realm?"

"Except for normal clothes, most of the things in reality cannot be brought into the spirit realm. Medicines can be taken, but they must be taken."

"In your mouth?"

"This..." Guan Ya couldn't answer.

It seems that the only one who tried it... Zhang Yuanqing said:

"I have no problem, thank you."

Guan Ya gave an 'hmm' and said with a smile:

"Take care, little boy, by the way, today is a lucky day for Scorpio."

  ah? Zhang Yuanqing didn't react, and the other party had already hung up.

He put down his phone and looked at the time. It was already early morning.

Tomorrow morning, he will enter the spiritual realm again.


the next day.

Leaning on a cane and wearing shiny leather shoes, Li Dongze entered the glass building behind the police station building.

As a leader who doesn't need to clock in, he is used to postponing work by an hour, sometimes not going to work at all, eating public rations and fishing, free and easy.

As for the spiritual practitioners under his command, he also neglected to manage them and left them alone.

Firstly, except for Guan Ya, everyone else is not a white tiger soldier, and they listen to the tune but not to the announcement.

Second, the death rate of the dungeons of the spiritual realm walkers is extremely high, and they might not be able to get out once they enter the spiritual realm.

Life is short, enjoy yourself in time.

Li Dongze came to the second floor and habitually scanned the office area. At the empty desks, only Guan Ya, who was working hard, and Wang Tai, who was researching information and writing a thesis, were sitting.

"Guan Ya, have you given him the information?"

"Give it."

Li Dongze nodded, without saying anything, turned around and entered the luxurious office.

Guan Ya did not continue this topic, but lowered her head.

Li Dongze entered the office, walked to the wine cabinet, poured himself a glass of vodka, squeezed the lime juice, and took a sip.

Just at this time, the phone rang. He put down his wine glass, lay down on the soft chair, and Li Dongze turned on the phone.

Someone @ him in the chat group, the name of the group is "Kangyang District Spiritual Realm Walker Management Group".

As a first-tier metropolis, Songhai City has a total of sixteen districts, and each district has ten teams of spirit walkers, led by captains.

Li Dongze is the captain of the second team. In terms of the system of white tiger soldiers, he is very good.

The immediate bosses of the captains are deacons, and there are three deacons in Kangyang District.

Above the deacons are the elders, and the elders usually don't manage things. The spirit realm practitioners at this level can't see the end.

Above the group of elders are the highest leaders of the Five Elements Alliance - the five leaders.

The five leaders belonged to legendary figures. Li Dongze had never met them before. He only knew that the marshal of his own White Tiger soldiers and the palace master of the Water God Palace were all daughters.

In private, the Five Elements League hailed these two leaders as peerless twins.

The "Spirit Realm Walker Management Group in Kangyang Region" has a total of 14 people, ten captains, three deacons, and a night tour god captain from the Taiyi Sect.

Big muscle bully: "@李东泽, I heard that you recruited a night traveler?"

How did he know... Li Dongze frowned, and replied:

  "none of your business!"

Among the five elements, fire conquers gold, and the scouts of the White Tiger Soldier generally hate the fire masters of the Red Fire Gang, thinking that they are rude and irritable, and they can't talk out of their heads.

  What? Has Li Dongze recruited Ye Youshen? !

The captains in the group were like sharks smelling blood, and their spirits lifted.

Qingteng: "Night Tour God? Where did Li Shichang go to burn incense and worship Buddha recently, and he even recruited Night Tour God, I'm envious."

Bailong: "In our entire Songhai City, excluding casual cultivators, there seem to be no more than ten official night wandering gods. And they are all from the Taiyi sect."

Floating on the water: "Li Dongze, what kind of shit luck did you step on, I'm so sour."

All of a sudden, three captain-level figures appeared.

[Tang Guoqiang sent a red envelope]

The red envelopes were sold out in an instant.

Li Dongze instinctively snatched the red envelopes, and found that others were more than a hundred, but he was more than one yuan.

Tang Guoqiang: "Li Shichang is lucky."

At the bottom is a "Thank you boss" emoji.

Tang Guoqiang is also a captain, but at the same time he is also the boss of the construction team company. He has a lot of money and wealth, and he usually doesn't like to talk, and he will give out red envelopes when he disagrees.

