Chapter 10: S-Class Trial Spirit Realm

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 "Night Tour God!"

Zhang Yuanqing said calmly.

"I'm asking about your occupation."

"Night Tourist."

... Li Dongze was taken aback for a moment, then straightened his back abruptly, leaned forward, stared at Zhang Yuanqing with burning eyes, and said, "You, the God of the Night?"

"Yes." Zhang Yuanqing nodded.

"Hiss..." Li Dongze lifted his butt. He was silent for more than ten seconds to digest the news, raised his voice, and asked again:

"You are the Night God? Me, I just picked up a Night God?"

This was something he never expected. It's like saying with emotion just now: I really hope to win a five million lottery.

Then he really won the lottery.

"I found a treasure..." Li Dongze put down his wine glass, looked at Zhang Yuanqing repeatedly, his face excited.

Every night tour god is a hot figure.

It is the object of competition between the major spiritual realm walker teams and even gangs.

Li Dongze already knew about a young woman from the Hundred Flowers Club. In order to poach a Yeyou Shen informant from the Chihuo Gang, she did not hesitate to seduce her.

Because of this, the Scarlet Fire Gang and the Hundred Blossoms Association almost came to blows, and the Five Elements League headquarters came forward to mediate, but it didn't work.

After that night wandering god died in a spirit realm mission, the matter subsided.

"By the way, I don't know your spiritual id yet." Li Dongze hid his excitement in his heart and maintained a steady image in front of his future subordinates.

Zhang Yuanqing straightened his chest and raised his head, his tongue gathered in anger, "Yuanshi Tianzun!"

... Li Dongze was silent for a few seconds, then clapped his hands and said, "Good name."

Hey, you're exaggerating too much, and what's the matter with the look of wanting to hit me... Zhang Yuanqing said modestly:

"Just as long as you like it."

At this time, the black commercial vehicle drove into the Kangyang District Public Security Bureau and parked in the parking space beside the green belt.

"I'll arrange for you to go through the entry procedures now. The salary is 20,000 yuan a month. There will be subsidies for missions. If you make meritorious service, you will have another performance bonus. Is there any problem?"

Li Dongze didn't seem to want to delay for a moment, revealing his eagerness to settle down.

A basic salary of 20,000 a month? Zhang Yuanqing's eyes lit up, "No problem."

A monthly salary of 20,000 is considered a high-income class even in a metropolis like Songhai.

Zhang Yuanqing remembers that in the company where his mother works, the monthly salary of the management is only 50,000 to 100,000 yuan a month. Of course, this is the basic salary and does not include bonuses, commissions, or shares.

He followed Li Dongze out of the car, walked around behind the Public Security Department building, and stopped in front of a two-story building.

This small building is made up of huge pieces of glass, which looks very petty bourgeois and elite.

Entering the main entrance of the small building, there is a steel staircase directly facing the entrance, leading directly to the second floor.

The left side of the first floor is the office area. There are seven or eight women sitting at the desks. There are beautiful young ladies, mature young women, and capable and stable aunts.

On the right is the living area, where daily necessities such as sofas, round tables, refrigerators, induction cookers, and water dispensers are placed.

They either lowered their heads to do things, or watched dramas with headphones on, or got together in twos and threes to discuss gossip.

Seeing Li Dongze come in, he just looked up and continued to play with himself. He didn't have the fear of the leader that ordinary employees have.

I like this office atmosphere... Zhang Yuanqing muttered.

Li Dongze didn't stop, and led Zhang Yuanqing towards the steel stairs, then turned around suddenly, and said:

"These are ordinary employees who only serve us spiritual practitioners. If you need anything in your life and work in the future, just ask them."

Work and work secretary? Zhang Yuanqing nodded.

When the two came to the second floor, the noisy chatter subsided. The layout of the second floor was much simpler. The entire left side was Li Dongze's personal office, and there were nine desks on the right.

Most of them were empty, only two desks were occupied.

They are the investigators who visited the house yesterday, the long-legged sister, and the science and technology dog with messy hair and dull eyes.

"Guan Ya, help him with the entry procedures."

Li Dongze greeted him from a distance, and said with a smile, "I recruited a new colleague for you."

The man in science and technology raised his head, glanced at Zhang Yuanqing, nodded slightly, then lowered his head and continued to work on his own affairs.

The mixed-race beauty showed a smile, stood up and said:

"It seems that you have successfully completed the trial mission, Sister Yu is controlling the little boy."

Sister Yu accusing the little boy? ! Zhang Yuanqing's expression was dull for a moment, and then he heard Li Dongze beside him say:

"Guan Ya likes to joke more, just get used to it."

He then reprimanded his female subordinate: "Don't say something strange in front of our young college students, he is still a child."

The child glanced at the mixed-race Yujie who came over. She was wearing an OL skirt, and the hem of the shirt was tucked into the skirt, outlining a slender waist. Her slender and round legs were wrapped in black silk, and her slightly curly hair followed her steps lightly. Shake lightly.

