Chapter 12: Details of the Sheling Tunnel

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 After his cousin finished his porridge and went to work, Zhang Yuanqing went back to his room to catch up on sleep.

When I woke up, I heard dynamic sound effects in my ears. When I opened my eyes, the fluorescent lights of the TV screen flickered in the room, and the ceiling lights were not turned on.

He sat up and looked towards the window. My aunt was sitting cross-legged in front of the TV, playing with his ps5. She rolled up her sleeves to reveal two white and tender forearms, and her delicate body swayed left and right following the operating handle.

Zhang Yuanqing yawned, got up and turned on the light, and came behind my aunt to watch her play games.

What she played was a horror game with an underworld style of painting and weird music. The main character was an ugly villain with a bloody ax in his hand.

The TV fluorescence was reflected in the bright eyes like autumn water, and the round oval face was bright, with a trace of excitement.

"This game is good. It's very suitable for playing at night. It's quite self-healing." The aunt said without turning her head.

Auntie has three major hobbies, shopping malls, watching horror movies, and playing horror games.

It's Yuzhi, you perverted woman... Zhang Yuanqing echoed her words: "It's quite interesting."

Auntie turned her head and gave him a white look, "What are you talking about with me?"

She turned back and continued playing the game, saying:

"In fact, this is a self-healing game. The ghosts in the screen are all imagined by a little boy. He is a mentally ill patient. In order not to be swallowed up by his demons, he fought hard, and finally killed a bloody road. Finally, he saw the light. The ending is very sad. Touching."

While she was talking, Zhang Yuanqing had already poured himself a glass of water, and while drinking, he responded, "It's a good idea."

The little aunt hummed twice, and then said:

"Each boss has specific rules. As long as you pay attention to it, even a little boy can defeat a terrifying demon. However, scary pictures and music often make people feel frightened and lose their calm judgment.

"You come to play too."

Zhang Yuanqing was not in the mood to play games with his aunt. He had been away from the spiritual realm for almost 20 hours, and the spiritual realm would open again in a dozen hours. What awaited him might be death.

He might as well think about what to do in the last ten hours of his life, so as to save himself any regrets.

Call and scold mom? Holding my aunt and crying bitterly? Sing and dance rap with uncle for the last time?

He suddenly discovered that he didn't have any regrets, and he didn't have any dreams. As a college student with a relatively good family background, he didn't have too many troubles in his life.

Only those who have gone through the vicissitudes of life have many regrets that cannot be let go.

"Oh, come and play!" The aunt twisted her waist and said coquettishly.

Looking at her beautiful back, Zhang Yuanqing's eyes gradually softened, and he sat down beside his aunt, and took the handle from her hand.

If there are only a dozen hours left in life, it would be nice to play another game with her.

Under the guidance of his aunt eating potato chips and chirping, Zhang Yuanqing cleared the game. Looking at the time, he found that it was already 11 o'clock at night.

"Not bad, not bad, very talented."

The auntie sucked Bai Nun's finger, patted her nephew's shoulder to praise her, and wiped her saliva on him by the way.

"Is it disgusting? It's so dirty." Zhang Yuanqing looked disgusted.

"Hey, I'm fine wine, don't be ignorant of your blessings." Jiang Yuyu said shamelessly.

"Qiongye Yuye? How much is it per catty?" Zhang Yuanqing sneered.

"I won't sell it for any amount, but Auntie can give you a few mouthfuls." Jiang Yubai pouted, as if wanting to drool on Zhang Yuanqing.

Zhang Yuanqing leaned back to dodge.


Turning the doorknob, grandma stood at the door, frowning at the two of them.

Zhang Yuanqing and Jiang Yubai immediately sat down seriously.

"Do you still want to eat?" Grandma reprimanded, "If you don't sleep at night, you sleep during the day, and when you wake up, you play games. If you become a human being, you want to become a fairy, and if you were born on earth, you want to go to heaven?"

Zhang Yuanqing put down the handle, "I know, I know, let's eat right away."

The grandmother gave her daughter a cold sideways glance, and the auntie rolled back to the boudoir in desperation.


The dinner was kept warm, and grandma reheated the cold dishes again. Zhang Yuanqing stuffed his stomach indiscriminately, returned to the room, and summoned the inventory to confirm that the corpse talisman was still there.

Then he looked at his property panel.

Then, while praying for good news from Li Dongze, he thought about every detail of the mountain temple.

In the process of playing games with his aunt just now, he had a new understanding.

Since the spiritual world is also a game, is there a rule? If he finds the pattern, even if he is a little boy with no strength to restrain a chicken, he may be able to pass the level smoothly.

While thinking wildly, a piercing bell rang, causing Zhang Yuanqing's heart to arrest.

He grabbed the mobile phone next to the bed, and the caller ID showed an unfamiliar number, so he chose to connect.

"Hello, is that Zhang Yuanqing?"

A sexy voice came from the loudspeaker, and Zhang Yuanqing showed surprise, and hurriedly asked:

"Did you get information about She Ling Tunnel?"

