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Chapter 30: Killing

By VHCC → Saturday, July 29, 2023

 Dance? Ou Xiangrong was taken aback for a moment, unable to turn his head around for a while.

This supernatural prop actually invited him to dance.

Ou Xiangrong sneered. Of course, he couldn't dance with the enemy's dancing shoes during the battle. He immediately bit the tip of his tongue, and spat blood from the tip of his tongue towards Liu Renbai's dangling knife edge.

As an experienced spirit walker and an evil profession, he has often fought with the Night God and knows the skill characteristics of this profession.

Supernatural props are known for being weird. Ou Xiangrong was once entangled by a supernatural prop for several days, which was very difficult.

But the disadvantage is also obvious, that is, the actual lethality is slightly insufficient.

In addition, supernatural props are generally afraid of things with strong yang energy. Like this kind of props that are suspected of living in resentful spirits, they can be suppressed with a bite of blood.

It's not a big problem.

The red dancing shoes fell together and waited for a few seconds. Seeing that the human beings in front of him were unwilling to dance with him, they seemed to be angry. There was a dark red gleam on the shoes, and they rushed towards Ou Xiangrong with a rapid "da da" sound.

Ou Xiangrong stood still and waited for the red dancing shoes to approach. When it jumped towards the front of the car to attack him, he calmly swung the willow blade, trying to inflict heavy damage on the resentful spirit living in the shoes.

However, the blade cut through the dancing shoes, but it didn't feel like it was hitting the real thing. These weird red dancing shoes seemed to be in another time and space, and did not exist in reality.

"Bang bang!"

The next moment, Ou Xiangrong was kicked hard on the chest and face twice.

He felt Zhang Yuanqing's heart stopped beating and it was difficult to breathe just now. At the same time, his face was burning with pain, and warm liquid flowed out of his nasal cavity.

This, this is not a prop for the Yeyoushen profession... Ou Xiangrong was stunned and confused, and said in uncertainty:


The characteristics of this item look a bit like a foreign occupation. How could a level 1 night wandering god own the props of a foreign profession?

Before he had time to think about it, in Ou Xiangrong's sight, the weird pair of dancing shoes turned around and trampled on them again.

He didn't care about wiping his nosebleeds, he put his arms across his chest, and with two bang bang bang bang, the bewitching demon was kicked and rolled off the roof of the car.

Ou Xiangrong either jumped forward, sprinted, rolled over, or evaded with the help of a vehicle, tossing and turning in the spacious underground garage, he avoided most of the trampling by the red dancing shoes.

But unfortunately, he was stepped on several times, and every time he was stepped on, he was in excruciating pain. The injuries left by the fierce battle last night broke out, and blood oozes from his organs.

Well, so strong... Useless master Zhang Yuanqing watched the battle of the red shoes, dumbfounded.

Once again, he was deeply aware of the horror of regular props.

Its pursuit cannot be destroyed, cannot be interrupted, and the target can only passively bear its pursuit, unless its rules are broken, that is to dance.

But this is unrealistic. Even if Ou Xiangrong succumbs to the red shoes and dances tap dancing with shame, he himself will intervene and make mistakes in his dancing.

And if the dance moves are wrong, everything is in vain.

However, Zhang Yuanqing also had a clear understanding of the power of the bewitching demon. Ou Xiangrong was able to withstand it with the trampling force of the red dancing shoes.

The physical strength is frightening.

"Ou Xiangrong will not wait to die foolishly. When he realizes that he can only be beaten passively and cannot fight back, he will definitely choose to run away..."

Zhang Yuanqing was clear-headed. He had to sneak attack before the other party fled.

I don't want to kill the enemy, but I must hold back the murderer.

Bang bang!

Once again, Ou Xiangrong was unable to dodge in time, and was kicked in front of the door by the red dancing shoes. He staggered and backed away from the kick, his eyes went dark and he became dizzy.


Zhang Yuanqing rushed out like a cheetah. He grabbed the crouching pestle and ran wildly. He ran an arc-shaped parabola and circled behind Ou Xiangrong.

Vigorously handed out the crouching pestle to his back.


Suddenly, a dense white light blocked the three-edged spikes of the crouching pestle.

This power comes from the bronze waist plate that Ou Xiangrong holds tightly in his left hand, an ancient waist plate full of cracks and blood stains, like an item of a veteran soldier who has experienced many battles.

This is Zhao Yingjun's defensive item.

"Defensive props?"

Zhang Yuanqing, who failed in the sneak attack, was terrified. He made a wrong step, and hurried around Ou Xiangrong. The crouching pestle in his hand struck the white light wall again and again, creating ripples of halo.

This time, under the cover of the red dancing shoes, he was not "insta-killed" by the bewitching demon, and avoided several times of blades and punches in a thrilling manner.


Finally, under the high-frequency strikes of the crouching pestle and red dancing shoes, the bronze waist plate shattered into pieces, and the white light disintegrated into light shavings.

And at this time, Zhang Yuanqing's night tour time ended, and his body emerged.

Ou Xiangrong seemed to be waiting for this moment, his eyes were scarlet, and twisted and strange runes appeared.


Zhang Yuanqing's brain thumped, and he lost his ability to think, as if he had forgotten that he was in a battle. At the same time, a voice echoed in his mind:

Put down your weapon and don't resist. Put down your arms, don't fight back...

Ou Xiangrong grinned grinningly, and slashed the willow blade towards the neck of the young Yeyoushen.

He would rather bear the attack of that pair of scary dancing shoes than use this defensive item. The purpose is to wait for the night tour god to take the initiative to attack.

This prop from the scout profession has already been half-damaged. If it is used in advance, it will be completely damaged after resisting the dancing shoes at most.

He simply endured it, and deliberately sold a loophole to lure the other party to take the initiative.

As he expected, this young Yeyoushen was inexperienced and unable to restrain his temper, so he was really fooled.

However, just before the blade slashed across the young Ye Youshen's neck, Ou Xiangrong saw the opponent's body collapse suddenly, and the willow blade swept against the scalp, cutting off a few strands of hair.

The pair of red dancing shoes that were chasing after him so fiercely appeared on Ye Youshen's feet at some point, and forced him to do a split-horse to avoid cutting his own throat.

At the same time, Ye Youshen, who was supposed to be bewitched, had a golden light in his eyes, and instantly got rid of the state of confusion. With a flick of his legs, he slammed himself into Ou Xiangrong.

Ou Xiangrong didn't expect such a situation at all. He didn't expect that the mere level 1 Night God would be able to get rid of his bewitchment.

But at this time, he was still in the posture of swinging the knife, unable to retract his strength, he could only watch the brass pestle stabbing his chest.


Flesh was torn apart, and a round of brilliant golden light erupted from the tip of the crouching rod, burning all the vitality in his chest.

Ou Xiangrong's eyes darkened, and he was so painful that he almost fainted, but after all, he was a bewitching demon who had experienced many battles. When he was on the verge of death, his potential exploded. He pulled his right arm back and dragged the willow blade towards the throat of Ye Youshen.

At the same time, tense the muscles of the left arm, and flex the elbow joint, so that the left fist turns into a powerful spear, stabbing the enemy's shoulder with a snap.

Zhang Yuanqing raised his head fiercely, dodged the sharp knife cutting his throat, and was immediately hit by Ou Xiangrong's punch on the shoulder, and flew out like a sandbag.


Zhang Yuanqing crashed into a commercial vehicle, and the window of the car was covered with cracks. The falling figure was erased inch by inch before it landed, and disappeared from Ou Xiangrong's vision.

He once again entered the state of night travel.

Ou Xiangrong didn't look at him, and staggered towards Xu Yingying.

His heart was destroyed, and the only thing that can save him now is the blood essence of living people. He needs to kill people to drive himself into a berserk state.

Then rushed out of the underground garage, bloodbathed the campus, and used the bloodthirsty characteristics of the bewitching demon to repair injuries and reverse life and death.

Only in this way, his moral value will definitely drop below 60, he will be wanted by the spirit realm, and besieged and killed by the spirit realm walkers in the whole city, but now he can't care about that much.

  "Da da da......"

Two dark red gleams emerged out of thin air and turned into a pair of brand new red dancing shoes, killing Ou Xiangrong.

To Ou Xiangrong at this moment, the footsteps were like a death knell, the sigh of death, and the sentence of Hades.

"Bang bang!"

Ou Xiangrong's face was trampled on, his face was bloody and bloody, he fell uncontrollably with his head up, but at the last moment, Ou Xiangrong threw out the willow blade in his hand.

The sharp weapon with a total length of forty centimeters turned into a silver light and shot towards Xu Yingying in the distance.

Ou Xiangrong stared fixedly at the blade.


Suddenly, sparks shot out, and the willow blade was knocked away by a brass pestle that protruded into the void. A figure stood out beside Xu Yingying.

It was Zhang Yuanqing.

Seeing this scene, the hope in Ou Xiangrong's eyes turned into despair and unwillingness.

At this time, red dancing shoes fell from the sky, trampled on his face, collapsed the bridge of his nose, cracked his lips, and made two eyeballs pop out.

Ou Xiangrong's hands and feet convulsed a few times, completely severing his vitality.

Zhang Yuanqing sat down beside Xu Yingying and let out a long breath, as if he had collapsed.

At this moment, his chest was churning with hostility, and his hands and feet were trembling non-stop.

This is not fear, but the mental excitement brought about by the surge of adrenaline. When a person is in danger and urgently needs to save himself, the adrenaline will be secreted crazily. In this state, people will kill people in the true sense without blinking an eye.

Commonly known as the top!

The battle plan was successful.

Before fighting this battle, he had already thought clearly that the only thing he needed to avoid was the opponent's bewitching skills, so before deciding to sneak attack, he had already sacrificed the crouching rod.

