Chapter 14: Exploring the East Hospital

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 Candles, sculptures, corpses, and antique lattice doors. Outside the door is a courtyard with undulating grass, an overturned bronze incense burner, bluestone roads and bright moonlight.

There is desolation and weirdness in the dead silence.

"This place seems to be in perpetual darkness."

Zhang Yuanqing raised his palm to his mouth, and spit out the small blue pill in his mouth.

The method succeeded, I was so clever... He happily put the pills in his pocket, and had a little confidence in his "future".

With them, in the face of the red dancing shoes, there is a hope of saving one's life.

Then, he walked straight to the tribute table, thought for a moment, and reached out to hold the candlestick.

Suddenly, a piece of information appeared in front of his eyes:

【Name: Candle That Never Extinguishes】

【Type: Fuel】

[Function: Suppression of evil spirits, purification]

[Introduction: The props left by the Empress of Sandao Mountain are said to be extracted from the fat of Changming Beast, which has the effect of suppressing evil and purifying. 】

[Remarks: Sometimes, purifying fear may not be a good thing. Also, it cannot be moved. 】

Sure enough, the props can only be obtained by touching them with one's own hands. And I didn't dare to touch the candle before, so I didn't know it was a prop until I read the information......

"Purifying fear may not be a good thing. According to Guan Ya's classification, candles are a price, and the price of using them is losing fear. But I'm very scared now, and I don't have any thoughts of dying. Let's stay in the main hall for now."

He sat cross-legged in front of the tribute table, thinking about his next move.

"The next goal of the operation is to explore the east courtyard, find out the hidden dangers and laws there, and then find ways to restrain and overcome them. The exploration time should not exceed 15 minutes, otherwise the wraiths will surely die."

"The blue pill is my trump card to deal with the red shoes, but it may not be effective, and once you face the red shoes, you will either live or die... Let's explore the east courtyard first, and make a preliminary understanding of the environment there. Understand, and then think about countermeasures.”

When the incident came to an end, he was still a little afraid and shy, and didn't want to go out. It was a fluke to survive last time, but it is still unknown whether he can survive this time.

The situation in the east courtyard is unknown, and it is impossible to judge the degree of danger. It is easy to try and die.

However, things in this world are never meant to be ignored if you don't want to.

Although there is no time limit for the task of exploring the ancient temple, in theory he can stay in the main hall forever, but the lack of time limit means that if he does not complete the task, he will probably never be able to get out.

After a long delay, the body will decline due to hunger, sleepiness, thirst and other reasons.

If the time comes to go out and explore, it will be a dead end.

"It's a knife to stretch your head and shrink your head, so you can only fight!"

Zhang Yuanqing gritted his teeth and strode towards the layman.

Wait, I should think about it again. It's dangerous outside... He stepped out of the threshold with one foot, but suddenly retreated. He couldn't help but look back at the hall, yearning for the brilliance of this place.

Candlelight warms, dispels the haze, purifies the filth, and brings unparalleled courage and self-confidence to the heart.

It's not a big problem...... Zhang Yuanqing went out confidently.


The moonlight was as bright as frost, Zhang Yuanqing walked along the left side of the main hall, stepped on the cobblestone path, and came to the desolate and dilapidated courtyard again.

On a night without insects or birds, the silence is terrifying.

But the silence is also reassuring. He is most afraid of hearing "da da" footsteps when he goes out.

"Fifteen minutes, I only have fifteen minutes to finish exploring the East Courtyard before the wraith haunts me..."

He entered the easternmost room of the courtyard, groped for the bronze mirror from the corpse leaning against the window, and hid it in his pocket.

Then carefully pass through the arched door and enter the east courtyard.

The East Courtyard is much larger than the Siheyuan. What greets the eyes is a deserted garden, with rockery, pavilions, small ponds, and a big banyan tree with a thick trunk and gnarled branches. The tender green leaves reflect the bright moonlight.

There is an ancient well under the banyan tree.

Looking across the rockery pavilion, one can see a straight roof ridge protruding from the depths of the garden.

Zhang Yuanqing did not go straight to the buildings deep in the garden, but walked cautiously around the big banyan tree. According to the information, this tree was very dangerous, but after he circled around, no accident happened.

"Looking at the big banyan tree, it should also increase the exploration speed..."

Thinking to himself, Zhang Yuanqing glanced at the dark ancient well, hesitated again and again, but he still didn't have the courage to rush over to take a look.

He has a strong psychological shadow on Gujing in this kind of horror story.

Zhang Yuanqing bypassed the ancient well, rustled among the weeds, and walked towards the buildings deep in the garden.


Suddenly, there was a crisp sound under his feet, which scared him to jump up on the spot.

Looking closely, it turned out to be a corpse buried in weeds, wrapped in oxidized labor protection clothing. Zhang Yuanqing leaned over to check, and the skeleton of this corpse was well preserved.

It was lying on its stomach, but its head was facing backwards, which means that something twisted its head 180 degrees before it died.

What did it do?

Zhang Yuanqing quietly became vigilant, stood up, and was about to continue exploring.

At this moment, a gust of wind blew over, and the weeds in the garden undulated and rustled. The big banyan tree behind him seemed to come alive, shaking its branches and leaves in a twisted way.

