Chapter 15: The Red Shoes

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There was another sound similar to knocking on the door.

There's something next door!

Zhang Yuanqing quickly replaced the rusty kitchen knife with a rusty short knife, and the wooden stick with a long spear.

Carrying the weapon, she ran out of the room with light steps, the moonlight was like frost, and the surroundings were silent.

Zhang Yuanqing leaned over and leaned against the window secretly.

The paper pasting the window had long since been torn. He squatted under the window, raised his head cautiously, and looked in through a certain opening in the lattice window.

The cold, frosty moonlight was compressed by the holes in the roof into beams of light, bringing light to this narrow room.

Seeing the scene in the room, Zhang Yuanqing's heart skipped a beat.

In the dark and quiet room, there were three old coffins. The black paint was mottled and the lids were covered with dust.

There were two mummified corpses lying beside the coffin, wearing protective clothing, and a copper awl rolled down from one of them.

The awl attracted Zhang Yuanqing's attention. It was half an arm long, made of brass, and the awl handle was engraved with spells and carvings. patina.

A picture appeared in his mind for no reason, one hand of Empress Sandaoshan, with five fingers folded together in a grasping shape.

But my palm is empty.


The muffled sound came again, and Zhang Yuanqing had to move his eyes to the coffin in the middle.

There was a toothache "creak" sound, and the coffin lid slowly slid open.

A blue-black hand stretched out, grabbing the edge of the coffin.

Then, a terrifying figure sat up from the coffin.

With the bright moonlight shining down from the roof, Zhang Yuanqing saw the appearance of the thing clearly. It was wrapped in ragged clothes, its face was swollen, highly decayed, and its dead eyeballs protruded.

Her hair was like dry grass, messily covering her head.

"Ho Ho~"

It raised its head, facing the moonlight above its head, exhaled a mouthful of turbid corpse air, and its two fangs were shocking.

Zombie? Zombies! !

Zhang Yuanqing felt that his Uncle Ying had a ptsd attack.

It turned out to be a zombie. Yes, it should be a zombie. Otherwise, what's the point of this consumable item, the corpse-suppressing talisman? Zhang Yuanqing thought of retreating in his heart. At this point in his exploration, he had obtained enough information.

It's time to go back to the main hall.

But at this moment, the shoulders suddenly sank, and the familiar cold feeling descended, eroding the body, and bringing the chill of goosebumps.

At this critical moment, the shoulder-squatting ghost came.

It's fifteen minutes... Zhang Yuanqing's heart sank.

In this ancient temple full of crises, the spirit is highly tense, and it is difficult to devote all energy to silently count the time. You can only guess by feeling, and there will be deviations.

The appearance of the Crouching Wraith made things worse, and the next scene would add fuel to the fire.

As if smelling the breath of a living person, the zombie sitting in the coffin stopped raising its head, its protruding eyeballs dropped, and looked towards the window, looking out of the window to peek into its own eyes.

...... Zhang Yuanqing bounced up in the horror of goosebumps one after another, turned his head and ran away.

As soon as he turned around, he heard a loud bang when the coffin lid fell to the ground.

Not daring to look back, carrying the wraith on her shoulders, she ran with heavy steps.

There was another loud bang, and the door was knocked away.

While running wildly, Zhang Yuanqing turned his head and saw a hideous and terrifying figure wrapped in tattered clothes rushing out of the room, leaping violently, and chasing after him like a hungry tiger pounced on a sheep.

This is a zombie? Where is the freeze? His face changed drastically, he spun his feet, turned around with the help of inertia, and stabbed the zombie in the chest.

The end of the gun was thrown to the ground to form a simple horse rejection post.

At the same time, he saw a hideous hollow in the zombie's chest, where the heart seemed to have been dug out.

Senior brother? Zombies are the big brothers in the Codex!

The next moment, the zombie rushed forward with a long gun on top of it. The finger-thick gun body collapsed like a full moon, and then snapped off with a 'click'.

Before he had time to think about it, Zhang Yuanqing seized the opportunity created by the spear and rolled past the zombie's feet. His nose was filled with the smell of corpses, and the sound of a big knife slashing to the ground sounded behind him.

He rolled all the way behind the zombie, flicked his knees, jumped up, and swung the dagger in his hand.


The short knife slashed at the back of the zombie's head, like cutting steel. It didn't cause any damage except for cutting off a few hay-like hairs.

On the contrary, Zhang Yuanqing's jaw was in severe pain from the force coming back from the handle of the knife, and he almost let go of the weapon.

"Copper skin and iron bones?"

Zhang Yuanqing was terrified. Immediately, he saw the zombie turn around quickly, raised his sharp black-nailed hands, and clasped his shoulders.

The pain hit immediately.

The sharp black nails pierced his skin, and the dark red blood stained his red coat.

The smell of blood stimulated it, and scarlet light flooded from the depths of its protruding eyeballs. The zombie opened its fangs, spit out foul-smelling gas, and bit Zhang Yuanqing's neck fiercely.