One of the functions of the crouching pestle is purification.

And the second form of the red dancing shoes is the reliance for him to dare to fight close to the body, and it really helped him avoid the deadly throat-cutting attack.

Marking, bewitching, berserk, close combat... He has calculated all of Ou Xiangrong's abilities clearly and targeted them. If he still can't win, Zhang Yuanqing feels that there is no need to mess around.

After panting for a few minutes, Zhang Yuanqing calmed down the turbulent emotions, and heard the prompt sound of the spiritual realm coming from his ear:

[Ding, you killed a level 3 bewitching demon, gained 30 moral points, 15 prestige points, and the prestige was activated. 】

Zhang Yuanqing was taken aback, and quickly opened the character attribute panel, and found that there was an extra column of reputation.

Prestige? Does killing a spirit walker of the opposing faction award reputation? As an old game player, he is no stranger to prestige, but he doesn't know what is the use of prestige in the spirit world.

Zhang Yuanqing thought about it, decided to ignore it, and went back to the official forum to check.

Compared to the prestige rewarded in the spiritual realm, he cared more about the spoils in reality.

He got up and walked to Ou Xiangrong's body, kicked his eyeballs to the bottom of the car, and dragged the body into the shadows in the corner.

After carefully groping on the corpse, they found a mobile phone and a wallet.

The mobile phone is an old-fashioned one that can only make calls, but the wallet is bulging. When I opened it, I found a stack of hundred yuan bills and a fake ID card inside.

Zhang Yuanqing counted it carefully, "As a wanted criminal, he only has more than 1,500 yuan with him, is that plausible..."

Confiscated! He pulled the money out and put it in his pocket.

Then, he walked to a distance and picked up the sharp willow blade.

The moment he touched the weapon, a message appeared in his field of vision:

【Name: Bloodthirsty Blade】

[Type: Weapon]

[Function: bleeding, bloodthirsty, armor-piercing]

[Introduction: A certain powerful bewitching demon feeds this knife with its own blood, and over time, it becomes extremely bloodthirsty. Its blade can cut through hard steel, and the wounds cut by it are difficult to heal. It will absorb the blood essence of the prey and feed it back to the master, making it stronger. 】

[Remarks: I don't want the knife of the knife owner to be a good knife. 】

"This knife looks awesome. If it had killed Xu Yingying just now, Ou Xiangrong would have been rewarded with a weapon...Fortunately, I kept an eye on Xu Yingying's side."

Zhang Yuanqing ran back to Ou Xiangrong's body, took off the scabbard on his lower back, equipped it on himself, and inserted the "Bloodthirsty Blade" into the scabbard.

This knife is currently unowned. It is very simple to let it recognize its owner, just put it in the inventory.

But Zhang Yuanqing doesn't want to accept it yet, because the [remark] in the item information makes people feel a little flustered.

The bloodthirsty blade should be a price item, and that line of remarks is the price for using it.

Combined with the introduction of this knife, Zhang Yuanqing can probably guess what the price of this knife is. There are no more than two kinds. One, whoever gets this knife will be cursed and die tragically in the end.

Second, this knife needs the owner to feed it with blood on a regular basis. This is the most likely.

It's feeding blood again. A crouching pestle has already made me anemic. If I add this bloodthirsty blade, how can I survive?

At this time, Zhang Yuanqing saw the red dancing shoes "da da da" walking in front of him, one after another, a message emerged:

[Would you like to dance with me? If so, please stay where you are. 】

It was only then that he remembered that he hadn't returned the item to the inventory, and was about to reject it and take it back, when he suddenly received a prompt from the spirit world:

【Attention, you need to dance once every time you use this prop. If you refuse, the red shoes will no longer appreciate you and will hunt you down. 】

Zhang Yuanqing opened his mouth a little bit in surprise. This was the first time he used the red dancing shoes in reality after he took over the red dancing shoes. He never expected to pay such a price for using this regular item.

Kill you if you don't dance with me? This is too deceitful... Zhang Yuanqing stood up with a smile on his face, "I am extremely happy."

Soon, there was a crisp kicking sound in the empty and quiet parking garage.

This time, Zhang Yuanqing did not trigger his old illness, but completed a dance with his extraordinary physique, but the dance steps were frequently wrong.

Fortunately, as the master, he was not attacked by the red dancing shoes.

After dancing, the red dance shoe stepped back with her right foot, stood on tiptoe, and curtseyed.

Just as he put the red dancing shoes back in the inventory, his ears moved slightly, and he heard the sound of hurried footsteps coming from the steep slope.

Following the sound, he saw Li Dongze leading Guan Ya and seven or eight face-to-face walkers, rushing into the underground garage.

Some of them were armed with guns, some with knives, some with cats... fully armed.

Fortunately, fortunately, the dance is over... Zhang Yuanqing is extremely fortunate.


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Chapter 29: First Battle


 How did Ou Xiangrong appear in Songhai University? Still with Xu Yingying?

How dare he appear at Songhai University? He is being wanted by the official organization. Is it because he is a bold person with a high degree of art, or is he out of his mind?

Zhang Yuanqing tensed up all over, stopped, and said to the students around him:

"You go up first, I'll make a phone call."

First call to shake people before talking... He walked to the side of the road, took out his mobile phone, and dialed Li Dongze's number.

"Sorry, the phone you dialed has been turned off."

The voice prompts to shut down.

He called Guan Ya's cell phone again, but it was still turned off.

"A meeting? During deployment? Or, just lurking near Songhai University?" Various guesses flashed through Zhang Yuanqing's mind.

If it's the latter, then it's nothing to do with me, but if it's because Ou Xiangrong couldn't be contacted during the meeting, as a wanted criminal, it's impossible for Ou Xiangrong to stay in Songhai University for a long time. It would be a pity to miss this opportunity.

Thinking of this, Zhang Yuanqing opened the address book and dialed Wang Tai's mobile phone number.

Thanks to his social habits, he also saved Wang Tai's mobile phone number in the address book. Although this man is not talkative and doesn't like to communicate, every time he strikes up a conversation with him, he always has a face full of "Go away, don't talk to me." I" micro-expression.

"What's the matter?" Wang Tai's lackluster voice came from the loudspeaker.

"I saw Ou Xiangrong, the murderer who killed Zhao Yingjun. You know about this case, right?"

"I know, but why did you contact me? You should contact Shichang." Wang Tai's tone was as calm as ever.

Shouldn't you say something like "fucking awesome"? You're too calm... Zhang Yuanqing said while complaining:

"Shi Zhang and old Si Ji can't get in touch."

"Who is old Siji?"

"That's not the point." Zhang Yuanqing briefly explained the situation here, and said, "Can you contact the spirit walkers in other teams?"

"Yes..." Wang Tai clattered on the keyboard and said:

"I have obtained information about Zhao Yingjun's case. Zhao Yingjun has taken care of many female college students, and one of them is Xu Yingying from your school. Based on your feedback, I guess he wants to find a breakthrough from the women around Zhao Yingjun. "

It turned out that Xu Yingying's beneficiary was Zhao Yingjun. No wonder a security guard came to her door yesterday...Zhang Yuanqing suddenly realized.

Wang Tai continued:

"Ou Xiangrong, a level 3 bewitching demon with evil power, was seriously injured in yesterday's siege, and the degree of danger has been greatly reduced, but it is still not something you can contend with.

"I analyzed it for you. The correct way is to stare at him and wait for official support. You can use the night travel skill to harass him appropriately, but don't fight, or you will die miserably."

Although he is not good at communication, he is quite reliable in doing things. Zhang Yuanqing pretended to look around, and followed Ou Xiangrong and Xu Yingying from a distance with the help of the crowd.

"Shichang and Sister Guan Ya couldn't be contacted. Are they deployed near Songhai?" Zhang Yuanqing asked expectantly.

"No, Xu Yingying is just an ordinary female college student and has no value. This Ou a little out of order." Wang Tai said: "Your female classmate is dead."

With Ou Xiangrong's cruelty, he will definitely not survive.

At this moment, Zhang Yuanqing saw Ou Xiangrong hugging Xu Yingying and entering the underground parking garage of the complex.

The two disappeared from sight along the steep downward slope.

"They have entered the garage, let's not talk about it, you should notify the other team members as soon as possible."

Without waiting for the other party to respond, Zhang Yuanqing hung up the phone.

This place is secluded, so you can't use passers-by as a shield like just now, and follow into the underground parking garage, you will definitely be noticed.

Zhang Yuanqing pondered for a few seconds, took off his backpack and threw it in the green belt on the side of the road, and then mobilized the power of the sun in his body, and the illusory black mist exploded "bang", and his figure was forcibly erased.

After performing night tour, he ran wildly into the underground parking garage.

With red dancing shoes and night swimming skills, even if he can't beat Ou Xiangrong, he can escape without any problem.

So it's worth the risk.

Although Xu Yingying is a money-worshiping and snobbish woman, she is still alive.

Under the circumstances within his power, Zhang Yuanqing will not refuse to save him. Moreover, for a sick guy like Ou Xiangrong, the sooner he solves it, the sooner he will be at peace.

He doesn't need to deliberately hide the sound of his footsteps, because the state of night swimming can cover up the noises he makes, and even cover up the heat of his body.

As soon as he rushed into the underground parking garage, he heard Xu Yingying's trembling voice crying:

"I, I don't know where the thing you're looking for is. I follow Zhao Yingjun only for his money. He gives me 20,000 a month, and I'll be his girlfriend..."

Two, twenty thousand? Before I became a full-time employee, my salary was only 20,000 yuan a month. You are earning too much money... Zhang Yuanqing followed the sound and saw the rear of a black car leaning against the wall. Xu Yingying was terrified Standing against the wall, Ou Xiangrong stood to one side with a knife in his hand.

