Chapter 11: BUG Level Spirit Realm

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 In the spacious and luxurious office, Li Dongze was lazily leaning on the sofa, crossing his legs, holding a glass of wine in his left hand and holding a cigar in his right, leisurely and contented.

Just now, he reported the news that he had recruited the God of Night Tour to his immediate leadership.

Li Dongze knew that the young centurion, a new official, was in a hurry to make achievements and cultivate his descendants. A night wanderer with a clean background was like rain from heaven for the centurion with a prominent family background. It's time.

Sure enough, the young superior expressed high admiration for him and promised to give him a great credit.

In the system of white tiger soldiers, military merit is more important than anything else.


The glass door of the office was violently knocked open, and Guan Ya, who was stepping on high heels, broke in.

Li Dongze frowned, took a sip of his wine slowly, and criticized:

"Guan Ya, you are not elegant like this."

"It's so long, the trial spirit realm that this kid entered is the She Ling Tunnel!" Guan Ya cut to the point.

"Pfft!" Li Dongze turned into a jet fighter all of a sudden. He didn't care about wiping the wine, stood up on the table, and shouted in a sharp voice:

"She Ling Tunnel?! Oh, God, you idiot who deserves to go to hell, look at what you've done."

He rushed out with his cane in his hand, ran to the office area, and saw the new Night God, staring at the computer with a dull expression.

Sensing Li Dongze's arrival, Zhang Yuanqing said with a bitter face:

"Boss, do you think I can still be rescued?"

He was afraid that the other party would blurt out: "It's hopeless, wait for death, and terminate the contract!"

Li Dongze looked at him silently, with an expression like he had finally found his beloved girl, only to find out that it was his long-lost sister.

Facing the expectant eyes of the new employee, Li Dongze took a deep breath and said in a low tone:

"Trial of the Spiritual Realm is the first single-player dungeon for every Spiritual Realm walker, and this is the most troublesome part of it. In the single-player dungeon, no one can help you. This is the test of the Spiritual Realm for you. This is what you get Supernatural power must bear the price."

Zhang Yuanqing nodded with a heavy heart.

Li Dongze went on to say:

"I will report this matter for you. I hope that the higher-level database has information and strategy suggestions about the She Ling Tunnel, otherwise no one will be able to save you. Go back and wait for news. I will notify you immediately of the results."

Although he is not a night wandering god, as a senior spiritual practitioner, he has heard of the vicious reputation of the She Ling Tunnel.

So far, according to the information collected by the official organization, no one has been able to clear the She Ling Tunnel. No one has ever achieved the "first kill" of this dungeon.

"Okay, it's too much trouble." Zhang Yuanqing nodded stiffly.

Li Dongze added:

"You write down the experience in She Ling Tunnel in detail."


After arranging a special car to send Zhang Yuanqing away, Guan Ya returned to her desk, took out the post-it note with the watermark of Aquarius from the drawer, and unscrewed the pen cap with the Virgo pattern on it.

Everything on the table, including computers, notebooks, desktops, water glasses... are printed or pasted with various constellations.

It can be seen that this is a senior constellation fan.

Guan Ya wrote on the sticky note:

"Yuanshi Tianzun, Scorpio male, zodiac sign: black-bellied, vengeful, strong sex."

"Remarks: The probability of being seduced by women from other organizations is extremely high."

After finishing writing, the half-race beauty sighed softly, tore off the sticky note, and pasted it in the personnel list of the second team.

She has noted the attributes of each captain and made an assessment, including those who have resigned and those who died in the spirit world.

"Hey, Wang Tai, does that kid have any hope of passing the level?" Guan Ya tilted her head and called to the next door.

The disheveled Wang Tai raised his head and said:

"The Taiyi Sect may have detailed information on the She Ling Tunnel, but most of them are useless. Otherwise, the Taiyi Sect would have arranged for the Night Tour God to pass through the spiritual realm. There should be a good reward in an S-level trial mission."

Guan Ya frowned.

Wang Tai continued:

"If we can find some props for him, there may be hope of clearing the level, but you know, props have various functions, and our understanding of the Sheling Tunnel is limited, so we can't give specific props to solve the problem. The result is mostly empty of people and money.”

"Nonsense!" Guan Ya rolled her eyes.

The props themselves are extremely precious and rare. It would be great for a spiritual practitioner at the extraordinary stage to have a prop with him.

As for props without a master, there are only two ways to obtain them. One is to enter the spirit realm to search for them, and the other is to kill the spirit realm walker in real life to seize the treasure. It has to be an item that is out of the inventory to be captured.

Both of these are obviously unrealistic.

The most important thing is, without knowing the specific situation of She Ling Tunnel, who knows what type of props can help him pass the level?