The purification effect of the candlelight was still there, and he didn't lose his mind due to fear. With a thought, a fluorescent blue inventory appeared, and he had an extra talisman in his hand.

Thump, thump, thump..... The zombie, who was vicious and violent just a moment ago, saw this piece of talisman, and backed away again and again, like avoiding a snake or a scorpion.

It is effective, it is afraid of me, it has a certain amount of wisdom... Zhang Yuanqing endured the pain in the wounds of his arms, tensed his muscles, stared at the zombies, and carried the wraith on his shoulders, stepping back slowly.

As he retreated, he prayed for the female ghost in the well not to make trouble.

During this process, the zombie let out a creepy growl from its rotting throat, and stared at Zhang Yuanqing with scarlet eyes.

Fortunately, I don't know if it was because of the zombies, or Zhang Yuanqing walked backwards. The female ghost in the well did not appear. Zhang Yuanqing withdrew from the east courtyard and returned to the courtyard. When the eaves turned up, an unreal scream rang in his ears.

With a light shoulder, all negative effects dissipated.


"Whoa, whoa, whoa..."

In the main hall, Zhang Yuanqing was panting against the latticed door, his legs and feet convulsed uncontrollably.

Half of this is out of fear, and the other half is a physiological reaction after the adrenaline subsides.

After resting for a few minutes, the adrenaline subsided, and the wound on his arm began to ache. He took off his coat and T-shirt with a grin, only to see that his two arms were bloody and bloody, and the bleeding was red and black.

It's obvious that the zombie's nails contain poison.

The situation suddenly got worse.

"There's no disinfectant here, no tetanus shot, and the corpse poison will attack quickly? I won't be poisoned to death, will I?"

A series of thoughts flashed through Zhang Yuanqing's mind, and he was surprised to find that he was not very afraid, and then had nothing to do with him, it was the courage given by the candle.

He was bathed in candlelight, and his emotions were gradually soothed.

"Now that I've been poisoned by the corpse, I can't wait any longer. Let's go directly to the second plan."

Before entering the spiritual realm, Zhang Yuanqing formulated two plans for himself. The first plan is to carefully explore the mountain temple, control the information, and then seek a way to crack it.

It belongs to steady and steady.

Then, benefiting from the inspiration of playing games with his aunt, looking for patterns and methods, he formulated a second relatively risky plan.

Try to subdue the red shoes.

Since they are all props, the yellow paper talisman can be used by him, who said red dancing shoes can't?

Guan Ya said that if you break the rules of rule-type props, you have a certain probability of subduing them.

"Based on my ability, it's impossible to stick the yellow paper talisman on the zombie's forehead by myself."

Sticking the talisman paper on the forehead of a ferocious, terrifying and intelligent genital is like a child holding a knife and fighting an adult one-on-one. Although adults are afraid of the blade, it doesn't mean that children can really hurt adults.

Zhang Yuanqing didn't delay anymore, stood up holding the lattice door, stepped over the threshold, and came to the courtyard in front of the main hall.

This is where he first met the red dancing shoes.

The full moon is like a pan, with shadows of ancient houses, wild grass, and trees whirling.

He waited and waited, waited and waited..... He stood among the weeds for a long time, alert to the changes around him, but he couldn't wait for the red dancing shoes to appear.

These shoes seem to have no fixed place. At first, they followed him when entering the temple, and then appeared in the courtyard. Now, they don't know where they went.

The longer the delay, the worse the physical condition of Zhang Yuanqing sighed, turned around helplessly, and returned to the main hall.

Just as he turned around, his body froze suddenly.

  "Da da....."

Between him and the main hall, a pair of red dancing shoes with a dark red shimmer were rising and falling, as if an invisible person was walking in place wearing them.

The sound of footsteps reverberated in the empty and silent night.

Can you change the way of appearance? Every time it's so horrifying... Zhang Yuanqing's soul, which was almost frightened, slowly returned to its place, and quietly swallowed.

Even though he was looking forward to its appearance, Zhang Yuanqing still felt that his san value was dropping uncontrollably when faced with this weird dancing shoe...

The red dancing shoes continued to stand still, and the heels made a crisp sound when they hit the ground. The rattling echoes were superimposed, making the loneliness and terror even more apparent.

In Zhang Yuanqing's field of vision, a glowing blue message suddenly popped up:

[Would you like to dance with me? If so, please stay where you are. 】

This message appeared on the side of the red dancing shoes, as if it was talking to itself.

Sure enough, he asked to dance, and if he didn't dance with it, he would kill people. Bad shoes... Zhang Yuanqing had no choice but to put all his eggs in one basket, because he discovered one thing, the red dancing shoes cut off his back.

It appeared between Zhang Yuanqing and the main hall.

Once the dance fails, he will surely die.

Is it a coincidence? Or is this shoe intentional? Does it also have wisdom... Zhang Yuanqing restrained his thoughts, settled his emotions, and visualized his father's appearance in his mind.

At the same time, raise your foot to make a step.

Da da... It seemed to be a switch to turn on this prop. Along with his steps, the rhythm of the ups and downs of the red dancing shoes changed, and there was an extremely fast kick.