Guan Ya gave an 'hmm':

"The boss asked for more detailed information for you, and he asked me to send it to your email. I know you young people never check your email, so I called to inform you."

As expected of being an official, the choice to join the official was right... Zhang Yuanqing's mood brightened instantly, resisting the urge to rush to the computer to check emails, and sincerely said:

"Thank you Li Shichang for me, and thank you sister Guan Ya. After I successfully complete the trial task, I invite you to dinner."

The trial was successfully completed... Guan Ya sighed in her heart, and after she stopped talking for a while, her voice was rare and soft:

  "Well, wait for you."

She has already read the information sent by Tai Yimen, and after reading it, she can only feel cold and hopeless. No wonder Shi Chang was depressed all day long.

In Li Dongze's mind, this newly recruited Night Tourist might end up in the trial mission.

After completing the customs clearance, Zhang Yuanqing opened the ergonomic chair, eagerly started his notebook, and logged into his mailbox.

He found the email from Guan Ya among the mess of unread emails.

Downloaded the attached document.


[Sheling Tunnel, Spiritual Realm No. 0079, Difficulty Level: S, Type: Single (Death Type)]

[Main task one: Survive for three hours. 】

[Main task two: Explore No. 0079 spiritual realm. 】

It's the same as my trial mission... Zhang Yuanqing's spirit has lifted. This is a good sign. The closer the content description is to his mission, the better.

[The scene of Lingjing No. 0079 is not the Sheling Tunnel, but an ancient temple in the Ming Dynasty, called Sandaoshan Niangniang Temple.

[According to my speculation, this empress should be a very high-ranking Night God, no, maybe she can no longer be called a Night God. It is unclear whether there really was such a magnificent lady in the Ming Dynasty, or it may be fabricated by the spiritual realm. 】

Then there is a large description of the deeds of Empress Sandaoshan, which is consistent with what Zhang Yuanqing saw in the temple.

Then look down:

[The task of surviving for three hours is relatively simple. At first, after I read the content of the notes, I encountered a wraith entanglement. Its characteristic is to continuously extract the yang energy of living things until the target dies.

【Ye Youshen has a natural suppression on the spirit body. I didn't expend much effort to get rid of it, but when I wanted to devour it, I encountered huge obstacles. This may be the protection of the spirit realm for the resentful spirits.

[Everyone who has read the notes will be cursed and entangled endlessly by the wraith. Any method of getting rid of the wraith is short-lived. If you get rid of the wraith once, you can get a safety period of about 15 minutes.

[It is worth mentioning that the overall layout of the Mountain Temple is a main hall and two adjacent backyards. The candle in the main hall is an extremely powerful prop, which has the ability to suppress evil and purify. As long as you hide in the main hall, it means safety. The price is that candles will eliminate the fear in people's hearts, and after long-term bathing in candlelight, they will become fearless. Being in such a dangerous spiritual environment, being fearless is fatal. In addition, it cannot be moved and cannot be taken out of the spirit realm.

[After staying in the main hall for half an hour, I suddenly heard a cry for help from the backyard, which was mixed with creepy roars, roars that did not seem to be alive. After some hesitation, I decided to go to the backyard to explore . 】

The main hall is indeed a safe house. I personally verified this point, but I didn't expect the source to be candles. I thought it was that beautiful mountain goddess......

The cry for help came from the big banyan tree. I didn't hear the roar. The courtyard to the east was indeed terrifying... Zhang Yuanqing's heart shuddered, and he took a deep breath.

He took a deep breath and read down intently. The following information is very important. If he can know the situation of the other yard in advance, he can avoid danger when exploring.

[The big banyan tree is very dangerous, don't look back, don't look back...]

[This banyan tree seems to have become conscious, but why did it ask for help? As for the terrible roar, I didn't find the source, because I interrupted my exploration by its appearance, it was a pair of... red shoes. 】

【It didn't attack me immediately, but invited me to dance. Out of a tentative mentality, I agreed to its invitation......】

【I can't remember its dance steps at all. It's too messy and complicated. For me who has no dancing experience, this is an impossible requirement. No, even people with dancing experience can't remember those dance steps. I failed, and the red shoes chased me down. 】

[I escaped back to the main hall smoothly, but two ribs were broken by it. I think I have seen its true face. This is an extremely terrifying prop. Its tracking ignores terrain and obstacles, and it cannot achieve its goal. Don't give up, it is initially speculated that it is a regular prop. 】

[It's unbelievable that there are rule-type props in a trial spirit realm. I finally know that Qian Shou died in the mountain temple with a prop. I know why this spirit realm has never been cleared. What a joke, can enter The ones in the She Ling Tunnel are either the early level 1 night wandering gods or ordinary people, how can they pass the level? 】

[For the time being, I don't know the reason for the decline of the mountain temple, and I don't know what the secret is about the rise and fall of the millennium. I hope to successfully complete the second main line task and bring back the truth to the organization. 】

The information ends here, and there is no follow-up.

Zhang Yuanqing knew that the night wandering god had probably died in the second main mission.

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