Chapter 13: Re-Entering the Mountain Temple

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 "Horrible mountain temple..."

Zhang Yuanqing leaned back and put all his weight on the back of the chair.

He closed his eyes, combined the information in the documents with his own personal experience, and analyzed the mountain temple to find the rules based on the inspiration he got from playing games.

"The Wraith of the Shoulder Crouching can be dispelled by candlelight. There is a safety period of 15 minutes for each extermination, and it will not be injured immediately after the Shoulder Crouching..."

"Be careful of the banyan tree in the east courtyard. You can't turn back. Why can't you turn back? Under what circumstances can you not turn back? What will happen if you turn back? Why isn't it clearly written in the materials?"

"For the time being, it's not clear whether the roar has anything to do with the banyan tree. If it's not, it's more dangerous. The real face of those red dancing shoes are props? Regular props, it sounds very compelling."

Looking at it now, there is a high probability that the seniors of the construction team were trampled to death by the red dancing shoes, and their bones were shattered.

"Although under my uncle's training, I can also do some dances, but even a level 1 night wanderer can't handle it, and I certainly can't do it as a child... If my uncle met the red shoes, I would definitely be able to dance forever ..."

This kind of thing should be done by an unreliable uncle. After all, my uncle only loves to sing and dance rap when he doesn't do business in his life.


Zhang Yuanqing's eyes suddenly lit up.

According to the information, the fundamental reason for the failure of the Night Tourist God was that apart from his lack of dancing experience, the most important thing was his inability to memorize complicated and chaotic dance steps.

This has probably exceeded the limit of ordinary people's shorthand.

But he doesn't have such troubles. As long as he pushes himself to relapse his old illness and put his brain into a state of overload, what that name has seen and heard will reappear in his mind.

And in the state of overload, the brain's control over the body is far beyond that of ordinary people, so it's not a problem to do some high-energy movements.

"The problem is that non-spiritual items cannot be brought in, and my medicine may not be brought in. Once the old disease recurs, without medicine to suppress it, I don't know what will happen to me."

There's no need to think about this kind of thing by yourself, just ask directly, otherwise why join an official organization.

Zhang Yuanqing grabbed the phone, opened the call history, and called back Guan Ya's number.

After a few rings, the call was connected.

"Have you read the information?"

Guan Ya is about to rest. She is a woman who pays attention to maintenance. She hates staying up late and hates being disturbed while sleeping.

But for Zhang Yuanqing, she has a high tolerance. Who would have the heart to speak harshly to a boy who is dying, and besides, he is handsome and nice to speak.

"After reading it, I don't quite understand some things." Zhang Yuanqing asked, "What are rule props?"

Guan Ya explained: "There are many types of props in the spirit realm, and their functions are also different. Our official organization has summarized three categories based on the characteristics of the props, namely the price class, the rule class, and the other is not clear. My level Not enough, out of reach."

Speaking of this, she added with a smile: "There is usually no distinction between rule-type and price-type props. After all, props have different functions and cannot be measured by a single standard. But one thing is generally recognized. It is more troublesome and rarer, and every regular item is priceless."

She paused, and then said:

"The way to deal with rule-type props is not a secret in the official organization. That is to find its rules and decipher its rules. The fact that the red shoes invite dancing mentioned in the information probably coincides with its rules.

"If you can complete its invitation, then there is a certain probability of accepting this regular item. Of course, there is only a certain probability. This depends on many factors, such as whether it is willing, such as whether it has no owner, etc."

But you just have to think about things like subduing rule-type props, don't take it seriously... she said to herself.

After listening patiently, Zhang Yuanqing asked again: "One more thing, can medicine be brought into the spiritual realm?"

"Except for normal clothes, most of the things in reality cannot be brought into the spirit realm. Medicines can be taken, but they must be taken."

"In your mouth?"

"This..." Guan Ya couldn't answer.

It seems that the only one who tried it... Zhang Yuanqing said:

"I have no problem, thank you."

Guan Ya gave an 'hmm' and said with a smile:

"Take care, little boy, by the way, today is a lucky day for Scorpio."

  ah? Zhang Yuanqing didn't react, and the other party had already hung up.

He put down his phone and looked at the time. It was already early morning.

Tomorrow morning, he will enter the spiritual realm again.


the next day.