This big boss is bubbling up because of the topic of Ye Youshen.

King of Boxing: "What kind of memory do you guys have? Have you forgotten the agreement between the Five Elements League and Taiyimen? The night tour gods recruited should be absorbed by Taiyimen first."

Bailong: "Brother Quan, you have a bad memory. Have you forgotten our Centurion Fu? With his connection with the Taiyi Sect, it's no problem to keep a Yeyoushen."

The boxing champion stopped talking.

A few bubbling captains were jealous. Whether it was the scarcity of the Night Tour God or their professional potential, they were far stronger than other professions. If they were trained well, they would be competent in the future.

Qingteng: "By the way, we haven't formed a team for a long time in our Kangyang District Spiritual Realm Walker team. Why don't we set a time for everyone to get together."

Bai Long: "Hey, the showy hooves from the Hundred Flowers Club are ready to seduce people again? But I have no objection."

Floating on the water: "I don't happen to be on a boat recently, so we can get together, Li Shichang, my brother has long wanted to drink with you. By the way, call that night tour god."

Tang Guoqiang: "The idea of team building is good, let's get together. Li Dongze snatched my red envelope, so I'll treat it as you agreed."

The corner of Li Dongze's mouth twitched. He was already in a bad mood, so he sent a message to curse:

"I've seen shameless, greedy, and sinister intentions of poaching from your words. I must have been cursed by a psychic recently, and I've been plagued by bad luck."

Big muscle bully: "Versailles?"

Floating on the water: "I also think about this bad luck."

At this time, the night tour god from the Taiyi Sect erupted, Yuan Ting:

"That night wandering god, we don't want to be together. Have you forgotten, Qingming was just passed a while ago."

Qingteng: "What do you mean?"

Yuan Ting: "The night tour god recruited by Li Dongze, the trial task is the She Ling Tunnel."

The group fell silent instantly.

Although they are not night wandering gods, as the local official spiritual realm walkers in Songhai City, they still know a little about the famous She Ling Tunnel.

Bai Long: "It won't be so unlucky."

Yuan Ting: "In order to save that poor guy, Centurion Fu asked our Elder Sun yesterday for detailed information on the She Ling Tunnel."

Big muscle bully: "Uh... is there still a need to save it? Since the last century, no novice has been able to pass through the Sheling Tunnel. Li Dongze, you are so pitiful. I can imagine the trial you heard about recruiting The spirit realm is She Ling's expression behind the tunnel."

Fire Master has always been straightforward.

You want to fight? ! Li Dongze, who was at the desk, almost rushed out of the office with his walking stick, and challenged this guy to a one-on-one challenge.

Quickly took a deep breath, and repeated in my heart: be elegant, be elegant.....

Drifting on the water: "Suddenly received an order and will be sailing this month, let's forget about team building."

Tang Guoqiang: "It's a pity."

Qingteng: "Understood, poor newcomer."

The "open mouthed" Huo Shi Da muscle bully @李东泽 again:

"You caused Centurion Fu to waste a favor, have you ever been scolded?"

Li Dongze: "Shut up, let's talk again, I'm going to the gym to blow your dog's head right now."

Which pot is not opened and which pot is lifted.

After all, Taiyimen and Wuxingmeng are two organizations, and they do not share information with each other. Centurion Fu (deacon) needs information from Taiyimen, and he has to consume a favor.

Da Muba: "You can't beat me again."

The other captains didn't respond, and seemed to no longer care about this matter.

At this time, Fu Qingyang, one of the three deacons, sent a message:

"Are you guys free? Do we need to send you back to the training camp for training?"

Li Dongze and Dajiba immediately fell silent.

After a few seconds, Fu Qingyang sent another message:

"Since I've joined the ranks, they are my soldiers. The White Tiger soldiers will not give up any of their colleagues. This is our belief and has nothing to do with value."

Li Dongze sighed. It is true that he messed up this matter. Chief Fu Baifu would not say it, but who knows if he lost points in his heart.


At 10:30 noon, Zhang Yuanqing locked the door of the room, tied his shoelaces, and drank two large glasses of water.

