Chapter 1: Gifts

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Songhai City.

At 7:30 in the morning, in the dark room, on the big soft bed, Zhang Yuanqing woke up suddenly, covering his head and bowing like a shrimp.

The headache seems to be splitting, the head is like a steel needle embedded, the painful scalp is twitching, so that I have auditory hallucinations, hallucinations, chaotic images flash in my mind, and my ears are full of noisy and meaningless words. noise.

Zhang Yuanqing knew that his old disease had relapsed.

Trembling, he got up from the bed, opened the drawer of the bedside table, tremblingly touched the medicine bottle, unscrewed it impatiently, poured out five or six small blue pills, and swallowed them whole.

Then, he threw himself back on the bed, panting heavily, enduring the severe pain.

Ten seconds later, the soul-ripping headache weakened and then subsided.

"Huh..." Zhang Yuanqing let out a sigh of relief, his head covered in cold sweat.

He suffered from a strange disease when he was in high school. The symptoms were that the brain uncontrollably recalled all past memories, including forgotten junk information; uncontrolled collection of external information and analysis; the brain's control over the body reached an incredible level Degree.

Fortunately, this state cannot last for too long, and it will be interrupted because the body is overwhelmed.

It is precisely because of this ability that he was admitted to Songhai University, a top-ranked prestigious university in the country, as if playing around.

Zhang Yuanqing called this state brain overload. He thought that he might evolve into a superman, but because his body couldn't support this evolution, he interrupted it frequently.

When he told the doctor about this conjecture, the doctor said he didn't understand, but he was greatly shocked, and suggested that he go to the psychiatric department downstairs.

In short, the hospital couldn't find out the cause of the disease. Later, his mother brought him special medicine from abroad, and the condition was brought under control. As long as he took the medicine regularly, he would not have an attack.

"It must be because I didn't have a good rest last night. I was too tired. It's all Jiang Yubai's fault. She insisted on coming to my room to play games in the middle of the night..."

Even though he said that, his heart was quietly heavy, because Zhang Yuanqing knew that the effect of the medicine had begun to weaken, and his illness was getting worse.

"We will increase the dose in the future..." Zhang Yuanqing put on cotton slippers, came to the window, and pulled open the curtain with a 'swipe'.

Sunlight rushed in, filling the room.

In April in Songhai City, the spring is bright and beautiful, and the oncoming morning breeze is cool and comfortable.

"Boom boom!"

At this time, there was a knock on the door, and grandma shouted outside the door:

"Yuanzi, get up."

"I'm sorry!" Zhang Yuanqing ruthlessly refused, he wanted to go back to sleep.

Spring is bright and it's weekend again. Wouldn't it be a waste of life if you don't sleep in?

"I'll give you three minutes. I'll wake you up if you don't get up."

Grandma is even more ruthless.

"I know, I know..." Zhang Yuanqing immediately relented.

He knew that the grumpy grandma could really do this.

When Zhang Yuanqing was still in elementary school, his father died in a car accident. The strong-willed mother never remarried, and took her son back to Songhai to settle down, leaving her to the care of his grandparents.

On the other hand, she plunged headlong into her career and became a strong woman praised by her relatives.

Later, my mother bought a house herself, but Zhang Yuanqing didn't like the empty flat, so he still lived with his grandparents.

Anyway, my mother leaves early and returns late every day. She goes on business trips every now and then and concentrates on her career. Even if she doesn't work overtime on weekends, she still orders takeaway when it's time for meals.

What he said the most to his son was "Whether the money is enough or not, you have to tell your mother if you don't have enough." A strong woman mother who can satisfy you financially sounds very good.

But Zhang Yuanqing always said to his mother with a smile: The pocket money given by grandma and aunt is enough.

Well, there is also my aunt.

The woman who insisted on coming to his room to play games last night was his aunt.

Zhang Yuanqing yawned, unscrewed the doorknob of the bedroom, and came to the living room.

The house in grandma's house has an area of 150 square meters including the common area. When he sold the old house to buy this new house, Zhang Yuanqing remembered that it was more than 40,000 square meters.

In the past six or seven years, the house price in this community has risen to 110,000 per square meter, which has nearly doubled.

Fortunately, my grandfather had the foresight back then, and Zhang Yuanqing could only sleep in the living room in the old house. After all, now that he has grown up, he can no longer sleep with his aunt.

On the long dining table next to the living room, the culprit who caused him a headache was drinking porridge, and the pink slippers were sticking up and down at the bottom of the table.

Her facial features are exquisite and beautiful, her round oval face looks quite sweet, and there is a tear mole in the corner of her right eye.

Because she just woke up, the fluffy and messy waves were scattered, making her a little more lazy and charming.

My aunt is called Jiang Yuyue, and she is four years older than him.

Seeing Zhang Yuanqing come out, my aunt licked the porridge around her mouth and said in surprise:

"Yo, it's not like your style to wake up so early."

"Your mother did a good job."

"Why are you scolding people?"

"I'm just telling the truth."

Zhang Yuanqing looked at his aunt's beautiful face, full of energy, bright and moving.

It is said that the dark night will not treat those who stay up late, it will give you dark circles, but this law does not seem to work on the woman in front of you.

The grandma in the kitchen heard the movement and poked her head out to have a look. After a while, she came out with a bowl of porridge.

Grandma's black hair is mixed with silver threads, and her eyes are very sharp. At first glance, she looks like that kind of old lady with a bad temper.

Although the loose skin and shallow wrinkles have taken away her elegance, it can be vaguely seen that she had a good appearance when she was young.

Zhang Yuanqing took the porridge from his grandmother, took a sip, and said:

"Where is grandpa?"

"Going out for a walk." Grandma said.