Leaning on a cane and wearing shiny leather shoes, Li Dongze entered the glass building behind the police station building.

As a leader who doesn't need to clock in, he is used to postponing work by an hour, sometimes not going to work at all, eating public rations and fishing, free and easy.

As for the spiritual practitioners under his command, he also neglected to manage them and left them alone.

Firstly, except for Guan Ya, everyone else is not a white tiger soldier, and they listen to the tune but not to the announcement.

Second, the death rate of the dungeons of the spiritual realm walkers is extremely high, and they might not be able to get out once they enter the spiritual realm.

Life is short, enjoy yourself in time.

Li Dongze came to the second floor and habitually scanned the office area. At the empty desks, only Guan Ya, who was working hard, and Wang Tai, who was researching information and writing a thesis, were sitting.

"Guan Ya, have you given him the information?"

"Give it."

Li Dongze nodded, without saying anything, turned around and entered the luxurious office.

Guan Ya did not continue this topic, but lowered her head.

Li Dongze entered the office, walked to the wine cabinet, poured himself a glass of vodka, squeezed the lime juice, and took a sip.

Just at this time, the phone rang. He put down his wine glass, lay down on the soft chair, and Li Dongze turned on the phone.

Someone @ him in the chat group, the name of the group is "Kangyang District Spiritual Realm Walker Management Group".

As a first-tier metropolis, Songhai City has a total of sixteen districts, and each district has ten teams of spirit walkers, led by captains.

Li Dongze is the captain of the second team. In terms of the system of white tiger soldiers, he is very good.

The immediate bosses of the captains are deacons, and there are three deacons in Kangyang District.

Above the deacons are the elders, and the elders usually don't manage things. The spirit realm practitioners at this level can't see the end.

Above the group of elders are the highest leaders of the Five Elements Alliance - the five leaders.

The five leaders belonged to legendary figures. Li Dongze had never met them before. He only knew that the marshal of his own White Tiger soldiers and the palace master of the Water God Palace were all daughters.

In private, the Five Elements League hailed these two leaders as peerless twins.

The "Spirit Realm Walker Management Group in Kangyang Region" has a total of 14 people, ten captains, three deacons, and a night tour god captain from the Taiyi Sect.

Big muscle bully: "@李东泽, I heard that you recruited a night traveler?"

How did he know... Li Dongze frowned, and replied:

  "none of your business!"

Among the five elements, fire conquers gold, and the scouts of the White Tiger Soldier generally hate the fire masters of the Red Fire Gang, thinking that they are rude and irritable, and they can't talk out of their heads.

  What? Has Li Dongze recruited Ye Youshen? !

The captains in the group were like sharks smelling blood, and their spirits lifted.

Qingteng: "Night Tour God? Where did Li Shichang go to burn incense and worship Buddha recently, and he even recruited Night Tour God, I'm envious."

Bailong: "In our entire Songhai City, excluding casual cultivators, there seem to be no more than ten official night wandering gods. And they are all from the Taiyi sect."

Floating on the water: "Li Dongze, what kind of shit luck did you step on, I'm so sour."

All of a sudden, three captain-level figures appeared.

[Tang Guoqiang sent a red envelope]

The red envelopes were sold out in an instant.

Li Dongze instinctively snatched the red envelopes, and found that others were more than a hundred, but he was more than one yuan.

Tang Guoqiang: "Li Shichang is lucky."

At the bottom is a "Thank you boss" emoji.

Tang Guoqiang is also a captain, but at the same time he is also the boss of the construction team company. He has a lot of money and wealth, and he usually doesn't like to talk, and he will give out red envelopes when he disagrees.

This big boss is bubbling up because of the topic of Ye Youshen.

King of Boxing: "What kind of memory do you guys have? Have you forgotten the agreement between the Five Elements League and Taiyimen? The night tour gods recruited should be absorbed by Taiyimen first."

Bailong: "Brother Quan, you have a bad memory. Have you forgotten our Centurion Fu? With his connection with the Taiyi Sect, it's no problem to keep a Yeyoushen."

The boxing champion stopped talking.

A few bubbling captains were jealous. Whether it was the scarcity of the Night Tour God or their professional potential, they were far stronger than other professions. If they were trained well, they would be competent in the future.