Then, he unscrewed the medicine bottle and took five small blue pills in his mouth.

Then, he went to the bed and waited silently for the opening of the spiritual realm.

Time passed by every minute and every second. About ten minutes later, Zhang Yuanqing heard a cold voice in his mind:

【The spiritual realm is opening...】

[Ding, the map of the spirit realm is opened, welcome to "God of Night Tour - She Ling Tunnel", number: 0079. 】

【Difficulty level: S】

[Type: Single (Death Type)]

[Main task 1: Survive for three hours (completed). 】

[Main task 2: Explore No. 0079 spiritual realm, current exploration rate: 20%]

[Remarks: Non-spiritual items cannot be brought in. 】

【Good luck, Yuanshi Tianzun! 】

The ceiling distorted, like the surface of water being blown by the wind. When the picture returned, Zhang Yuanqing found himself in the dim candlelight of the main hall.

Chapter 12: Details of the Sheling Tunnel


 After his cousin finished his porridge and went to work, Zhang Yuanqing went back to his room to catch up on sleep.

When I woke up, I heard dynamic sound effects in my ears. When I opened my eyes, the fluorescent lights of the TV screen flickered in the room, and the ceiling lights were not turned on.

He sat up and looked towards the window. My aunt was sitting cross-legged in front of the TV, playing with his ps5. She rolled up her sleeves to reveal two white and tender forearms, and her delicate body swayed left and right following the operating handle.

Zhang Yuanqing yawned, got up and turned on the light, and came behind my aunt to watch her play games.

What she played was a horror game with an underworld style of painting and weird music. The main character was an ugly villain with a bloody ax in his hand.

The TV fluorescence was reflected in the bright eyes like autumn water, and the round oval face was bright, with a trace of excitement.

"This game is good. It's very suitable for playing at night. It's quite self-healing." The aunt said without turning her head.

Auntie has three major hobbies, shopping malls, watching horror movies, and playing horror games.

It's Yuzhi, you perverted woman... Zhang Yuanqing echoed her words: "It's quite interesting."

Auntie turned her head and gave him a white look, "What are you talking about with me?"

She turned back and continued playing the game, saying:

"In fact, this is a self-healing game. The ghosts in the screen are all imagined by a little boy. He is a mentally ill patient. In order not to be swallowed up by his demons, he fought hard, and finally killed a bloody road. Finally, he saw the light. The ending is very sad. Touching."

While she was talking, Zhang Yuanqing had already poured himself a glass of water, and while drinking, he responded, "It's a good idea."

The little aunt hummed twice, and then said:

"Each boss has specific rules. As long as you pay attention to it, even a little boy can defeat a terrifying demon. However, scary pictures and music often make people feel frightened and lose their calm judgment.

"You come to play too."

Zhang Yuanqing was not in the mood to play games with his aunt. He had been away from the spiritual realm for almost 20 hours, and the spiritual realm would open again in a dozen hours. What awaited him might be death.

He might as well think about what to do in the last ten hours of his life, so as to save himself any regrets.

Call and scold mom? Holding my aunt and crying bitterly? Sing and dance rap with uncle for the last time?

He suddenly discovered that he didn't have any regrets, and he didn't have any dreams. As a college student with a relatively good family background, he didn't have too many troubles in his life.

Only those who have gone through the vicissitudes of life have many regrets that cannot be let go.

"Oh, come and play!" The aunt twisted her waist and said coquettishly.

Looking at her beautiful back, Zhang Yuanqing's eyes gradually softened, and he sat down beside his aunt, and took the handle from her hand.

If there are only a dozen hours left in life, it would be nice to play another game with her.

Under the guidance of his aunt eating potato chips and chirping, Zhang Yuanqing cleared the game. Looking at the time, he found that it was already 11 o'clock at night.

"Not bad, not bad, very talented."

The auntie sucked Bai Nun's finger, patted her nephew's shoulder to praise her, and wiped her saliva on him by the way.

"Is it disgusting? It's so dirty." Zhang Yuanqing looked disgusted.

"Hey, I'm fine wine, don't be ignorant of your blessings." Jiang Yuyu said shamelessly.

"Qiongye Yuye? How much is it per catty?" Zhang Yuanqing sneered.