She has a sharp face, with the three-dimensional exquisiteness of a Westerner, but her skin is fair and delicate.

"Li Shichang, I want to consult about matters related to the trial spirit realm." Zhang Yuanqing did not forget his purpose today.

"If you have any questions, you can ask Guan Ya. I still have something to deal with first." Li Dongze said kindly.

The tone is like the head teacher treating top students.

After explaining, he returned to the office in a hurry, intending to report the news that he had recruited Ye Youshen to his superiors.

"Did Shichang take the wrong medicine today? You can't even walk."

Guan Ya muttered, then turned to look at Zhang Yuanqing, and said with a smile:

"Come with me and fill out a form, and then give me your ID card."

"I didn't bring my ID card."

"Give me your ID number."

She took Zhang Yuanqing and sat down at an empty desk, threw him a form, wrote down Zhang Yuanqing's ID number, and went downstairs.

Zhang Yuanqing picked up a pen from the pen holder, unscrewed the pen cap, and looked at the form.

This form is different from the ordinary entry form, it corresponds to the attribute panel of the spirit walker.

In addition to basic information such as occupation and level, there is also a column for the trial mission Spiritual Realm.

Just in time, I'll ask She Ling Tunnel later how the dungeon went... Zhang Yuanqing filled it out truthfully.

After he finished filling out the form, Guan Ya happened to return with two contracts in her hand. She pulled up an office chair and sat down beside him. The seat was dented by her round hips.

"Master Shi should have given you basic training." She leaned lazily on the back of the chair. This posture showed her proud chest to the fullest.

Zhang Yuanqing smelled a refreshing fragrance and sneaked into Miao Renfeng.

In this era when the per capita level is no more than C-level, an E-level powerhouse is enough to move people.

"Your entry procedures have been completed. This is a contract, and there is also a confidentiality agreement."

After Zhang Yuanqing signed the signature, Guan Ya restrained her smiling mouth and said seriously:

"There are a few things to explain to you. Starting today, your original ID card will no longer work, and the organization will give you a new ID card. It will come down within three days, and you can buy high-speed rail tickets and air tickets normally, and Take the green channel.

"A new phone card will be given to you tomorrow."

"Why?" Zhang Yuanqing couldn't understand this operation.

"When you named yourself, Lingjing should have reminded you that you cannot use your real name."

Zhang Yuanqing nodded.

Guan Ya said in a deep voice:

"There is a reason for this... We divide the occupations in the spiritual world into two categories. The first category is lawful occupations, which are orthodox occupations. The second category is evil occupations.

"Spiritual walkers of evil professions are either violent and bloodthirsty, or perverted and cruel, and they have a unified hobby, which is to hunt and kill orthodox professional spiritual walkers, that is, us. It is very dangerous for spiritual walkers to reveal their identities in reality."

Similar to the faction confrontation in the game? Zhang Yuanqing's face became serious.

Last night, he felt strange when he was told that his real name could not be used.

So, Li Dongze and Guan Ya aren't real names either?

"But don't worry, we are an official organization. Normally, we are the hunters, and they are the prey."

Seeing that the smile on the little boy's face disappeared, Guan Ya gave a word of relief.

"Sister Guan Ya must be a great hunter." Zhang Yuanqing heaved a sigh of relief, and gave the other party a sugar-coated cannonball by the way.

She's pretty good at talking... Guan Ya's smile deepened a bit, and she said, "Tsk tsk:

"You speak nicely. How many girlfriends have you had?"


Guan Ya was taken aback, "Your trash can is so clean, I thought you had a girlfriend."

It's the trash can again. Do you women have any special preference for trash cans? Zhang Yuanqing complained silently in his heart.

Guan Ya giggled and said, "Do you want my sister to help you shop for a girlfriend online?"

That's enough, you woman, no, you old Si Ji... Zhang Yuanqing said unhappily:

"No need, I like realistic girlfriends."

Guan Ya's smile trembled wildly: "I like you little guy."

"Well, I'm not joking, let's get on with the business. There are ten teams of spirit walkers in the entire Kangyang region. We are the second team. There are five spirit walkers in the team. If you add your words, it will be six. Five spirit walkers Among them, only Shichang and I belong to the White Tiger Soldier. You are recruited by Shichang, and when you become a regular, you will also belong to the White Tiger Soldier. I hope you will keep this in mind."

It sounds like the prejudices among the factions of the Five Elements League are deeper than I imagined... Zhang Yuanqing immediately said:

"From now on, I will hang out with Sister Guan Ya."

He didn't mention Li Dongze, because this way he could gain the younger sister's favor.

Sure enough, Guan Ya's smile became brighter and she said sweetly:

"Except for Wang Tai and me, other spiritual practitioners usually don't come to clock in for work. You are a student, so you don't have to come every day. Don't be too cautious. Shichang is a very nice person, but when he is emotional, his tone of voice will be very strange. Then there is a strong obsession with elegance.