"Don't tell me you don't know, don't tell me you don't know......"

Ou Xiangrong's eyes were fierce, and he shouted nervously.

"I'll give you one last chance. Has Zhao Yingjun disclosed the information about the Holy Grail and the roster to you?"

"I, I really don't know what you're talking about..." Xu Yingying's eye circles were red, and big tears rolled down.

Ou Xiangrong was silent for a few seconds, his tired sigh echoing in the underground parking garage.

His pupils glowed scarlet, and his expression under the mask became ferocious and crazy. With a little nervousness, he murmured:

"If you were given a chance, you would be useless, if you were given a chance, you would be useless..."

Ou Xiangrong pinched Xu Yingying's fair neck with his callused hands, and lifted her up with his thick arms. Xu Yingying's face instantly turned red, then turned purple, her legs kicked wildly, and her eyes turned white.

Ou Xiangrong showed a pleasant grin, then handed the tip of the knife to Xu Yingying's chest.

Just as he was about to send the tip of the knife into this woman's heart, suddenly, the intuition of the bewitching demon sent him a dangerous signal, and the hair on the back of his hand stood up.

There was no one nearby, no movement or abnormality.

But he felt a chill from the bottom of his heart. An unpredictable danger was approaching and covering him.

Walker in the Spirit Realm!

The experienced Ou Xiangrong immediately realized that he had been attacked by a spirit walker. He pinched Xu Yingying's neck and, relying on his feeling, threw her back hard.

  Snapped! Xu Yingying fell heavily to the ground, rolled several meters, and passed out.

Seeing that the assailant failed to save the woman, Ou Xiangrong "thumped" backed up, and at the same time, swung the willow blade in front of him.

The sharp blade drew a sharp arc, and there was a sharp "ding" sound in the void ahead, splashing dazzling sparks.

He hacked the opponent's weapon.

Ou Xiangrong judged the enemy's position by relying on the feel of the weapon colliding, and immediately inflated his leg muscles, bending his knees and flying like a spring.

With the muffled sound of 'bang', Ou Xiangrong felt a solid blow on his knees, and the muffled hum of the attacker rang in his ears.

Immediately afterwards, a person "flyed" out of the void, a young college student, wearing sports pants and a baseball uniform, with good facial features and a sunny temperament, holding a brass pestle half an arm long in his hand.

"Night Tourist?"

Ou Xiangrong instantly understood why the attack last night came so quickly.

Understand who came from the siege that nearly killed her.

He was in a restless state, with ferocity and hatred flashing in his eyes, and he had a strong desire to kill and revenge against the Ye Youshen in front of him.

Ou Xiangrong held the willow blade and soared into the air. His strong jumping force allowed him to fly over a distance of more than ten meters, fiercely killing the college students who were still rolling.

The arrogance is as fierce as a humanoid Tyrannosaurus rex.

Seeing this scene, Zhang Yuanqing almost shouted: Sorry for disturbing you, hero, spare your life!

He didn't try to get up, but continued to roll along with the inertia, and at the same time seduced the power of the sun, and entered the night tour state again.

While rolling, he suddenly disappeared from Ou Xiangrong's field of vision, and this bewitching monster lost his target.

After evading the culling, Zhang Yuanqing, who was in the invisible state, bowed his waist and rushed to a white car on the left, leaning his back against the wheel, panting heavily.

The knee bump just now almost stopped his heart from beating.

"It hurts to death..."

The pain in his chest also made his face turn pale, and his breathing hurts. Fortunately, Ye Youshen has a strong vitality and has considerable self-healing power, so this injury will heal soon.

But Zhang Yuanqing also realized the gap in strength between the two sides through the fight just now.

This bewitching demon has keen intuition and rich combat experience, and his physical strength is extremely powerful. It seems to be a melee-type occupation.

At this moment, he heard a "boom", and Ou Xiangrong jumped onto the roof of a black car a few meters away.

Ou Xiangrong swept across the underground parking garage with a pair of ruthless eyes, and said in a cold tone:

"The Night God of Taiyi Sect shouldn't be in Songhai, you are the Night God of the Five Elements League?

"Humph, how dare a Level 1 Night Swimming God sneak up on me. Let me think about it. With a Level 1 Night Swimming skill, the invisibility time will not exceed 20 seconds. How long can you hide?"

Ou Xiangrong is very sure that the opponent is a level 1 Night God. If it is level 2, he won't take advantage of the fight just now.

And if it's level 3, then the one who has to run away now is himself.

Seriously injured and weak, it is impossible for him to beat Ye Youshen at the same level. Ye Youshen is a top-notch profession just like Bewitching Demon.

Twenty seconds? You think highly of me too, I can take ten seconds at most... Zhang Yuanqing shrinks to the side of the car tire, holding his breath.

"This guy is ridiculously strong, and he hasn't used the skills of the bewitching demon yet. Let me think about the ability of the bewitching demon..."

He recalled the information about the bewitching demon in the official forum.

This kind of evil profession possesses a powerful fighting ability in the Transcendent Realm. After killing a person, it will enter a state of berserk, taking the fight to a higher level.

In addition, once the two sides fight, the bewitching demon can mark the other side in a special way, and even if the prey escapes, they will continue to pursue and kill them relentlessly.

Finally, it is the core ability of the Transcendent Realm - bewitching!

Bewitching is a mind control skill, it can be released on its own initiative, combined with super strong melee fighting ability, it is simply incomprehensible.

At this moment, after ten seconds ended, his figure was outlined.

The next moment, the sound of howling piercing through the air seemed to be in his ears, and Zhang Yuanqing's heart shuddered. He knew that Ou Xiangrong's attack had arrived, and he didn't even dare to look, so he rolled forward and became invisible again.


The body of the white car was pulled out of a deep dent by the whip leg, and the siren echoed piercingly.

Ou Xiangrong glanced around coldly, while maintaining vigilance, he stimulated the other party with words:

"Looking at your appearance, you are a student of Songhai University. Do you know that for spiritual practitioners, revealing your identity means harming your family? Now that you are a student, I can take some time to find you out. Then kill you, and then destroy your whole family."

After saying this, Ou Xiangrong clenched the willow blade tightly in his hand, counting down silently in his heart, waiting for that rookie to show up or attack.

Madman... Zhang Yuanqing's heart sank.

Although he knew that the other party was aggressive, it had to be said that he had already started to get angry, and he did have a strong fear.

Zhang Yuanqing hid in the rear of another car, his brain running at high speed, thinking about strategies against the enemy.

"This guy's intuition is terrible. If I can't do a one-hit kill, I still don't want to take the risk of a sneak attack, but I can't hide all the time. My physical strength can support me to perform night tour twice at most, and then I can only escape. It is impossible for officials to arrive in such a short time."

"If this guy is allowed to escape, my grandmother and I will be in danger."

"The three skills of the bewitching demon, berserk, marking and bewitching, the first one doesn't need to be considered if you don't kill people. The second one, I have probably been marked, but Yeyou can block his perception."

"What we really need to be afraid of is his melee fighting ability and bewitching skills. Well, if it's night now..."

As thoughts flashed, Zhang Yuanqing had already made a plan.

That is to let the red dancing shoes act as the main output, and the useless master is on the side to assist and wait for the opportunity to attack.

It's just a good time to try out how well this rule-based item can deal with enemies.

"Bang!" Ou Xiangrong jumped onto the roof of the car again, looking down at the underground parking garage.

He counted the time silently, waiting for the enemy to get out of the night tour state, when he suddenly heard strange footsteps behind him.

The sudden sound of footsteps echoed in the empty garage, causing the experienced Ou Xiangrong to tremble inwardly. Reflexively, he turned around with a knife in his hand, and put on a defensive posture.

Then, he saw clearly the source of the strange footsteps.

It was a brand-new pair of western-style red dancing shoes. Three meters away from him, they fell up and down in an empty and quiet space, as if an invisible person was wearing them and walking in place.

This scene was so eerie that ordinary people would be so frightened that their legs would go limp and they would scream.

Supernatural props?

When Ou Xiangrong saw the red dancing shoes, a message appeared in his line of sight:

[Would you like to dance with me? If so, please stay where you are. 】


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Chapter 28: Cousin


 Cafe, under the pergola.

Holding a cup of hot coffee in his arms, Zhang Yuanqing stared blankly at the side of the street. Street lights, car lights, and shop lights interweave into a gorgeous and bustling night scene.

After a long time, he took a sip, and then sighed, as if vomiting out all the mental pollution.

"Swallowing spirit bodies to increase strength seems to be a crooked way."

He finally understood why the Ye Youshen of Taiyi Sect was unwilling to devour spirit bodies.

If the world is compared to the sea of suffering, mortals are boats floating in it, full of misery and suffering, and everyone has their own misfortunes and pains.

These sufferings will be passed on to the Night Traveling God along with the spirit body. Even if it is only a small part, the amount will accumulate to a certain extent, causing extremely terrible spiritual pollution.

If things go on like this, schizophrenia is mild.

But the benefits are indeed immediate. His current experience value is 46%, and the time limit of the "Night Tour" skill has not been extended, it is still nine seconds, but his physical fitness has improved significantly, and his vitality and healing power have also increased.

This is a real gain.

"By the way, I don't know the cause of that gay guy's death...No, I don't want to know at all."

He took a sip of coffee with lingering fear.


In the morning, the villa.

In a large conference room that can accommodate thirty people, Fu Qingyang glanced at both sides of the long table, his eyes were calm and deep, like clouds accumulating a storm.

He has a handsome appearance, has the nobility and arrogance of a son of a family, and has a strong aura when his face is expressionless, which brings extremely strong psychological pressure.