Grandpa is a retired old criminal policeman. Even though he is old, his life is still very regular. He must go to bed at ten o'clock every night and wake up at six o'clock in the morning.

The beautiful aunt drank the porridge, smiled and said:

"After breakfast, Auntie will take you to the mall to buy clothes."

Are you so kind? Zhang Yuanqing was about to agree when the grandmother beside him gave him a murderous look:

"If you dare to go, break the dog's legs."

"Mom, why are you like this." The aunt said with a bitch face: "I just want to buy some spring clothes for Motoko, and you are not happy? Although my nephew has a foreign name, but he is also dear~"

Grandma tried her best to break the law, "You also want to be interrupted?"

Auntie curled her lips and lowered her head to drink the porridge.

As soon as Zhang Yuanqing heard the game between the mother and daughter, he knew that his grandmother must have arranged a blind date for his aunt again, and the eccentric aunt wanted to drag him into trouble.

This is what I used to do in the past. I took my nephew on a blind date, sat for a few minutes, and the socially obsessive nephew would settle the blind date. The two men had a great conversation, from the people's livelihood to the world structure, and she didn't care about the whole process. thing.

She only needs to drink a drink and play with her mobile phone, and the blind date will feel that she has shown enough social experience and knowledge in front of the beauty, so she will be happy and feel good about herself.

Jiang Yuyue has been exquisite and cute since she was a child. She is praised by her neighbors in the neighborhood.

Such a beautiful girl, of course, grandma must guard against her death. When she was in junior high school, she told her that she was not allowed to fall in love early, and she was not allowed to go out to play with her male classmates.

As expected, the youngest daughter did not disappoint her. She didn't have a boyfriend until she graduated from university, but after entering the society, especially after her 25th birthday at the beginning of the year, grandma couldn't sit still.

I said in my heart that I just didn't let you fall in love early, and didn't let you be a leftover girl. How many years can a woman have youth?

So they called up the old sisters to collect information on young talents from all corners of the country to arrange a blind date for their daughter.

"Grandma, she's made it clear that she doesn't want to talk to someone. The twisted melon is not sweet." Zhang Yuanqing introduced himself while gnawing on the steamed stuffed bun:

"Would you like to arrange a blind date for me? My melon is so sweet."

Grandma said angrily: "You're still young, why are you so anxious. There are only female students in college, so I don't know how to find them? Be careful and I'll beat you if you make trouble."

Grandma is a southern woman, but her temper is not gentle at all, she is very hot.

Even the mother of Zhang Yuanqing, a strong career woman, did not dare to contradict her grandmother.

I've grown up, well, I've been a craftsman for several years...... Zhang Yuanqing murmured to himself.

After breakfast, my aunt went back to her room to change and put on makeup at the strong request of her grandmother, and went out on a blind date.

Auntie put on light makeup, which made her look even brighter and more attractive.

A fluffy round-neck sweater is paired with a long coat, and light-colored narrow-cut jeans wrap two long legs, which are well-proportioned and round. The narrow cuffs are tucked into black Martin boots.

Sen is dressed in a simple style, neither flirtatious nor flashy, but also very delicate.

Auntie threw a "you know" look at him, carried her bag, and went out with her waist twisted:

"Mom, I'm going on a blind date."

Zhang Yuanqing returned to the room, and put on a black T-shirt, jacket, and running shoes without haste.

After a few minutes, he opened the bedroom door.

Grandma was cleaning in the living room. When she saw him come out, she stopped what she was doing and looked at him silently.

Zhang Yuanqing imitated his aunt's tone:

"Mom, I'm going on a blind date too."

"Get back." Grandma raised the broom and threatened, "If you dare to step out of this door, your dog's legs will break you."

"Okay!" Zhang Yuanqing returned to the bedroom as kindly as possible.

Sitting at the desk, he held his mobile phone and sent a message to his aunt:

"Death before leaving the army will make the hero burst into tears."

  "speak English!"

Auntie should be driving. The content of the reply is concise and to the point.

"I was stopped at home by my grandmother, you should go on a blind date by yourself."

My aunt sent a voice message.

Zhang Yuanqing counted, and Jiang Yubai's angry voice sounded from the speaker:

"What's the use of you!!"

My aunt withdrew one voice, and then sent another, this time with a different tone, coquettish and cute:

"Good nephew, come quickly, my aunt loves you the most, Mua~"

Oh, woman!

Acting coquettishly and being cute just want me to touch my grandma's scales? At least you have to send a red envelope.

At this moment, a harsh ringtone came, and Zhang Yuanqing came to the living room. Under the watchful eyes of his grandmother, he pressed the call button of the building intercom, and said:

"Which one!"

  "express delivery."

A voice came from the speaker.

Zhang Yuanqing pressed the door open button, and after two or three minutes, the courier boy in uniform took the elevator upstairs, holding a package in his arms:

"Is it Zhang Yuanqing?"

  "it's me."

I didn't shop online... He signed for it with a confused face, and glanced at the package information. The sender was not written on the package, but the address was Hangzhou City, Jiangnan Province next door.

He returned to the room, found a paper cutter from the desk drawer, and opened the package.

Inside is a black card and a yellow leather letter wrapped in an anti-fall air cushion.

Zhang Yuanqing picked up a black card the size of an ID card. The material seemed to be metal, but the tentacles were extremely warm. The card was very beautifully made, with light silver cloud patterns on the edges and a black full moon in the center.

The black round moon print is very delicate, and the irregular patches on the surface are clearly visible.

  what? Confused, he opened the envelope and unfolded the letter.

"Yuanzi, I got a very interesting thing. I thought it could change my life, but my ability is limited and I can't control it. I think, if it's you, it shouldn't be a problem.

"Brother, this is a gift from me.

"Lei Yibing!"

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