"I won't sell it for any amount, but Auntie can give you a few mouthfuls." Jiang Yubai pouted, as if wanting to drool on Zhang Yuanqing.

Zhang Yuanqing leaned back to dodge.


Turning the doorknob, grandma stood at the door, frowning at the two of them.

Zhang Yuanqing and Jiang Yubai immediately sat down seriously.

"Do you still want to eat?" Grandma reprimanded, "If you don't sleep at night, you sleep during the day, and when you wake up, you play games. If you become a human being, you want to become a fairy, and if you were born on earth, you want to go to heaven?"

Zhang Yuanqing put down the handle, "I know, I know, let's eat right away."

The grandmother gave her daughter a cold sideways glance, and the auntie rolled back to the boudoir in desperation.


The dinner was kept warm, and grandma reheated the cold dishes again. Zhang Yuanqing stuffed his stomach indiscriminately, returned to the room, and summoned the inventory to confirm that the corpse talisman was still there.

Then he looked at his property panel.

Then, while praying for good news from Li Dongze, he thought about every detail of the mountain temple.

In the process of playing games with his aunt just now, he had a new understanding.

Since the spiritual world is also a game, is there a rule? If he finds the pattern, even if he is a little boy with no strength to restrain a chicken, he may be able to pass the level smoothly.

While thinking wildly, a piercing bell rang, causing Zhang Yuanqing's heart to arrest.

He grabbed the mobile phone next to the bed, and the caller ID showed an unfamiliar number, so he chose to connect.

"Hello, is that Zhang Yuanqing?"

A sexy voice came from the loudspeaker, and Zhang Yuanqing showed surprise, and hurriedly asked:

"Did you get information about She Ling Tunnel?"

Guan Ya gave an 'hmm':

"The boss asked for more detailed information for you, and he asked me to send it to your email. I know you young people never check your email, so I called to inform you."

As expected of being an official, the choice to join the official was right... Zhang Yuanqing's mood brightened instantly, resisting the urge to rush to the computer to check emails, and sincerely said:

"Thank you Li Shichang for me, and thank you sister Guan Ya. After I successfully complete the trial task, I invite you to dinner."

The trial was successfully completed... Guan Ya sighed in her heart, and after she stopped talking for a while, her voice was rare and soft:

  "Well, wait for you."

She has already read the information sent by Tai Yimen, and after reading it, she can only feel cold and hopeless. No wonder Shi Chang was depressed all day long.

In Li Dongze's mind, this newly recruited Night Tourist might end up in the trial mission.

After completing the customs clearance, Zhang Yuanqing opened the ergonomic chair, eagerly started his notebook, and logged into his mailbox.

He found the email from Guan Ya among the mess of unread emails.

Downloaded the attached document.


[Sheling Tunnel, Spiritual Realm No. 0079, Difficulty Level: S, Type: Single (Death Type)]

[Main task one: Survive for three hours. 】

[Main task two: Explore No. 0079 spiritual realm. 】

It's the same as my trial mission... Zhang Yuanqing's spirit has lifted. This is a good sign. The closer the content description is to his mission, the better.

[The scene of Lingjing No. 0079 is not the Sheling Tunnel, but an ancient temple in the Ming Dynasty, called Sandaoshan Niangniang Temple.

[According to my speculation, this empress should be a very high-ranking Night God, no, maybe she can no longer be called a Night God. It is unclear whether there really was such a magnificent lady in the Ming Dynasty, or it may be fabricated by the spiritual realm. 】

Then there is a large description of the deeds of Empress Sandaoshan, which is consistent with what Zhang Yuanqing saw in the temple.

Then look down:

[The task of surviving for three hours is relatively simple. At first, after I read the content of the notes, I encountered a wraith entanglement. Its characteristic is to continuously extract the yang energy of living things until the target dies.

【Ye Youshen has a natural suppression on the spirit body. I didn't expend much effort to get rid of it, but when I wanted to devour it, I encountered huge obstacles. This may be the protection of the spirit realm for the resentful spirits.

[Everyone who has read the notes will be cursed and entangled endlessly by the wraith. Any method of getting rid of the wraith is short-lived. If you get rid of the wraith once, you can get a safety period of about 15 minutes.