In case a person dies in the spirit realm, the props will be automatically taken back by the spirit realm, and the loss will be huge.

Wang Tai tapped on the keyboard, opened a series of data, stared at it for a long time, and muttered to himself:

"Qingming has just passed, which happens to be the time when the Sheling Tunnel opens every year. Isn't this guy a bit unlucky?"

In the office, Li Dongze opened the chat software and typed in the message:

"Century Fu, my subordinates have something to report, which is related to the newly recruited Night Tour God just mentioned. His trial spirit realm is the She Ling Tunnel, which is known as the She Ling Tunnel of the Night Tour God Novice Bug Spirit Realm.

"The Sheling Tunnel first appeared during the construction of the tunnel in the last century. A construction team strayed into it and died in a spiritual realm. Afterwards, the authorities found a survivor. Thirty-six hours later, the survivor was found again. Teleport into the spirit realm.

"Yes, the trial mission of the Sheling Tunnel is divided into two stages, which is different from the one-time trial missions of other professions and other spiritual realms."

"I'm sorry, this subordinate was dazzled by the surprise and misled by habitual thinking. Seeing him return to reality from the trial spirit realm, he subconsciously thought that he had passed the trial.

"The subordinates know that the Taiyi Sect's database has the most abundant and comprehensive information on the night travel gods and spirit realms, and that sect master is the strongest night travel god in the world. Perhaps, the Taiyi Sect will have information related to the She Ling Tunnel.

"If it's Centurion Fu, you come forward, I think the Taiyi Sect will give you a little bit of trouble.

"It is the principle of the Baihu soldiers not to abandon their comrades. Now that he has joined the job, his subordinates cannot give up easily. I hope that Commander Fu will help him."

After editing the information, Li Dongze read it several times. After confirming that it was correct, he clicked send.

Holding the wine glass, he stared at the screen and sighed.


Zhang Yuanqing returned home with a heavy heart, entered the password, and opened the anti-theft door.

In the living room, grandma was mopping the clean and bright floor. Sitting at the dining table was a middle-aged uncle in a black jacket. He had handsome features and black hair. The deep Sichuan character lines between the eyebrows and the fine crow's feet at the corners of the eyes together precipitate the vicissitudes of time.

From the appearance, there is no doubt that this is a very charming old man, probably very popular with mature women, and some uncles are obsessed with girls.

But this middle-aged uncle is not Zhang Yuanqing's uncle, but his cousin.

Cousin swallowed the freshly heated porridge, looked at Zhang Yuanqing, "I heard from grandma, you were looking for me last night?"

He looked serious and unsmiling, like a young version of grandpa.

... Zhang Yuanqing opened his mouth, shook his head and said:

  "never mind."

Yesterday's problem has been solved, but my cousin can't help with the new difficulty, so it's better not to mention it.

In addition, he has signed a confidentiality agreement.

The cousin glanced at him, and while drinking the porridge slowly, said:

"It's because of Lei Yibing's business. I heard that Li Dongze visited him in person yesterday, which means that his case is unusual. Not to mention you, even I can't help."

It turns out that my cousin has already inquired about it beforehand! Zhang Yuanqing said "hmm".

Seeing that he was not in a good mood, Chen Yuanjun didn't say any more, only thinking that his cousin was worried about Lei Yibing.

At this time, Jiang Yubai, who was wearing cute bear pajamas, came out of the boudoir, holding a stack of facial masks in his hand, "Here, anti-wrinkle and anti-aging, once in the morning and evening, the effect should be good. Your grandma insists that I help you buy it. "

Cousin's face darkened, wrinkling the Sichuan pattern:

"Sister-in-law, I don't need these."

Auntie shrugged indifferently, "It's up to you."

The grandmother mopping the floor leaned on the mop, glared at her grandson angrily, and said:

"You don't need a mask, but you need grandma to iron the creases all over your face with an iron?"

Because of her son's unreliability, grandma gave up the tuba a long time ago, and instead cultivated two trumpets for the next generation.

At present, the grandson is admitted to Songhai University, and the grandson is working in the Public Security Department. Both have a bright future.

But grandma has always had a heart problem, that is, her grandson is too stable and mature, with a 30-year-old and 40-year-old face.

The year before last, an old brother of my grandfather who had been away for many years came to Songhai as a guest. When he met Chen Yuanjun, he was surprised and said to his grandfather:

"I never heard that you have a son."

Grandpa held back for a long time, and said: This is my grandson.

The old brother is a straightforward person, and he blurted out in surprise: Your grandson is quite self-willed...

The decades of friendship were almost destroyed.

Chen Yuanjun took the mask helplessly, put it in his pocket, and said:

"Okay, grandma, stop nagging, I still have to go to work, and I have a disappearance case at hand recently, so I'm very busy."