It danced a tap dance with a sense of rhythm and extremely fast speed. The loud "tap" sound echoed in the silent night sky and echoed in the deserted ancient temple.

On a moonlit night, among the wild grass, on a path paved with cobblestones, a pair of red dancing shoes danced alone, with an indescribably coquettish beauty.

Zhang Yuanqing opened his eyes wide, allowing the pupils to absorb the moonlight, and stared at the red dancing shoes. He didn't need to deliberately remember, he just needed to see the other person's steps in his eyes.

At the same time, his heart was beating fast like an overloaded engine, loud noises filled his ears, and countless broken images flashed in his mind.

The brain began to automatically receive information from the outside world, the sound of the wind blowing, the slightly curved posture of the wild grass, the frequency of the swaying leaves of the big locust tree in the distance, the posture and frequency of the red dancing shoes kicking...

The brain that receives the information quickly analyzes and memorizes it.

A few minutes later, Red Dance Shoes stopped contentedly, stepped back with her left foot, and stood on tiptoe.

This posture looks strange, but if someone is wearing it, it is a standard curtsy.

Quite polite... Zhang Yuanqing, who was bleeding from his nasal cavity, muttered in his heart, and then saw a sentence floating above the red dancing shoes:

[It's your turn! 】

In a few minutes, it danced hundreds of rhythms with different steps, which has surpassed the shorthand ability of ordinary people.

Zhang Yuanqing settled down, took out a small pill from his pocket, and put it in his mouth.

Then, his brain fell into a strange state, and the pictures in the past few minutes were played back frame by frame.

"Da da da da..."

With a slow speed and a crappy posture, he danced a few rhythms, and then carefully examined the red shoes.

If the opponent's standard is exactly the same material, then even if he can memorize all the rhythms and movements, it is impossible to complete the task.

Seeing that there was no abnormality in it, Zhang Yuanqing felt relieved and started dancing with all his concentration.

Kicking, turning around, jumping slightly, crossing left and right feet... He danced very slowly, with awkward and ugly postures. Compared with the flowing movements of the red dancing shoes, it was simply unsightly.

But slow-paced dance steps can guarantee that there will be no mistakes.

Seven or eight minutes later, Zhang Yuanqing resumed all the steps of the red dancing shoes, and stopped panting.

His nasal cavity was overflowing with warm liquid, which flowed down his lips and jaw, but he didn't bother to wipe it off, staring at the red dancing shoes.

Whether he can walk out of the spiritual realm alive, and whether he can successfully complete the trial.

It's up to now.

[Your dancing skills are as bad as ever! 】

The red dancing shoes popped up such a message, and then it turned into a dark red gleam, dissipating in the night.

Immediately afterwards, Zhang Yuanqing heard a cold voice in his mind:

  【Ding! You accompanied Red Dance Shoes to complete a dance. Congratulations, you have been appreciated by Red Dance Shoes. However, because your dancing skills are too poor, Red Dance Shoes only appreciated you for half an hour. Good luck! 】

Zhang Yuanqing slumped to the ground like a collapse, his face turned pale, and his brain was throbbing.

Half a minute later, his symptoms eased. He sat up with a pale face, and eagerly opened the inventory.

In the second grid, lay a pair of red, brand new dancing shoes.

Stare at the dancing shoes for a few seconds, and the item information will automatically appear.

【Name: Red Dance Shoes】

【Type: Footwear】

[Function: Tracking, chasing down]

[Introduction: Its former owner was a princess from a certain western kingdom. The princess was born beautiful and good at dancing, and the men in the kingdom fell in love with her. But the vicious stepmother was jealous of her talent and beauty, and imprisoned her on a high tower. The lonely princess danced alone in the cold moonlight, and finally died. This pair of red shoes inherited her behest, began to wander, and never stopped dancing solo. 】

[Remark 1: Use form 1: Throw red dancing shoes towards the designated target (you can also use the target's blood, hair and skin cells as a medium to lock the target), and it will chase and kill the target endlessly. During the hunting process, ignore any physical obstacles, cannot escape, cannot be destroyed, until the target dies, or dances with it, there are no restrictions on the types of dances. 】

[Usage form 2: Wearing red dancing shoes can increase agility, improve dodge ability, run regardless of the terrain, and don't need to pay physical strength. The only thing you need to pay attention to is that you can only wear it for five minutes at a time. If the time exceeds, the red shoes will never be taken off. You will run with them until the end of your life, or your feet will be cut off. 】

[Remark 2: Won't you dance with me? Everything tender. 】

It's an artifact... Zhang Yuanqing was very excited after reading the introduction to the attributes of the item.

This is a regular prop?

It's unbelievably powerful.

The previous yellow paper talismans and candles had relatively simple item introductions, just a few sentences, but the item information of this pair of red dancing shoes was long and lengthy.

From this point alone, we can see the uniqueness of the red dancing shoes.

"It's a pity that you only appreciate me for half an hour..."

Zhang Yuanqing noticed the item

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