[It is worth mentioning that the overall layout of the Mountain Temple is a main hall and two adjacent backyards. The candle in the main hall is an extremely powerful prop, which has the ability to suppress evil and purify. As long as you hide in the main hall, it means safety. The price is that candles will eliminate the fear in people's hearts, and after long-term bathing in candlelight, they will become fearless. Being in such a dangerous spiritual environment, being fearless is fatal. In addition, it cannot be moved and cannot be taken out of the spirit realm.

[After staying in the main hall for half an hour, I suddenly heard a cry for help from the backyard, which was mixed with creepy roars, roars that did not seem to be alive. After some hesitation, I decided to go to the backyard to explore . 】

The main hall is indeed a safe house. I personally verified this point, but I didn't expect the source to be candles. I thought it was that beautiful mountain goddess......

The cry for help came from the big banyan tree. I didn't hear the roar. The courtyard to the east was indeed terrifying... Zhang Yuanqing's heart shuddered, and he took a deep breath.

He took a deep breath and read down intently. The following information is very important. If he can know the situation of the other yard in advance, he can avoid danger when exploring.

[The big banyan tree is very dangerous, don't look back, don't look back...]

[This banyan tree seems to have become conscious, but why did it ask for help? As for the terrible roar, I didn't find the source, because I interrupted my exploration by its appearance, it was a pair of... red shoes. 】

【It didn't attack me immediately, but invited me to dance. Out of a tentative mentality, I agreed to its invitation......】

【I can't remember its dance steps at all. It's too messy and complicated. For me who has no dancing experience, this is an impossible requirement. No, even people with dancing experience can't remember those dance steps. I failed, and the red shoes chased me down. 】

[I escaped back to the main hall smoothly, but two ribs were broken by it. I think I have seen its true face. This is an extremely terrifying prop. Its tracking ignores terrain and obstacles, and it cannot achieve its goal. Don't give up, it is initially speculated that it is a regular prop. 】

[It's unbelievable that there are rule-type props in a trial spirit realm. I finally know that Qian Shou died in the mountain temple with a prop. I know why this spirit realm has never been cleared. What a joke, can enter The ones in the She Ling Tunnel are either the early level 1 night wandering gods or ordinary people, how can they pass the level? 】

[For the time being, I don't know the reason for the decline of the mountain temple, and I don't know what the secret is about the rise and fall of the millennium. I hope to successfully complete the second main line task and bring back the truth to the organization. 】

The information ends here, and there is no follow-up.

Zhang Yuanqing knew that the night wandering god had probably died in the second main mission.

Chapter 11: BUG Level Spirit Realm


 In the spacious and luxurious office, Li Dongze was lazily leaning on the sofa, crossing his legs, holding a glass of wine in his left hand and holding a cigar in his right, leisurely and contented.

Just now, he reported the news that he had recruited the God of Night Tour to his immediate leadership.

Li Dongze knew that the young centurion, a new official, was in a hurry to make achievements and cultivate his descendants. A night wanderer with a clean background was like rain from heaven for the centurion with a prominent family background. It's time.

Sure enough, the young superior expressed high admiration for him and promised to give him a great credit.

In the system of white tiger soldiers, military merit is more important than anything else.


The glass door of the office was violently knocked open, and Guan Ya, who was stepping on high heels, broke in.

Li Dongze frowned, took a sip of his wine slowly, and criticized:

"Guan Ya, you are not elegant like this."

"It's so long, the trial spirit realm that this kid entered is the She Ling Tunnel!" Guan Ya cut to the point.

"Pfft!" Li Dongze turned into a jet fighter all of a sudden. He didn't care about wiping the wine, stood up on the table, and shouted in a sharp voice:

"She Ling Tunnel?! Oh, God, you idiot who deserves to go to hell, look at what you've done."

He rushed out with his cane in his hand, ran to the office area, and saw the new Night God, staring at the computer with a dull expression.

Sensing Li Dongze's arrival, Zhang Yuanqing said with a bitter face:

"Boss, do you think I can still be rescued?"

He was afraid that the other party would blurt out: "It's hopeless, wait for death, and terminate the contract!"