"Five captains, more than a dozen team members, and dozens of security officers were mobilized, but the bewitching demon was still allowed to escape." Fu Qingyang said indifferently: "I am very disappointed in you."

On both sides of the long conference table, sat the participants of this operation, five captains and twelve team members, Li Dongze and Guan Ya were among them.

Facing criticism from their deacon-level superiors, the captains lowered their heads and did not dare to make a sound.

Da Jiba hesitated to speak, but still couldn't hold back, and said in a low voice:

"Century Fu, Ou Xiangrong seems to have been polluted by some kind of evil force, and has become extremely powerful and crazy. This is the reason why we missed. Moreover, the bewitching demon itself is a top profession..."

Fu Qingyang said lightly: "Failure is failure. Any reason is an excuse for a coward to refuse to admit his failure."

His sharp gaze swept over everyone, and none of the spiritual practitioners at the table dared to look at him, except Guan Ya.

Guan Ya was playing with her nails with her head down, absent-minded.

Fu Qingyang continued:

"Because of your failure, the incident has escalated. A seriously injured bewitching demon who has been polluted by evil forces can easily lose control completely. With the cruelty of the bewitching demon, it will definitely cause a large number of casualties.

"Now the entire Songhai City Spirit Walker team has participated in the search. If Ou Xiangrong cannot be killed within three days, all of you will go back to the training camp."

Li Dongze, Qingteng, Tang Guoqiang and other captains all looked at each other with ugly expressions.

Fu Qingyang sneered and said:

"Of course, I also failed in this matter, because I gave you wrong expectations and overestimated your abilities. Therefore, in the next three days, I will personally participate in the search. Since Ou Xiangrong wants to find The roster and the Holy Grail, his target will definitely shift to Zhao Yingjun's family members or women with close relationships, and hunt along this line."

After his subordinates nodded, he glanced at the expensive watch and said:

"Your time is running out, the meeting is over! Guan Ya stay here."

The long meeting is finally over, and it's past meal time.

The spirit walkers stood up in frustration, bowed towards the end of the long table, and exited the meeting room in an orderly manner.

The five captains led the way. The 1.9-meter-tall muscular bully lowered his voice and said angrily:

"I don't deny my failure, but Centurion Fu is too arrogant. He wasn't there at all, so he doesn't know Ou Xiangrong's strength."

Wearing tights, he touched the bloody knife wound on his chest, and hummed:

"When we were fighting outside, he was sitting on the handmade sofa in the villa, drinking fine wine, smoking a cigar, and enjoying the service of the bunny girl."

Just as they were talking, the three bunny girls went upstairs with snacks in their hands and entered the conference room.

The servants in the villa are all young bunny girls with tall stature and good looks.

Bai Long patted the bunny girl's buttocks lightly, and lowered his voice:

"I heard that Centurion Fu is extremely popular among the White Tiger soldiers. He is the only one among the four young masters who can compete with that young master from the Red Fire Gang."

Fu Qingyang was transferred from the capital to Songhai at the end of last year. It is said that he came down to practice for several years, and after accumulating qualifications, he returned to Beijing and became a reserve member of the elders' group.

When Da Muba heard this, he snorted and said, "It's just a rumor. Our young master is the best among the younger generation of the Five Elements League."

Qing Teng looked at Li Dongze, "What does Li Shichang think?"

Li Dongze took a cigarette in his mouth and snorted:

"Of course it's because of the money, that's what you think."

  Is not it? The other captains looked at him.


Li Dongze pointed to his head:

"Think about it with your not-so-smart minds. It's really reached the step that Centurion Fu said. Such a bad incident must always be held accountable. For such a big matter, just go back to the training camp?

"Century Fu said let us go back to the training camp. Another meaning of this sentence is that once the worst happens, he will take all the responsibilities. We don't need to be dismissed or held accountable. As long as we stay in the training camp Three months, even if we screwed up something so bad."

He took out the lighter and lit a cigarette, shrugging his shoulders: "Okay, let's do things, get that bastard Ou Xiangrong out as soon as possible."


In the conference room, Fu Qingyang stared at the woman who was manicuring her nails, frowned and said:

"Li Dongze said you were injured?"

Guan Ya blew on her nails, took out the makeup mirror from her handbag, and said while applying powder:

"If you fart, just fart, and I have to go back to work."

Fu Qingyang's stern face showed a hint of helplessness: "My aunt called me and asked you to go back to China next month and meet the fiancé she arranged for you."

"When I came back, I made it very clear to her that I would not marry for the sake of the family. Just because she is willing to be a victim of the family doesn't mean I am willing too."

Guan Ya closed the makeup mirror with a snap, and said, "You Fu family are really boring, Qingyang, take power as soon as possible, and let the old people retire."

Fu Qingyang said in a deep voice:

"If you don't want to get married, show some achievements. Don't idle around all day and waste your talent. The elders of the family only respect the strong, such as me, such as her.

"Well, I'll transfer you to another team. The third team in Changtai District is very good. They can win the collective second-class merit several times a year. If you are gilded there, I have a reason to refuse my aunt.

"Li Dongze's second team has too few talents, so it's hard to make a contribution."

Guan Ya frowned and sighed: "The second team is really disappointing, I can hardly refuse... Besides, there is a little guy in our team, it's very interesting, let me observe and observe."

She put away the vanity mirror, walked towards the door with her handbag, and said with a smile:

"You should worry about yourself first. If Ou Xiangrong kills people in Songhai, it will be an indelible stain on your resume. They will desperately prevent you from entering the Presbyterian Church.

"Cousin is leaving, bye~"


In the early morning, Zhang Yuanqing walked towards the complex building with his backpack on his back.

His itinerary for today is to have professional classes in the morning, chat with old Si Ji at noon and afternoon, no, to exchange feelings with colleagues, enhance friendship, and expand social interaction.

People in twos and threes flocked to the complex building. As soon as they arrived downstairs, Zhang Yuanqing heard someone calling him.

Turning around to look, it was Li Lesheng and a few classmates.

Li Lesheng led a few boys to catch up, and extended the invitation with anticipation: "We plan to have a friendship with some girls, just this weekend, do you want to come together? I heard that you are a native of Songhai."

Engage in friendship? For the weekend, the day after tomorrow... Zhang Yuanqing pondered for a while, and said, "Okay."

Li Lesheng and the other boys breathed a sigh of relief, and smiled: "Then let's add friends, ha, with you, I believe the girls will be willing to come out and play."

"Let's add friends too."

"Let's add it too." Several other male students took out their phones one after another.

After Zhang Yuanqing and his classmates added friends, they all walked towards the complex together.

Li Lesheng laughed and said, "I heard from a girl from my hometown that security guards came to find Xu Yingying yesterday, and then Xu Yingying cried a lot in the dormitory."

"Security officer? What happened."

The boys were taken aback. After all, to college students, security guards are an extremely distant group.

Li Lesheng said: "I heard that something happened to the rich man who kept Xu Yingying, but the specific situation is not clear. The security guards came to her to inquire about that person."

"It can't be that they ran away with the money, right? Now that the economy is in a downturn, there shouldn't be too many examples of rich people being violent." Someone speculated.

Zhang Yuanqing listened to the gossip of the students, and glanced at the students coming and going. In the less crowded crowd, he saw a familiar figure.

It was a beautiful girl in a long white dress with loose black long straight hair and delicate light makeup. She was the heroine of the topic just now, Xu Yingying.

She snuggled up to a man like a bird. The man was wearing a mask, with short hair and sparse eyebrows. A small scar was exposed on the upper edge of the mask.

Zhang Yuanqing's pupils suddenly shrank.

Ou Xiangrong? !

He looked at Xu Yingying again and observed carefully. Only then did he discover some clues.

Xu Yingying's expression was stiff, and she seemed to be nestled in Ou Xiangrong's arms, but it was more like being threatened by his shoulders.


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Chapter 27: All kinds of life


 Zhang Yuanqing thought for a long time in silence, and decided not to reveal the existence of the red dancing shoes for the time being.

First of all, the incident of Ou Xiangrong's absconding has just begun, and the follow-up actions of the Five Elements League have not yet started. As an official organization, there may be other ways to track down the bewitching demon.

There is no need for him, a rookie, to intervene.

Secondly, he is only a level 1 night traveler, a newcomer among the spirit realm walkers. If the existence of regular props is exposed, it is likely to attract covetousness.

Let's wait and see first, see what the organization will do next, and then make a choice according to the situation... Zhang Yuanqing stopped thinking about it, looked at the night scene outside the car window, and waited to reach his destination.

Now, improving strength is the most important thing.

Five minutes later, the taxi got off at the entrance of "Songhai Pulmonary Hospital". After paying the fare, Zhang Yuanqing entered the hospital and headed towards the emergency department building with a clear goal.

At this point in time, the outpatient department is closed, and the hospitals and patients are mainly concentrated in the emergency department.

The emergency department was crowded with people. The patients who saw a doctor either sat on the public chairs, or went to and from the charging window and various departments.

Zhang Yuanqing walked through the toll hall, passed through the bustling crowd, and found a seat near the toilet.

After sitting down, he stretched his legs and waited for the rabbit.

To the spirit body, the aura of Yeyoushen is like a firefly in the dark, so eye-catching and vivid.

You don't need to look for them deliberately, they will come to you by themselves.

Ordinary people's spirit bodies only exist for seven days. Unless someone has just died nearby, they won't be able to wait for the spirit body to come to the door automatically, so the hospital is the best place to upgrade.

About five minutes later, Zhang Yuanqing saw an old man in a hospital gown, with dull eyes, walking stiffly through the crowd, walking towards him.

The old man's body is between illusion and reality. The patients coming and going pass through his body, just like passing through the air.

He was haggard, with eerie white pupils, exuding an aura of pain and remorse.