"Wang Tai said that his occupation is a "Bachelor". He is good at studying and researching. He is a civil servant. Ask him if you don't understand anything. When you graduate from university in the future, you can ask him to help you write a thesis.

"However, he is not good at communication and hates communication. You usually ignore him and treat him as a tool."

"As for me," she said with a smile, "I really like dealing with energetic young boys."

For a moment, Zhang Yuanqing couldn't tell whether she was telling the truth or joking.

He quickly labeled the people in the team with the labels he understood:

She pays attention to elegance, and from time to time speaks a sentence in the translation accent; she fears science and technology dogs; old Siji.

"By the way, what is your zodiac sign?" Guan Ya asked.

"Scorpio!" Zhang Yuanqing didn't understand why she asked this suddenly, but he answered truthfully.

Guan Ya looked at him strangely: "You really don't have a girlfriend?"

What does this have to do with constellations... Zhang Yuanqing's eyes were blank.

Guan Ya had a look of disbelief, but she didn't dwell on the topic, and picked up the form that Zhang Yuanqing had filled out.

"Yuanshi Tianzun...21 years old...heh, does the ID still have momentum? You are not afraid of being beaten when you go out...Ye Youshen..."

Guan Ya's charming face was visibly dull, and she blurted out: "You are a night wanderer?!"

Zhang Yuanqing enjoyed her expression very much.

"It's no wonder that even walking is floating..." Guan Ya muttered, and then she looked happy: "In the future, there will be night wandering gods in our team. You are not allowed to run away with wild women from other organizations."

Zhang Yuanqing noticed that Wang Tai not far away also raised his head and looked this way.

"Yuanshi Tianzun, um, I'll call you Yuanshi from now on." Guan Ya happily looked down, and when she saw level zero, she was stunned. Just as she was about to ask a question, she caught a glimpse of the next line that read, Trial Task:

She Ling Tunnel!

Guan Ya's head buzzed, her lips parted slightly, her expression froze, and she was stunned on the spot.

After a long while, she looked at him with extremely complicated eyes, "Your trial spirit realm is the She Ling Tunnel?"

Seeing her expression, Zhang Yuanqing's heart skipped a beat, "I was just about to ask about the trial mission. Since it's a dungeon, there must be a strategy."

After finishing speaking, he saw the engineering dog who claimed to ignore everything raised his head and looked over. This time, the other party's eyes were full of sympathy and pity.

"You, wait a moment..." Guan Ya left the office area with an ugly expression, and walked towards Li Dongze's office.

What happened to her death-like eyes just now? Zhang Yuanqing was a little nervous.

At this time, Wang Tai at the next table said lightly:

"It's true that there are strategies. It is the obligation of every official practitioner to submit the details of the spiritual realm he has experienced, and the organization will give corresponding rewards. However, the Sheling Tunnel is a bit different. You can see for yourself..."

He handed over a laptop.

Zhang Yuanqing took the computer half curiously and half blankly, and there was an open document on the screen.

Summary of Songhai Yeyoushen Trial Spirit Realm:

[Wangcun Historic Site, Grade C, Mission Requirement: Successfully survive until dawn. 】

[The dangers in the village come from the hanged ghosts and the barren graves outside the village. Faced with the death of the hanged ghosts, spiritual practitioners need to stand on their heads to avoid danger. But those with weak physical strength can only ask for blessings.

[The resentful spirits in the barren tombs will enter the village collectively at twelve o'clock in the middle of the night, and the spirit walkers need to go to the small shop to find incense candles as soon as possible. Lighting incense candles can avoid being eaten by ghosts. 】


[Lingang Reservoir, Level B, task requirement: cross the reservoir. 】

【On the way across the reservoir, there will be water ghosts trying to drag you to the bottom of the water. Don't resist. After holding your breath for two minutes after diving, the water ghosts will leave on their own. 】


[Ghost Bride, Level A, mission requirement: bridal chamber with the Ghost Bride until dawn. 】

[The Ghost Bride is a beautiful stunner, she will treat every groom wildly, she will not hurt her groom, as long as you can satisfy her. But in theory, no man can fight till dawn. This is almost a mortal spiritual realm. So far, only one hero has managed to survive, but since then he has developed a strong aversion to women. 】


[Xiangshui Paradise, level b, mission requirements........]

The more Zhang Yuanqing looked at it, the more something was wrong, and the more he looked, the more confused he became.

Is it too simple?

These trial tasks are too simple. Except for the ghost bride who needs an iron kidney, the survival rate of other trial spirit realms is very high.

And from the whole story, the most difficult task is A-level, but his trial task is the S-level She Ling Tunnel.

He looked down further, and finally saw the She Ling Tunnel.

[Sheling Tunnel, the difficulty is unknown, and the task requirements are unknown. 】

[The first incident was that during the construction of the tunnel, the construction team entered the spiritual realm by mistake. A total of twelve people entered the spiritual realm.

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