Li Dongze looked at him silently, with an expression like he had finally found his beloved girl, only to find out that it was his long-lost sister.

Facing the expectant eyes of the new employee, Li Dongze took a deep breath and said in a low tone:

"Trial of the Spiritual Realm is the first single-player dungeon for every Spiritual Realm walker, and this is the most troublesome part of it. In the single-player dungeon, no one can help you. This is the test of the Spiritual Realm for you. This is what you get Supernatural power must bear the price."

Zhang Yuanqing nodded with a heavy heart.

Li Dongze went on to say:

"I will report this matter for you. I hope that the higher-level database has information and strategy suggestions about the She Ling Tunnel, otherwise no one will be able to save you. Go back and wait for news. I will notify you immediately of the results."

Although he is not a night wandering god, as a senior spiritual practitioner, he has heard of the vicious reputation of the She Ling Tunnel.

So far, according to the information collected by the official organization, no one has been able to clear the She Ling Tunnel. No one has ever achieved the "first kill" of this dungeon.

"Okay, it's too much trouble." Zhang Yuanqing nodded stiffly.

Li Dongze added:

"You write down the experience in She Ling Tunnel in detail."


After arranging a special car to send Zhang Yuanqing away, Guan Ya returned to her desk, took out the post-it note with the watermark of Aquarius from the drawer, and unscrewed the pen cap with the Virgo pattern on it.

Everything on the table, including computers, notebooks, desktops, water glasses... are printed or pasted with various constellations.

It can be seen that this is a senior constellation fan.

Guan Ya wrote on the sticky note:

"Yuanshi Tianzun, Scorpio male, zodiac sign: black-bellied, vengeful, strong sex."

"Remarks: The probability of being seduced by women from other organizations is extremely high."

After finishing writing, the half-race beauty sighed softly, tore off the sticky note, and pasted it in the personnel list of the second team.

She has noted the attributes of each captain and made an assessment, including those who have resigned and those who died in the spirit world.

"Hey, Wang Tai, does that kid have any hope of passing the level?" Guan Ya tilted her head and called to the next door.

The disheveled Wang Tai raised his head and said:

"The Taiyi Sect may have detailed information on the She Ling Tunnel, but most of them are useless. Otherwise, the Taiyi Sect would have arranged for the Night Tour God to pass through the spiritual realm. There should be a good reward in an S-level trial mission."

Guan Ya frowned.

Wang Tai continued:

"If we can find some props for him, there may be hope of clearing the level, but you know, props have various functions, and our understanding of the Sheling Tunnel is limited, so we can't give specific props to solve the problem. The result is mostly empty of people and money.”

"Nonsense!" Guan Ya rolled her eyes.

The props themselves are extremely precious and rare. It would be great for a spiritual practitioner at the extraordinary stage to have a prop with him.

As for props without a master, there are only two ways to obtain them. One is to enter the spirit realm to search for them, and the other is to kill the spirit realm walker in real life to seize the treasure. It has to be an item that is out of the inventory to be captured.

Both of these are obviously unrealistic.

The most important thing is, without knowing the specific situation of She Ling Tunnel, who knows what type of props can help him pass the level?

In case a person dies in the spirit realm, the props will be automatically taken back by the spirit realm, and the loss will be huge.

Wang Tai tapped on the keyboard, opened a series of data, stared at it for a long time, and muttered to himself:

"Qingming has just passed, which happens to be the time when the Sheling Tunnel opens every year. Isn't this guy a bit unlucky?"

In the office, Li Dongze opened the chat software and typed in the message:

"Century Fu, my subordinates have something to report, which is related to the newly recruited Night Tour God just mentioned. His trial spirit realm is the She Ling Tunnel, which is known as the She Ling Tunnel of the Night Tour God Novice Bug Spirit Realm.

"The Sheling Tunnel first appeared during the construction of the tunnel in the last century. A construction team strayed into it and died in a spiritual realm. Afterwards, the authorities found a survivor. Thirty-six hours later, the survivor was found again. Teleport into the spirit realm.

"Yes, the trial mission of the Sheling Tunnel is divided into two stages, which is different from the one-time trial missions of other professions and other spiritual realms."