Disappearance case? Zhang Yuanqing suddenly became sensitive and asked:

  "what's the situation."

Chen Yuanjun took a mouthful of pickles, "Two people disappeared in the Sheling Tunnel, and no one has been found until now. The monitoring outside the tunnel shows that they entered the tunnel, but the monitoring inside the tunnel shows that they did not enter at all." The picture of the tunnel...."

The cousin stopped suddenly and warned: "Don't spread the word."

He signed a confidentiality agreement.

When grandma heard this, she immediately became gossiping, and said mysteriously:

"Is it haunted again? Hey, why isn't this place blocked anymore? Those few people disappear in the tunnel every year."

My aunt also raised her ears, with the same gossip expression as her mother.

"Grandma, stop asking."

Could it be that he entered the mountain temple by mistake like me? Fuck, these two unlucky bastards, I don’t know if he can survive for three hours... Zhang Yuanqing is both sympathetic and sympathetic, but also kind of "the unlucky one is not me alone" comfort.

He has a deeper understanding of the spiritual realm. Li Dongze said that the spiritual realm has always existed, and perhaps some of the missing persons disappear in the spiritual realm every year.


The capital, a courtyard house.

The big locust tree in the yard has lush branches and leaves, like an open green umbrella.

On the rocking chair under the umbrella lay an old man with gray hair, wearing a white sweatshirt and big pants, holding a cattail fan in his hand, taking a leisurely nap.

The old man's face was pale and pale, with a mole between his eyebrows, and he possessed an indescribable aura.

A gust of wind blew, the leaves trembled, and the light spots on the ground were shattered.

The immature laughter of children could be faintly heard from the locust tree.

"Elder Sun, the kid from the Fu family sent you an email." A middle-aged man in black stepped over the threshold and came to the courtyard.

Whether it is the Five Elements Alliance or the Taiyi Sect, those who can become elders are all well-known spiritual practitioners.

"Fu Qingyang?" The old man chuckled, without opening his eyes, and patted his cattail fan a few times, "What's the matter?"

"His subordinates in Songhai City recruited a night wandering god. The trial spirit realm is the Sheling Tunnel. I would like to ask you for information about the tunnel. Also, I hope you can give me some advice." The middle-aged man relayed the content of the email.

The old man shook his cattail fan for a while, and after a few seconds, he suddenly said:

"The Ching Ming Festival has just passed. Calculating the time, it happens to be the opening time of the She Ling Tunnel. Many people will be lucky enough to get the character card of the God of Night in the near future. Unfortunately, it is impossible for anyone to pass through the She Ling Tunnel."

"The information can be given to him. Anyway, the door has given up on the strategy of the Sheling Tunnel, and the confidentiality level of the relevant information has dropped. By the way, I will tell Fu Xiaozi that the place itself is an S-level trial spirit realm, and something went wrong halfway, making it even more difficult. It has long been out of the scope of the trial spirit realm.

"My suggestion is to give up that Night God. There is no need to invest in people who are mortal."

The middle-aged man nodded slightly. As a deacon in the Taiyi Sect, the middle-aged man knew very well the strangeness and ominousness of the Songhai Sheling Tunnel.

The s-level trial spirit realm itself is the most difficult spirit realm for novices, and the She Ling Tunnel is even weirder than the ordinary s-level spirit realm.

Every s-level trial spirit realm must contain some unusual things, such as rare props, or some important information, which are of great value.

In order to crack the spirit realm of the She Ling Tunnel, Tai Yimen specially sent two level 1 night travel gods to station in Songhai for a long time, because the s-level novice tried the spirit realm, and occasionally opened it to the level 1 spirit realm walker of this profession.

After waiting for several months, two level 1 night travel gods successfully received the task of the Sheling Tunnel.

But as a result, one of the night gods entered the spirit realm and never heard from him again, and the other night god successfully completed the first mission and died in the second mission soon after.

And these two night tour gods are accompanied by props.

Since then, the elders of Taiyimen have reassessed the She Ling Tunnel and completely gave up on the raid of this spiritual realm.

"If someone can pass through the She Ling Tunnel and obtain the information inside, it will solve our Taiyi Sect's knot."

The middle-aged man said with a smile.

The old man did not comment, and said slowly:

"In a few days, the head of the sect will call all the Night Traveling Gods to Beijing for a meeting. There is an important event to be announced. Prepare yourself and call back all the boys under your command."

After speaking, he waved his cattail fan to drive away people.

The middle-aged man bowed and stepped back.


ps: There are seven or eight thousand more public dates, and some people say that there are fewer? Doesn't your conscience ache, huh?

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