Qingteng: "By the way, we haven't formed a team for a long time in our Kangyang District Spiritual Realm Walker team. Why don't we set a time for everyone to get together."

Bai Long: "Hey, the showy hooves from the Hundred Flowers Club are ready to seduce people again? But I have no objection."

Floating on the water: "I don't happen to be on a boat recently, so we can get together, Li Shichang, my brother has long wanted to drink with you. By the way, call that night tour god."

Tang Guoqiang: "The idea of team building is good, let's get together. Li Dongze snatched my red envelope, so I'll treat it as you agreed."

The corner of Li Dongze's mouth twitched. He was already in a bad mood, so he sent a message to curse:

"I've seen shameless, greedy, and sinister intentions of poaching from your words. I must have been cursed by a psychic recently, and I've been plagued by bad luck."

Big muscle bully: "Versailles?"

Floating on the water: "I also think about this bad luck."

At this time, the night tour god from the Taiyi Sect erupted, Yuan Ting:

"That night wandering god, we don't want to be together. Have you forgotten, Qingming was just passed a while ago."

Qingteng: "What do you mean?"

Yuan Ting: "The night tour god recruited by Li Dongze, the trial task is the She Ling Tunnel."

The group fell silent instantly.

Although they are not night wandering gods, as the local official spiritual realm walkers in Songhai City, they still know a little about the famous She Ling Tunnel.

Bai Long: "It won't be so unlucky."

Yuan Ting: "In order to save that poor guy, Centurion Fu asked our Elder Sun yesterday for detailed information on the She Ling Tunnel."

Big muscle bully: "Uh... is there still a need to save it? Since the last century, no novice has been able to pass through the Sheling Tunnel. Li Dongze, you are so pitiful. I can imagine the trial you heard about recruiting The spirit realm is She Ling's expression behind the tunnel."

Fire Master has always been straightforward.

You want to fight? ! Li Dongze, who was at the desk, almost rushed out of the office with his walking stick, and challenged this guy to a one-on-one challenge.

Quickly took a deep breath, and repeated in my heart: be elegant, be elegant.....

Drifting on the water: "Suddenly received an order and will be sailing this month, let's forget about team building."

Tang Guoqiang: "It's a pity."

Qingteng: "Understood, poor newcomer."

The "open mouthed" Huo Shi Da muscle bully @李东泽 again:

"You caused Centurion Fu to waste a favor, have you ever been scolded?"

Li Dongze: "Shut up, let's talk again, I'm going to the gym to blow your dog's head right now."

Which pot is not opened and which pot is lifted.

After all, Taiyimen and Wuxingmeng are two organizations, and they do not share information with each other. Centurion Fu (deacon) needs information from Taiyimen, and he has to consume a favor.

Da Muba: "You can't beat me again."

The other captains didn't respond, and seemed to no longer care about this matter.

At this time, Fu Qingyang, one of the three deacons, sent a message:

"Are you guys free? Do we need to send you back to the training camp for training?"

Li Dongze and Dajiba immediately fell silent.

After a few seconds, Fu Qingyang sent another message:

"Since I've joined the ranks, they are my soldiers. The White Tiger soldiers will not give up any of their colleagues. This is our belief and has nothing to do with value."

Li Dongze sighed. It is true that he messed up this matter. Chief Fu Baifu would not say it, but who knows if he lost points in his heart.


At 10:30 noon, Zhang Yuanqing locked the door of the room, tied his shoelaces, and drank two large glasses of water.

Then, he unscrewed the medicine bottle and took five small blue pills in his mouth.

Then, he went to the bed and waited silently for the opening of the spiritual realm.

Time passed by every minute and every second. About ten minutes later, Zhang Yuanqing heard a cold voice in his mind:

【The spiritual realm is opening...】

[Ding, the map of the spirit realm is opened, welcome to "God of Night Tour - She Ling Tunnel", number: 0079. 】

【Difficulty level: S】

[Type: Single (Death Type)]

[Main task 1: Survive for three hours (completed). 】

[Main task 2: Explore No. 0079 spiritual realm, current exploration rate: 20%]

[Remarks: Non-spiritual items cannot be brought in. 】

【Good luck, Yuanshi Tianzun! 】

The ceiling distorted, like the surface of water being blown by the wind. When the picture returned, Zhang Yuanqing found himself in the dim candlelight of the main hall.

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