"I'm sorry, this subordinate was dazzled by the surprise and misled by habitual thinking. Seeing him return to reality from the trial spirit realm, he subconsciously thought that he had passed the trial.

"The subordinates know that the Taiyi Sect's database has the most abundant and comprehensive information on the night travel gods and spirit realms, and that sect master is the strongest night travel god in the world. Perhaps, the Taiyi Sect will have information related to the She Ling Tunnel.

"If it's Centurion Fu, you come forward, I think the Taiyi Sect will give you a little bit of trouble.

"It is the principle of the Baihu soldiers not to abandon their comrades. Now that he has joined the job, his subordinates cannot give up easily. I hope that Commander Fu will help him."

After editing the information, Li Dongze read it several times. After confirming that it was correct, he clicked send.

Holding the wine glass, he stared at the screen and sighed.


Zhang Yuanqing returned home with a heavy heart, entered the password, and opened the anti-theft door.

In the living room, grandma was mopping the clean and bright floor. Sitting at the dining table was a middle-aged uncle in a black jacket. He had handsome features and black hair. The deep Sichuan character lines between the eyebrows and the fine crow's feet at the corners of the eyes together precipitate the vicissitudes of time.

From the appearance, there is no doubt that this is a very charming old man, probably very popular with mature women, and some uncles are obsessed with girls.

But this middle-aged uncle is not Zhang Yuanqing's uncle, but his cousin.

Cousin swallowed the freshly heated porridge, looked at Zhang Yuanqing, "I heard from grandma, you were looking for me last night?"

He looked serious and unsmiling, like a young version of grandpa.

... Zhang Yuanqing opened his mouth, shook his head and said:

  "never mind."

Yesterday's problem has been solved, but my cousin can't help with the new difficulty, so it's better not to mention it.

In addition, he has signed a confidentiality agreement.

The cousin glanced at him, and while drinking the porridge slowly, said:

"It's because of Lei Yibing's business. I heard that Li Dongze visited him in person yesterday, which means that his case is unusual. Not to mention you, even I can't help."

It turns out that my cousin has already inquired about it beforehand! Zhang Yuanqing said "hmm".

Seeing that he was not in a good mood, Chen Yuanjun didn't say any more, only thinking that his cousin was worried about Lei Yibing.

At this time, Jiang Yubai, who was wearing cute bear pajamas, came out of the boudoir, holding a stack of facial masks in his hand, "Here, anti-wrinkle and anti-aging, once in the morning and evening, the effect should be good. Your grandma insists that I help you buy it. "

Cousin's face darkened, wrinkling the Sichuan pattern:

"Sister-in-law, I don't need these."

Auntie shrugged indifferently, "It's up to you."

The grandmother mopping the floor leaned on the mop, glared at her grandson angrily, and said:

"You don't need a mask, but you need grandma to iron the creases all over your face with an iron?"

Because of her son's unreliability, grandma gave up the tuba a long time ago, and instead cultivated two trumpets for the next generation.

At present, the grandson is admitted to Songhai University, and the grandson is working in the Public Security Department. Both have a bright future.

But grandma has always had a heart problem, that is, her grandson is too stable and mature, with a 30-year-old and 40-year-old face.

The year before last, an old brother of my grandfather who had been away for many years came to Songhai as a guest. When he met Chen Yuanjun, he was surprised and said to his grandfather:

"I never heard that you have a son."

Grandpa held back for a long time, and said: This is my grandson.

The old brother is a straightforward person, and he blurted out in surprise: Your grandson is quite self-willed...

The decades of friendship were almost destroyed.

Chen Yuanjun took the mask helplessly, put it in his pocket, and said:

"Okay, grandma, stop nagging, I still have to go to work, and I have a disappearance case at hand recently, so I'm very busy."

Disappearance case? Zhang Yuanqing suddenly became sensitive and asked:

  "what's the situation."

Chen Yuanjun took a mouthful of pickles, "Two people disappeared in the Sheling Tunnel, and no one has been found until now. The monitoring outside the tunnel shows that they entered the tunnel, but the monitoring inside the tunnel shows that they did not enter at all." The picture of the tunnel...."

The cousin stopped suddenly and warned: "Don't spread the word."