This is a wraith.

Generally speaking, after death, people will turn into resentful spirits. There is no such thing as a peaceful spiritual body, because no one is willing to die.

Their nostalgia for life and fear of death will eventually turn into powerless resentment.

Seeing the old man approaching, Zhang Yuanqing opened his mouth and sucked lightly.

The old man's spiritual body turned into blue smoke, floating in his mouth gracefully.

Eyebrows swelled, and his consciousness suddenly swelled. Zhang Yuanqing read the broken memories of the old man during his lifetime.

The old man died of advanced lung cancer. In the second half of his life, he passed away under the double torment of chemotherapy and cancer. He coughed up blood, lost his hair, suffered from shortness of breath, and suffered from pain.... He passed away in an uneasy way.

The last remaining thought was to regret why I smoked.

"I will never smoke again..."

Zhang Yuanqing opened his eyes, and blurted out regretfully.

The people around looked over in surprise.

...... Zhang Yuanqing remained expressionless, pretending that what happened just now didn't happen to cover up the embarrassment in his heart.

Until passers-by looked away, until the turbulent emotions calmed down, he clicked on the attribute panel, and the fluorescent blue light curtain unfolded:

[Experience value: 44.5%]

"Zhao Yingjun's spiritual body is worth two points of experience. Ordinary people only have 0.5, similar to ordinary wild monsters and elite monsters? And the experience points are getting less and less, I'm afraid there is no 0.5. It seems that it can only add up... ..." Zhang Yuanqing was thoughtful.

No matter what, this intuitive and visible improvement is gratifying.

He returned to his seat and pretended that what happened just now hadn't happened. A few minutes later, a middle-aged man dressed in a suit and dressed as an office worker walked towards him in a daze.

The people around ignored the uncle and passed through him.

Zhang Yuanqing imbibed the uncle's spirit body in the same way. When the spirit body transformed into the power to nourish Ye Youshen, some memories came flooding in like a tidal wave.

The middle-aged uncle died of excessive fatigue, sudden death of myocardial infarction, and died of the well-known 996 blessings.

The uncle walked very peacefully. After all, sudden death is an instant, and you can't even feel the pain.

But after reading the uncle's memory, Zhang Yuanqing knew that his wife had just given birth to a second child, and the child was still in its infancy. It was precisely to earn money for milk powder that she worked so hard and devoted herself to blessings.

What's more worth mentioning is that the uncle born in the 1980s rarely has brothers and sisters. Once they leave, their parents will have nowhere to go.

Use your life to make money, and in the end everything is meaningless.

Zhang Yuanqing regained consciousness and felt a piercing sadness and bewilderment.

What is the meaning of such a life? He sat blankly, expressionless for a long time.

At this time, the third spirit body came over.

It's a lady with beautiful facial features, Korean-style semi-permanent eyebrows, and the clothes she wears are luxurious and exquisite.

A high-quality human female.

"It's a pity that she died so young and beautiful..."

When she got closer, Zhang Yuanqing realized that her chest was sunken, and the black body-fitting clothes were soaked in illusory blood. In addition, the back of her head seemed to have been severely injured, and the blood stuck her hair into strands.

She didn't wear a hospital gown, that is to say, she didn't die during hospitalization, but died of an accident or homicide... Zhang Yuanqing took a light inhalation and devoured the spiritual body of a high-quality woman.


The eyebrows swelled, and memories that did not belong to him poured into the sea of consciousness.

Zhang Yuanqing's eyes went dark, and then, he saw a pair of long, slender, white legs sitting on the edge of the bed, rolling the black stockings onto his thighs little by little.

Oh, it turns out that women wear silk stockings like this... Zhang Yuanqing, who has been single for 20 years, gained a lot of insight.

At this time, a man's smoking voice came from behind:

"Don't send me messages at night, my wife almost saw me last night."

Zhang Yuanqing's heart skipped a beat.

The man, the bed, wearing stockings... anyone can guess what happened just now.

In the future, don't devour female spirit bodies easily, it's inappropriate! He muttered in his heart happily, fortunately, the memory started from wearing stockings, if it was pushed back a few minutes, he might be lying down, or kneeling......

Well, there's no strange smell in his mouth, it's okay... just as he was thinking, he heard the woman he "possessed" snort:

"That's not right, you divorce and marry me."

The man behind him rustled his clothes and said with a sneer:

"I have a son and a daughter, and I plan to have a third child next year. Why should I divorce you? Besides, half of the property will be divided after divorce.

"Didn't it be agreed at the time that you will be the mistress and I will give you money. When you have saved enough money, you can marry whomever you like, and you can find an honest man to marry. If you want to break the relationship someday, just let me know. But , Don’t have thoughts that you shouldn’t have.”

The woman seemed to be angry, and she didn't say another word. When the man left, she drove a small BMW on the street to vent her emotions.

In the end, there was a car accident, and rescue efforts failed.

At the end of the picture, Zhang Yuanqing opened his eyes, pinched his swollen brows, felt a sense of unease in his heart, and said sisters, why bother, high-end seafood merchants often only need simple auction methods, and there are markets everywhere, why bother to buy with a man? Qi, it is a good thing for a man to have a few.

Also, it is impossible to marry an honest person, even in this lifetime.

As he thought about it, he suddenly realized what was wrong?

Why do I have such a strong sense of substitution for women? I am obviously a spearman.

A few seconds later, Zhang Yuanxing came to his senses. He was unknowingly influenced by high-quality women, his thoughts were more feminine, and he had a strong desire for money and material things in his heart.

And the "no smoking" that I blurted out just now was also influenced by the spirit body of the uncle.

After he initially stabilized his spirit, the fourth spirit body came over. This was a thin and handsome young man, who could easily be associated with words like "little milk dog".

"It's not worse than me. It's better to suck the spirit body of a man. It's safer and safer. If something like that happens, I'm the one on top."

He opened his mouth and sucked the spirit body of the little milk dog into his stomach.


The ear-piercing noise shook the eardrums, and the full-color LED headlights rotated, creating dazzling light pollution.

Looking around, there were swaying figures and swaying heads, and there was still a pungent smell of smoke in the air.

This is a bar.

Zhang Yuanqing felt his body swaying uncontrollably. At the same time, he grabbed the wine glass on the booth and drank with his friends around him.

In the hearty venting of emotions, in the empty joy intertwined with wine and dice, the little milk dog and his friends did not leave until two o'clock in the morning.

The two called an online car-hailing car and returned to the rental house. His muscular friend helped him open the bedroom door.

Although Zhang Yuanqing couldn't control his body, he had a clear sense of himself. He noticed that the possessed person was drunk and the blood vessels in his brain were throbbing with pain. He guessed that the person died of drinking too much, or died suddenly?

Just as he was guessing, the little milk dog was thrown on the bed, and his friend helped him take off his shoes, his pants, cover him with a quilt, and wipe the sweat off his face with a wet tissue.

This friend can deal with... Zhang Yuanqing said sincerely.

As soon as he thought about it, he found that his friend started to take off his clothes, lifted the quilt, and quickly stripped the little milk dog naked.

...... Zhang Yuanqing was stunned for a moment, feeling that something was wrong.

At this time, he heard the little milk dog muttering in a daze:


"Friend" pressed on the little milk dog's carcass, raised the Vaseline in his hand, and said with a mouth full of alcohol:

"Pick up your butt, put some oil on you!"

? ? ? There was a "boom" in Zhang Yuanqing's head, like five thunders hitting the top.

  No! No! No!

You can't do this! can not be like this! !

In extreme fear and panic, Zhang Yuanqing forcibly interrupted the reading of the memory.

Zhang Yuanqing suddenly opened his eyes in the seat next to the toilet in the outpatient building, as if he was having a nightmare, breathing heavily like he lacked oxygen.

His face was pale, his eyes were frightened, and sweat soaked his back.

"Young man, are you alright?" The aunt sitting next to her asked with concern:

"Have you registered yet? What's wrong?"

Zhang Yuanqing waved his hands to show that he was fine. He rushed into the toilet, turned on the faucet, and slapped his face with handfuls of cold water.

It's too scary, the man is too scary!

He suffered the harm that this gender shouldn't have.

Chapter 26: Absconding


 Seven o'clock in the evening, dinner table.

Grandma looked around the table to the family, and announced in a rather good mood:

"Yuanzi, your uncle will be back tomorrow afternoon. Yuan Jun, remember to drive to pick him up. Yu'er, go home early after get off work."

Yu'er is my aunt's baby name.

Zhang Yuanqing and Jiang Yubai ate a chicken leg each, while Chen Yuanjun drank the chicken soup with a calm expression on his face.

Seeing this, grandma clapped her chopsticks, stared and said, "Did you hear what I said?"





Uncle and aunt have been traveling abroad for almost two months. Uncle is not doing his job properly and is cynical.

It's not a big happy event to celebrate when you come back. Probably only grandma would be happy because uncle came back.

Jiang Yubai gnawed on the chicken leg and said, "Why doesn't that family scum play for a few more months? They're not here, and the house is extraordinarily clean."

Chen Yuanjun glanced at his sister-in-law and said, "Don't say that, the family scum is my father after all."

Zhang Yuanqing glanced at his cousin and said, "Don't say that, the family scum is my uncle after all."

Seeing that grandma was furious and wanted to tear up the unworthy children and grandchildren, Jiang Yuyue hurriedly comforted her and brought up a topic that her mother would definitely be interested in:

"Mom, our hospital is haunted."

Haunted? Zhang Yuanqing immediately raised his ears.

Grandma really didn't care about her son, and hurriedly asked:

"Oh, what the hell are you doing so well, tell mom quickly."

"Sister Zhou in our department, when she was on duty at night, heard the laughter of children in the office. She went in to check, and the laughter stopped. Then she went to the bathroom and saw a baby lying on her shoulder in the mirror. She was scared to death."