"Zhang Yuanqing, Zhang Yuanqing..."

A shrill cry came from behind.

The voice drifted over with the wind, as if it was whispering in the ears, bringing waves of chills.

Instinctively, Zhang Yuanqing was about to turn around to be alert, and the information of the materials suddenly flashed in his mind:

  Do not look back!

"Zhang Yuanqing, Zhang Yuanqing..."

Seeing that he didn't respond, the voice seemed a little anxious, trying to make him turn his head around quickly.

Of course Zhang Yuanqing would not turn around. He stood still, quietly unzipped the pocket of the jacket, took out the brass mirror, and slowly lifted it to a position higher than his shoulders.

The brass mirror reflected the scene behind him not so clearly in the mirror.

In the ancient well, a woman in white clothes with disheveled hair came out. She had no facial features on her face. She was about to stare at Zhang Yuanqing with that pale fleshy face.

Don't care about you... Zhang Yuanqing's face turned pale, and he ran forward sullenly.

"Zhang Yuanqing, Zhang Yuanqing..."

The voice called over and over again, calling eagerly, but he could only watch helplessly as he ran further and further away.

Soon, Zhang Yuanqing walked around the rockery and came to the depths of the garden. There was a big house with a straight roof, a foundation built of stones, and a wall made of loess.

The houses here are even more dilapidated than the courtyard houses, with sparse roof tiles and many holes.

"The night wandering god in the data has also been here. He only said not to turn back, but he didn't say that he couldn't go back. The call of the female ghost in the well may only be for those who turn back. In this case, when I return later, I shouldn't In danger..."

He took a deep breath on the spot, calmed down the surging fear and horror, and focused on the present.

"Let's explore this house first."

This big house has a total of three doors, representing three rooms.

He carefully approached the leftmost room, and pushed open the broken wooden door with his hand.


Amid the sound of the wooden door opening, Zhang Yuanqing quickly backed away, putting on a defensive posture.

For a long while, nothing happened.

Boldly entering the house, the moonlight shone in from the dilapidated roof. He tried his best to open his eyes wide, allowing the pupils to absorb as much light as possible.

This is the kitchen and canteen. There are two earthen stoves built of blue bricks, pots, pans, water tanks, cabinets and other items, which have long decayed and accumulated dust.

There is no danger, and finally found the container... Zhang Yuanqing grabbed a dusty gourd scoop, and couldn't help thinking:

"I heard that boy urine can destroy evil spirits."

He considered whether to take a spoonful of boy's urine, and after careful consideration, he reluctantly gave up on this idea.

Although he has never dated girls, Zhang Yuanqing feels that he should not be considered a boy.

"I've indulged you too much, and I've given you chances to pretend again and again." He lowered his head and stared at his hands, feeling a little heartbroken.

After some exploration, after confirming that this big house is a combination of kitchen and dining hall, there is nothing special or dangerous, Zhang Yuanqing walked out of the house with a rusty kitchen knife and a wooden stick, and set his sights on the last rectangular building Big house.

Unlike the kitchen which doubles as a large dining hall, this house has four doors and is divided into four rooms.

Zhang Yuanqing couldn't help but clenched the wooden stick and kitchen knife in his hand. They may not be useful, but they can bring comfort to people.

He carefully inspected the first and second rooms. They belonged to the utility room, and they were piled up with ancient farm tools, furniture, and donation boxes.

It's of no value... Zhang Yuanqing turned to the third room.

This is an arsenal. There are swords, bows, daggers and short knives hanging on the wall. Many weapons have fallen to the ground due to the decay of the hanging ropes.

Next to the window are two rows of weapon racks, one of which was overturned, and sticks and spears were scattered all over the place.

Next to the overturned weapon rack, lay two corpses.

Seeing these weapons, Zhang Yuanqing was not surprised. The disciples in the temple learned from the Empress of Sandao Mountain and were able to make corpse-repelling charms, so they obviously have the ability to help them.

It's not surprising that she can dance and play sticks.

As usual, he went to check the corpse and search for information from the seniors.

As soon as he approached the corpse, he couldn't help but let out a "huh". The two corpses lying on the ground were not skeletons, but two mummified corpses.

The skin is gray and wrinkled, clinging to the bones, and the belly is sunken.

"How could there be a mummy?"

Zhang Yuanqing frowned for a while. As a student of Songhai University, he has enough knowledge reserves.

There are two reasons for the formation of mummy, one is artificial embalming, and the other is natural formation.

The first type can be ruled out directly. The second type is mostly formed in dry areas such as deserts.

The conditions in the temple obviously did not match.

He carefully inspected the two mummified corpses. There were no fatal injuries on their bodies, and the bones were not broken by the red dancing shoes. However, there were two obvious holes in the flesh of the neck.

It looks like it was bitten out by the sharp fangs of a ferocious beast.

"Did they get sucked dry by something? Hiss..."

Zhang Yuanqing took a deep breath and tensed up.

At this moment, he heard a "boom" from the next room, like knocking on a wooden door.

In an instant, his scalp exploded, and Zhang Yuanqing, like an alert wild deer, raised his neck to listen.

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