He signed a confidentiality agreement.

When grandma heard this, she immediately became gossiping, and said mysteriously:

"Is it haunted again? Hey, why isn't this place blocked anymore? Those few people disappear in the tunnel every year."

My aunt also raised her ears, with the same gossip expression as her mother.

"Grandma, stop asking."

Could it be that he entered the mountain temple by mistake like me? Fuck, these two unlucky bastards, I don’t know if he can survive for three hours... Zhang Yuanqing is both sympathetic and sympathetic, but also kind of "the unlucky one is not me alone" comfort.

He has a deeper understanding of the spiritual realm. Li Dongze said that the spiritual realm has always existed, and perhaps some of the missing persons disappear in the spiritual realm every year.


The capital, a courtyard house.

The big locust tree in the yard has lush branches and leaves, like an open green umbrella.

On the rocking chair under the umbrella lay an old man with gray hair, wearing a white sweatshirt and big pants, holding a cattail fan in his hand, taking a leisurely nap.

The old man's face was pale and pale, with a mole between his eyebrows, and he possessed an indescribable aura.

A gust of wind blew, the leaves trembled, and the light spots on the ground were shattered.

The immature laughter of children could be faintly heard from the locust tree.

"Elder Sun, the kid from the Fu family sent you an email." A middle-aged man in black stepped over the threshold and came to the courtyard.

Whether it is the Five Elements Alliance or the Taiyi Sect, those who can become elders are all well-known spiritual practitioners.

"Fu Qingyang?" The old man chuckled, without opening his eyes, and patted his cattail fan a few times, "What's the matter?"

"His subordinates in Songhai City recruited a night wandering god. The trial spirit realm is the Sheling Tunnel. I would like to ask you for information about the tunnel. Also, I hope you can give me some advice." The middle-aged man relayed the content of the email.

The old man shook his cattail fan for a while, and after a few seconds, he suddenly said:

"The Ching Ming Festival has just passed. Calculating the time, it happens to be the opening time of the She Ling Tunnel. Many people will be lucky enough to get the character card of the God of Night in the near future. Unfortunately, it is impossible for anyone to pass through the She Ling Tunnel."

"The information can be given to him. Anyway, the door has given up on the strategy of the Sheling Tunnel, and the confidentiality level of the relevant information has dropped. By the way, I will tell Fu Xiaozi that the place itself is an S-level trial spirit realm, and something went wrong halfway, making it even more difficult. It has long been out of the scope of the trial spirit realm.

"My suggestion is to give up that Night God. There is no need to invest in people who are mortal."

The middle-aged man nodded slightly. As a deacon in the Taiyi Sect, the middle-aged man knew very well the strangeness and ominousness of the Songhai Sheling Tunnel.

The s-level trial spirit realm itself is the most difficult spirit realm for novices, and the She Ling Tunnel is even weirder than the ordinary s-level spirit realm.

Every s-level trial spirit realm must contain some unusual things, such as rare props, or some important information, which are of great value.

In order to crack the spirit realm of the She Ling Tunnel, Tai Yimen specially sent two level 1 night travel gods to station in Songhai for a long time, because the s-level novice tried the spirit realm, and occasionally opened it to the level 1 spirit realm walker of this profession.

After waiting for several months, two level 1 night travel gods successfully received the task of the Sheling Tunnel.

But as a result, one of the night gods entered the spirit realm and never heard from him again, and the other night god successfully completed the first mission and died in the second mission soon after.

And these two night tour gods are accompanied by props.

Since then, the elders of Taiyimen have reassessed the She Ling Tunnel and completely gave up on the raid of this spiritual realm.

"If someone can pass through the She Ling Tunnel and obtain the information inside, it will solve our Taiyi Sect's knot."

The middle-aged man said with a smile.

The old man did not comment, and said slowly:

"In a few days, the head of the sect will call all the Night Traveling Gods to Beijing for a meeting. There is an important event to be announced. Prepare yourself and call back all the boys under your command."

After speaking, he waved his cattail fan to drive away people.

The middle-aged man bowed and stepped back.


ps: There are seven or eight thousand more public dates, and some people say that there are fewer? Doesn't your conscience ache, huh?