My aunt said convincingly: "It's not just Sister Zhou, other colleagues on the night shift also said that they occasionally heard children laughing in the middle of the night. Everyone said that it must be a child who was aborted and wandered in the hospital unwillingly."

The grandma listened with gusto, and commented: "True evil, I think it's probably the same. Later, when you're on the night shift, let Yuanzi accompany you. Is there any more?"

"Yes, yes..."

Grandma's gossip was not passed on to my mother, but was all inherited by my aunt... Zhang Yuanqing listened to the gossip of the mother and daughter, but the interest aroused in his heart was slowly extinguished.

As a night wandering god, he knew that it was a rumor and it was not true as soon as he heard it.

First of all, it is impossible for spirit bodies to make sounds, because they have no entity, let alone vocal cords, unless the power of spirit bodies directly acts on the human spirit.

But with the baby's will and mental strength, it is impossible for the spirit body to remain after death.

Finally, ordinary people cannot see the spirit body with their naked eyes. Those who are short-lived and have a heavy yin may interact with the spirit body, so occasional situations are reasonable.

But many people have heard babies laughing, so it's nonsense.

"Auntie, be careful, don't bring home the dead child from the hospital." Zhang Yuan said quietly.

Jiang Yubai, who was talking vigorously, instantly stiffened her oval face, and shouted, "Mom, he scared me again!"

The grandma scalped her grandson symbolically.


After dinner, Zhang Yuanqing quietly left the house and took a taxi to the nearest tertiary hospital.

He is going to the hospital to save the undead and increase his experience points.

Ye Youshen's "spirit devouring" skill is currently the best way to upgrade. I don't know when the next time the spirit realm will be opened. It is necessary to improve the strength before entering the spirit realm.

It's also Level 1, 99% and 1% of the experience points, the comparison of combat power can be described as very different.

The hospital is a good place for Ye Youshen to improve his experience value. He lives in the hospital, and of course, the crematorium is also very good, but the crematoriums in Songhai are all in the suburbs, and there are few in the urban area.

Sitting in the car, Zhang Yuanqing suddenly remembered what Guan Ya said today.

"Why is the night wandering god of the Taiyi School more taboo about devouring spirit bodies? Is it an industry rule, and they think it is detrimental to morality? Or is there another reason?"

Thinking of this, he took out his mobile phone, logged in to the official forum of Spirit Realm Walker, and searched for relevant information.

The search results show: No relevant entries were found.


In the suburbs, night began to envelope.

In the dirty living room of a cheap rental house in a certain industrial park, Ou Xiangrong came to the table full of beer cans with a large bowl of freshly cooked instant noodles.

With a sweep, he swept the beer cans and other sundries to the ground, clearing the space for the large basin, and then took out a can of beer from the refrigerator.

He ate noodles and drank heavily.

The noodles just out of the pan were extremely hot, but they couldn't burn his tough oral cells.

Ou Xiangrong with thin eyebrows sometimes had a fierce expression, sometimes indifferent, and sometimes disgusted... like a mentally ill patient on the verge of getting sick.

Suddenly, he moved his ears, stopped his chopsticks, and his expression immediately became ferocious.

Ou Xiangrong got up slowly, pulled out the willow blade from the scabbard on his back waist, and leaned lightly and silently towards the door.


As soon as he approached the entrance, the door was violently kicked open. Immediately afterwards, a blazing light came on, and a ball of scorching fire hit him.

With the scorching wind blowing in his face, Ou Xiangrong stopped his pace, swung his right arm holding the knife, and the sharp light of the knife hit the fireball. With a "boom", the room was full of colorful and gorgeous flowing flames.

In the sudden flash of fire, a figure covered in flames rushed into the rental house, bounced his knees, and slammed into Ou Xiangrong like a rocket.

Ou Xiangrong was more ferocious than him, with one side of his body and his shoulder pushed forward fiercely.


The figure flew upside down and hit the wall of the corridor, causing the wall to vibrate violently.

Ou Xiangrong, with burn marks all over his right hand and shoulder, endured the pain, turned around and rushed to the window. He didn't dare to walk down the corridors. The corridors of old residential buildings are cramped. Once he is surrounded, he will undoubtedly die.

With the sound of glass shattering, Ou Xiangrong jumped out from the third floor.

"Bang bang!"

Ou Xiangrong, who had just smashed through the window, heard two gunshots. He knocked away the one that hit his head with a willow blade, but he couldn't stop the bullet that hit his chest.

The powerful kinetic energy of the bullet pierced through the skin and was caught by the strong muscles.

Following the gunshots, a tall mixed-race beauty stood in the shadows beside the green belt. She wore a white shirt in a ol skirt and her hair fluttered in the wind. She was incomparably glamorous.

She held a silver pistol in each hand, and two holsters were tied to her long legs covered in black silk.

Bang bang bang... The half-blooded beauty calmly fired, her marksmanship was precise, and she seemed to be able to predict the trajectory of his fall.

After being shot several times in a row, Ou Xiangrong finally landed on the ground. He suddenly looked at the mixed-race woman, and two bloody distorted runes appeared in his pupils.

The next moment, the woman's expression became dull, she turned the muzzle of the gun, and pointed it between her eyebrows.


The gun spewed flames, and the bullet failed to shatter the woman's smooth forehead, but was blocked by a pair of rough palms.

She didn't know when there was a worker wearing a miner's hat beside her. His dark face was full of dignity, and he said:

"Bewitching demon?"

"A level 3 bewitching demon."

In the darkness, came a man leaning on a cane. He wore a black formal suit with a black vest and a white shirt. He combed his hair meticulously.

"Let the little ones set up defenses outside the community, and stay away from here."

Another voice came, and a man in a black leather jacket walked out of the corridor. He was thin and powerful, with a sharp demeanor.

Ou Xiangrong held the knife and looked around gloomyly.

"Boom boom boom..."

At this time, the roar of a locomotive came from a distance, the bright lights pierced the darkness, and a motorcycle whizzed by. The woman on the car was wearing a white racing suit, leaning over her upper body, and carrying a three-foot-long black motorcycle in her hand. Long knife, the first to charge.

The next moment, gunshots rang out again, blocking Ou Xiangrong's escape route, and the figure of the flame jumped out of the window to block him from the side.

Tang Guoqiang, who was wearing a miner's hat, pressed his hands on the ground, the concrete floor cracked, and a pair of muddy hands grabbed Ou Xiangrong's feet.

Ou Xiangrong waved the willow blade calmly, knocking the bullet with a tricky angle, and the bullet and the blade collided to produce dazzling sparks.

Immediately afterwards, his leg muscles swelled, cracking his muddy hands, and he rolled forward, just in time to avoid the flame man who fell down from the third floor.

Teng Teng Teng... After rolling over, he ran wildly towards the woman on the motorcycle.

In the darkness, the two passed by each other. The sharp willow blade sliced through the woman's chest, but there was no real sense of cutting. The moment the woman on the motorcycle was cut by the blade, her body turned into water.

And her long knife brushed against Ou Xiangrong's chest.

Ou Xiangrong's chest was split open, and large streams of blood gushed out.

Regardless of his injuries, he fled towards the outside of the community without stopping.

At this time, a beautiful woman in a cheongsam jumped out of the window on the second floor. With her bare snow-white feet, she ran on the wall like she was walking on flat ground.

With a leap, he landed in front of Ou Xiangrong. With a scolding sound, he turned around, his cheongsam flying, and his long, strong legs whizzed like a whip, and slapped Ou Xiangrong fiercely.

The latter flew away like a cannonball, cracked the wall of the residential building, and slowly withered to the ground.

"Dare to kill the official spirit walker in my jurisdiction, you are very good."

At this moment, Li Dongze, who had been watching the play from beginning to end, walked slowly with a cane. This man's face was serious, as calm as a master behind the scenes, and said lightly:

"Next, I will personally send you on your way."

"Alas..." A huge sigh echoed around, and Ou Xiangrong slowly stood up. His eyes were scarlet like blood, full of madness and violence, and a powerful evil force awakened from his body.

He said hoarsely, "You all have to die."

Li Dongze took two steps back silently, "Brothers, I was joking just now, and I am definitely not someone who takes credit for everything."


In the taxi, Zhang Yuanqing found no relevant information. He returned to the homepage of the forum and instinctively refreshed the page.

Then I saw a post was marked red and pinned to the top.

#Wanted! Level 3 Bewitching Demon Ou Xiangrong#

There was no such post a few minutes ago.

Zhang Yuanqing checked and opened the post:

"Ou Xiangrong, a third-level bewitching demon, killed the scout Zhao Yingjun of the White Tigers of the Five Elements League on April 18. On the evening of April 19, at 19:05, he escaped from the siege of the Kangyang District Lingjing team.

"This person is possessed by some kind of terrible evil power, an unusual bewitching demon, has been seriously injured by the Kangyang District Spiritual Realm Team, and his whereabouts are currently unknown. Attention the Spiritual Realm Walker Teams in all districts, Ou Xiangrong is on the verge of losing control. Once he finds the target, he will be killed immediately.

"Those who provide clues will be rewarded with 50,000 yuan. Killers will be rewarded with 100,000 yuan."

Less than three minutes after the post was posted, there were over a hundred comments below.

It's all complaining about the ineffectiveness of the Kangyang District Spirit Realm Team, which allowed a half-mad bewitching demon to escape.

"Are there any mistakes? This kind of dangerous person can get out of control at any time. The team in Kangyang District has nothing to do with it."

"Once he gets out of control and kills people and is wanted by the spirit world, by the time we arrive, there will probably be blood in the river. We will be laughed at by the spirit world walkers all over the country. They will laugh at our ineffective prevention and control, and do nothing with a high salary."

"Finish the calf."

Ou Xiangrong escaped? Why did they lock onto the target so quickly and start arresting them?

For a moment, Zhang Yuanqing didn't know whether to praise their efficiency, or complain about their work and let this ticking time bomb go.

"Since we have handed over the hands, Ou Xiangrong's blood and even flesh and blood tissue will definitely remain at the scene. Using the red dancing shoes should be able to find him..."

Zhang Yuanqing immediately thought of his regular prop.


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Chapter 25: Locking the identity of the murderer


 "I saw the murderer!"

Zhang Yuanqing's sluggish eyes regained their agility, and immediately turned his head to look at the two colleagues on the side.

While speaking, he felt a strong fear, and the shadow of death lingered in his heart, which could not go away for a long time.

The feeling of devouring a spirit body is both satisfying and uncomfortable.

Li Dongze and Guan Ya were relieved for a while, and the former hurriedly asked:

"What does he look like? Well, what are the obvious features."

Zhang Yuanqing said as he recalled: "Male, 30-35 years old, medium build, burly, with a half-finger scar on his left cheek, sparse eyebrows, fierce eyes..."

Li Dongze listened patiently, sketching the outline of the murderer in his mind.

The murderer's facial features are obvious and highly recognizable.

After Zhang Yuanqing finished speaking, Guan Ya asked:

"Has he ever assaulted a female victim?"

Zhang Yuanqing recalled the scene before the memory ended, "There should be..."

Guan Ya confirmed a certain guess in her heart, immediately looked at Li Dongze, frowned and said:

"Excuse me, I suspect that the murderer has mental problems."

Zhang Yuanqing didn't understand. He thought to himself, who can do such a cruel thing, who is in a normal state of mind?

Li Dongze nodded, and said indignantly, "This bastard should go to hell."

Seeing Zhang Yuanqing's blank expression, Li Shichang stroked his beard with two fingers, and explained:

"Do you still remember the punishment mechanism for moral values?"

Zhang Yuanqing nodded.

"The murderer killed Zhao Yingjun's mistress for the purpose of killing and silence, which is a normal behavior. But assaulting the female victim before killing will make him deduct a sum of moral value."

Li Dongze believes that with the IQ of this Songhai college student, it is not difficult to understand the meaning.

Uh, it is really possible that he is mentally abnormal... Zhang Yuanqing understands.

A certain moral value will be deducted for crimes committed by spiritual realm walkers, so as long as a person with a normal mind will try not to trigger the punishment mechanism. It is helpless to kill people to silence them, but first reveal and then kill, and an additional moral value will be deducted.. .....

There are only two situations in which such a thing can be done. One is that one has too much moral value and is fearless. The second is that the murderer has a problem with his mental state, and it is difficult to control the animal nature in his heart.

In comparison, the second possibility is more likely.

The old Siji Guanya was extremely serious at the moment, she held her chest with one hand and dragged her chin with the other, and said:

"Spiritual walkers with unstable mental states, no matter whether they are lawful or evil occupations, must be eliminated. Such people lurk in the metropolis, like a time bomb."

Even if the moral value is lower than 60, the location is announced by the spirit realm, which will attract the hunting of the spirit realm walkers in the same city. But in this gap, a strong man with superpowers is enough to kill from the street to the end of the street.

Old Si Ji looked at the only novice present, and warned:

"There are many dangers in the spiritual realm, especially the single-person spiritual realm, where the death rate is extremely high. Even if many spiritual realm walkers successfully complete the task, they will leave behind an indelible psychological shadow. Over time, mental problems are inevitable.

"Especially you night wandering gods, if you ever feel that there is something wrong with your state, you must inform us, and the organization will give you psychological counseling."

Zhang Yuanqing couldn't help but think of everything he had experienced in the mountain temple, and nodded with lingering fear: "I see..."

"By the way, was the murderer's DNA found at the crime scene?" Zhang Yuanqing asked.

Guan Ya shook her head.

The murderer packed away his children and grandchildren? Zhang Yuanqing felt a little regretful. If the murderer's thousands of descendants were in his hands, the red dancing shoes could help find him.

At this time, Li Dongze finished thinking and asked:

"What else did you see in Zhao Yingjun's memory?"

"Yes," Zhang Yuanqing waited for him to ask, and hurriedly said:

"The murderer is pressing Zhao Yingjun for the whereabouts of the 'Holy Grail' and the 'roster'."

The Holy Grail, the roster... Guan Ya and Li Dongze looked at each other, and they both saw bewilderment in each other's eyes.

Li Dongze said:

"The holy grail and the roster, what do they represent?"

Zhang Yuanqing shook his head: "There is no information about them in my memory."

Li Dongze thought for a moment, then frowned:

"This case is more complicated than we imagined. Zhao Yingjun has kept a lot of things from us."

He patted Zhang Yuanqing's shoulder and praised:

"You did a great job. You found an important clue for us. After the murderer is arrested and killed, I will give credit for you. Well, let's follow Guan Ya to do the face puzzle and figure out what the murderer looks like."

"Okay, it's very long."

Zhang Yuanqing immediately followed the long-legged sister Yu out.

"By the way," Li Dongze called to stop Guan Ya, and said, "Customize a formal suit for him, and wear formal suits in the work unit from now on."

Just as Zhang Yuanqing wanted to say that I don't come here often, he heard Guan Ya beside him say, "Okay."

Leaving the morgue, Guan Ya chuckled and said, "From now on, you must wear formal clothes in the work unit."

Zhang Yuanqing nodded slightly: "I know that big companies have very strict requirements on clothing."

Guan Ya giggled: "No, this has nothing to do with the organization. It's a long request. He doesn't think it's elegant enough to wear casual clothes."

What does this have to do with elegance... Zhang Yuanqing complained in his heart, but when he glanced at Guan Ya's long black silk legs, round buttocks in a short skirt, and small waist in a white shirt, he suddenly felt that it was right to be long. It's about elegance.

While walking, he looked at the attribute panel:

【Name: Yuanshi Tianzun】

【Race: Human】

【Occupation: Night Tourist】

  【Grade 1】

[Skills: Night Tour, Devouring Soul, Lunar Spirit]

【Experience value: 44%】

[Moral value: 60 (initial value)]

The experience value increased from 42% to 44%. After devouring the spirit body, he felt a warm current in his body, making him feel comfortable, and the power of the sun seemed to increase.

"Sister Guan Ya, I gained two experience points?" Zhang Yuanqing said happily.

The experience value symbolizes the strength. It is also a level 1 night tour god, 1% of the experience value and 99% of the experience value. The difference in strength is extremely wide.

Guan Ya was stunned for a moment, "Oh, yes, there is such a thing, you Ye Youshen can increase experience by absorbing spirit bodies, but the Ye Youshen of Taiyi Sect doesn't seem to like doing this, every time they help ask the spirit, they always It's a dark face, unwillingness, and a very bad attitude."


The mixed-race beauty rolled her beautiful and charming eyes, "How do I know, I'm just a helpless scout."

Nonsense, no matter how bad a scout is at fighting, his basic attributes at level 2 can still crush me. Moreover, after a scout is transferred to level 4, he has terrible individual combat capabilities, and his physical fitness at the extraordinary stage must be very strong.

Zhang Yuanqing didn't believe it: "Is it really powerless?"

Guan Ya looked at the new colleague, glanced down, and said with a smile:

"Why don't you let my sister practice her hand."

Zhang Yuanqing refused solemnly: "Don't do this, I'm still a child."

He immediately took out his mobile phone and said, "Are you free tonight? I'll book a hotel online right now. If you don't mind, you can also practice squats."

"Hahaha, you're so funny." Guan Ya's smile trembled wildly: "Yuanshi, you really should come to the unit more, with you here, my sister will not be bored in the future."


The two left the glass building and entered the Public Security Department building. Guan Ya led him to the technical department with ease.

After carefully inquiring about the facial features of the murderer, the staff of the technical department spent a full two hours, and finally roughly restored the appearance of the murderer.

After reading it, Zhang Yuanqing stroked his chin and said:

"It's kind of like it, but it doesn't feel like it."

The technician, Lao Zhang, has rich experience, pondered for a while, and said, "Is it facial features or temperament?"

"Aura, the aura of a murderer makes people feel very fierce."

"What kind of evil method? Can you describe it in detail? I know it's hard to describe. It's better to have a reference."

"As soon as I entered the door, I saw Chang Wei calling for blessings."

  ".....very good."

Finally, after the new criminal investigation sketch was finished, Zhang Yuanqing nodded in satisfaction:

"It's almost like this, about seven or eight percent similar."

Next, they identified the target person by comparing the population information database.

"Ou Xiangrong, a native of Wu City, Jiangnan Province, has lived in Songhai for a long time. He was sentenced to prison for intentional wounding in 12 years, and he has not heard from him since he was released..."

Sitting on the office chair, Guan Ya showed a smile:

"With this information, he will be caught this morning at the latest."

  "So fast?"

"Hehe, you have to trust the abilities of the officials and the scouts." Guan Ya stood up and walked out, saying, "Yuanshi, your work has been completed and you can go back to school. You don't need to worry about the follow-up matters. You don't have the courage and mentality of a fighter."

"Okay." Zhang Yuanqing answered happily.


In the glass building office, Li Dongze read the information sent by Guan Ya. He opened the "Kangyang District Spiritual Realm Walker Management Group" and synchronized the murderer's information in the group.

Da Muba: "Our new night wandering god is very efficient. The murderer has already been identified."

Drifting on the water: "@李东泽, how does it feel to have a subordinate of the God of Night Tour who can be controlled at will?"

Li Dongze: "It feels pretty good."

Tang Guoqiang sent out a red envelope.

Bailong: "Okay, don't be complacent, hurry up and deploy, notify the Songhai Public Security Bureau, arrange personnel to strictly check the vehicles entering and leaving Songhai, notify the spirit teams of each district, and cooperate with us in the search at any time, I hope Ou Xiangrong will return Did not escape from Songhai."

The murderer committed the crime this morning. Five or six hours have passed by now. Not to mention spiritual practitioners, even ordinary people who have prepared in advance have already escaped from Songhai.

Ordinary people can track it based on monitoring, but it is difficult for spiritual practitioners to track it.

Qingteng: "Compared to an evil profession looking for an opportunity to retaliate against the government, escaping from Songhai is actually a good thing."

The former means that there will be an assassination of officially organized spiritual practitioners.

Li Dongze: "He won't leave Songhai."

Da Muba: "So sure?"

Li Dongze: "If Ou Xiangrong just wanted to kill Zhao Yingjun, he would have done it a long time ago. Even if we have Ye Youshen, he would have fled Songhai long ago when his identity was locked. But why did he choose this time?"

Big Muscle Tyrant: "Don't be tricky, just say it."

Qingteng: "So it's still for revenge?"

Li Dongze: "No, the matter may be more complicated. My Ye Youshen has seen some clues from Zhao Yingjun's memory. Ou Xiangrong tortured Zhao Yingjun for the Holy Grail and the roster."

Holy grail and roster? While the other captains were thinking about these two things with their brains, Da Muba directly finished asking:

"What is it?"

Li Dongze ignored him. After waiting for a while, seeing that his colleagues did not express their views on the Holy Grail and the roster, he had no choice but to skip this matter and sent a message:

"Let's not mention the Holy Grail and the roster for now, let's act first."

Chapter 24: The Murderer


 Yeah, almost forgot about that kid.

Li Dongze's words reminded the captains that the Kangyang District Spiritual Realm team had already recruited a night tour god, and there was no need to borrow someone from Tai Yimen.

The big muscle bully showed joy, and immediately said: "Then what are you waiting for, contact that kid quickly, so you still have to cultivate your own night wandering spirit, your own people are the most reliable at critical moments."

The other captains frowned.

Dajiba's words are reasonable. Although Taiyimen's Ye Youshen has always cooperated in business matters, he is an outsider after all, so it is definitely not as convenient for his own people to use.

Li Dongze glanced at Fu Qingyang, seeing him nodding his head slightly, he immediately took out his mobile phone and walked out of the conference room.

"I'll contact him."


After finishing the professional class in the morning, Zhang Yuanqing picked up his schoolbag and left the classroom. He planned to escape from the afternoon class and go to the office of the second team of the Spiritual Realm Squad in Kangyang District.

In the future, the focus of interpersonal communication will be transferred to the Spirit Realm team.

Zhang Yuanqing didn't like school very much, and he wasn't very interested in learning. The young people in Songhai are lazy from the bottom of their hearts, lacking wolfishness and hard work.

There are only two kinds of people in this world who know how to fight hard. One is to cultivate a positive habit since childhood, and the other is to be forced by life.

After becoming a spiritual practitioner, Zhang Yuanqing finally regained his long-lost fighting spirit.

Firstly, it was forced by life, and secondly, it was able to fulfill the youth's dream of swimming in rivers and lakes with a sword.

The spiritual realm is full of dangers and weirdness, but once you have tasted the sweetness, you will no longer be willing to be a mortal.

When I came downstairs, I was about to scan a shared bicycle when the phone in my pocket rang.

It was Li Dongze calling.

"How long?" Zhang Yuanqing connected.

"Where are you now?" Li Dongze spoke extremely fast, straight to the point.

  "in school."

"Songhai University, right? I'll ask Guan Ya to pick you up now."

  pick me up? Zhang Yuanqing heard the eagerness in Li Dongze's tone, and asked tentatively, "What's the matter?"

"A colleague was killed. We need Ye Youshen to devour the spirit body and obtain the memory of the other party. Well, you have no problem with this." Li Dongze asked uncomfortably.

Um, it should be ok... Zhang Yuanqing said, "May I try?"

It's not difficult to devour spirit bodies. This is Ye Youshen's innate skill. His brain tells him that he can do it, but in terms of reading memories, he has never actually devoured spirit bodies and has no experience, so he can't guarantee it.

"That's it." Li Dongze didn't say much, and hung up the phone.

Zhang Yuanqing put away his mobile phone and walked towards the school gate.

A few minutes later, he stopped at the school gate and waited silently for Guan Ya to pick him up. At the same time, Zhang Yuanqing noticed a girl in a pleated dress standing on the side of the road not far away, carrying a brand-name bag, looking like a girl. is waiting for someone.

Xu Yingying?

Zhang Yuanqing took a few glances at this "class flower". The other party was very well dressed. Bracelets, necklaces, earrings, bags... all looked expensive, and they were very different from most of the female students in the school.

Girls from ordinary families can't wear this feeling.

Sensing Zhang Yuanqing's gaze, Xu Yingying smiled lightly. She raised her hair and straightened her waist, posing the most attractive posture, while feeling a little superior in her heart.

This boy looks quite good, so she subconsciously showed her beauty.

But the current self is no longer in the same world as ordinary college students, so she is full of superiority in her heart.

My adornment is worth a year's living expenses of an ordinary college student.

At this time, Xu Yingying saw a blue sports car approaching, slowly stopping at the school gate.

The woman driving the car was wearing a neat white shirt and sunglasses, so she couldn't see her face clearly, but with her white and sharp chin and the corners of her mouth as delicate as carvings, it was not difficult to see that she was a high-value beauty.

Xu Yingying pursed her lips, changed her posture, and turned the logo of the famous brand bag towards the sports car.

At the same time, she saw Zhang Yuanqing trotting close to the sports car, opened the door and got into the car.

The rich woman stepped on the gas pedal and drove away with the little milk dog.

Xu Yingying opened her mouth, her face full of surprise.

For a moment, he couldn't tell whether this male student was a low-key kid from a rich family, or his colleagues - seafood merchants and steel wool merchants.


Kangyang District Public Security Department, morgue.

Zhang Yuanqing stood beside the mortuary bed, lifted the white cloth, and a tragic corpse appeared in front of him.

The body of the deceased was covered with bruises and knife marks, and the flesh and blood from the wound on his chest were opened, which was shocking.

If it was two days ago, seeing such a corpse, Zhang Yuanqing would definitely feel physically uncomfortable, but after experiencing the beatings in the mountain temple, the corpse could no longer cause too much disturbance in his heart.

"It's time to start."

Li Dongze leaned on his cane and said expectantly from the side.

Zhang Yuanqing nodded. Looking at Zhao Yingjun's corpse, he felt that the remaining spirit in this cold corpse was gradually becoming active and recovering.

The breath of the Night Tourist God has a fatal attraction to spirit bodies, and can wake up sleeping spirits.

He silently mobilized the power of the sun in his body, covering the whites of his eyes and pupils with a layer of pure black, stretched out his hand, and grabbed Zhao Yingjun's body.

Grabbed an illusory figure.

This figure has Zhao Yingjun's facial features, but his expression is dull and his eyes are empty.

After death, 90% of the consciousness dissipates, and the spirit body becomes so dull. If the consciousness dissipates, the memory will of course be incomplete, and only some memories with deep obsession remain.

The memory before death is often impressive, and it is very close to death, so it will be preserved.

After grabbing out the spirit body, Zhang Yuanqing suddenly felt the desire to "eat". He naturally opened his mouth and sucked lightly.

Zhao Yingjun's spiritual body turned into blue smoke and floated into his mouth.

There was a burst of pain between the eyebrows, and the consciousness seemed to swell, and many things that did not belong to me were filled in.


Zhang Yuanqing heard a low sobbing sound, a 'woo-woo' wailing sound, and a fierce and gloomy voice sounded in his ears:

"I don't have much patience, you'd better answer obediently."

Knowing that he was reading the last memory of the spirit body, he slowly "opened" his eyes, and the surrounding scenery became clear. This was a large suite with gorgeous decoration.

He fell down on the big soft bed, completely naked, and his underwear and women's underwear were scattered on the ground.

Not far from her side, at the head of the bed, curled up a young woman, also naked, with white and tender long legs, a tight belly, and a straight chest, showing a young and proud curve.

The sobbing sound came from her.

  woman? naked? Zhang Yuanqing was stunned by such a scene, and thought to himself, why didn't he explain the situation at the scene of the crime clearly, how could he let me see pictures that are not suitable for children, I am still a child...

Following the perspective of the deceased, he looked at the person beside the bed. It was a man with a ferocious face. There was a half-finger-long scar on his left cheek, sparse eyebrows, and fierce, dark eyes.

He held a shiny willow blade in his hand.

The murderer... Zhang Yuanqing stared at this face, firmly remembering the appearance.

At this point, his mission is half completed.

The man pointed the tip of the knife at "Zhang Yuanqing"'s chest, and said viciously:

"Where is the Holy Grail, where is the roster?"

He seemed to have asked this question many times, his expression was full of impatience, and his eyes were full of murderous intent.

"I don't know, I really don't know... Please let me go." Zhang Yuanqing heard the voice of 'myself' begging for mercy.

The man squatted beside the bed, completely lost his patience, rubbed his face tiredly, and murmured:

"If you were given a chance, you would be useless. If you were given a chance, you would be useless..."

As he spoke, he pushed the point of Liu Ren's knife into the chest of 'Zhang Yuanqing'.

Severe pain came, and his consciousness was instantly blurred. Zhang Yuanqing slumped on the ground limply. He saw the man unfasten his belt, grab the beautiful woman's ankle, and pull it towards him.

The picture stopped abruptly when the woman screamed.