Chapter 16: The Unexplored Land

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 Zhang Yuanqing returned to the main hall, bathed in the candlelight, calmed down the pain of relapse of the old disease, and purified himself by the way.

Calculated according to the time, the wraith will entangle him within a minute or two. It is definitely not suitable to enter the east courtyard and face the zombies at this time.

After resting for four or five minutes, his physical condition became worse and worse. The headache was accompanied by slight dizziness. He knew that the corpse poison had gradually eroded his body, and the symptoms were initially showing.

The candlelight in the main hall seems unable to purify the toxins in the body.

"We can't delay any longer..."

He wanted to take advantage of the half-hour usage time limit of the red dancing shoes to make a quick decision and clear the dungeon in one go.

Zhang Yuanqing left the main hall, walked along the cobblestone path, shuttled among the weeds, and arrived at the courtyard.

Standing in the undulating grassy yard, open the inventory, and summon the red shoes.

Two dark red gleams moved swiftly in the night, turning into a pair of brand new dancing shoes.

"Choose the second form!"

Zhang Yuanqing recited silently.

The red dancing shoes disintegrated into a dark red shimmer again, sweeping out two arcs, enveloping his feet.

In an instant, the running shoes under her feet turned into a pair of large red dancing shoes.

Well, isn't this just women's clothing in disguise? Fortunately, it's red dancing shoes, not high heels... Zhang Yuanqing looked at his feet uncomfortably, feeling weird.

He forced himself not to care about this detail, took out the corpse talisman, held it in his hand, and walked through the arched door amidst the soft rustle of the big banyan tree, and came to the east courtyard again.

In the east courtyard, the weeds were undulating, the moonlight was shining, and the two big houses stood quietly. Everything was so quiet.

He looked around carefully, but saw no trace of zombies, and immediately walked cautiously through the courtyard, approaching the big house divided into four rooms.

In the room where the coffins were displayed, the wooden door had already been knocked away. He didn't need to enter the room. He looked into the room from a distance across the threshold.

The moonlight shone in through the gaps in the tiles. The corpse, the coffin, the lifted coffin lid, and the brass pestle were quietly in place without being moved.

There were no zombies in the room.

"Will it lie back in the coffin?"

From this angle, he couldn't see what was going on inside the coffin.

While hesitating, he suddenly noticed that the moonlight seemed to be dimming, and a black shadow fell from the sky, covering him.

Immediately afterwards, the night wind brought a strong smell of corpses and a low growl of "ho ho".

It, is it hidden in a tree? Zhang Yuanqing was horrified, his heart contracted suddenly, and he instinctively thought of dodging.

The next moment, the red dancing shoes on his feet shimmered dark red, and Zhang Yuanqing suddenly slipped on the soles of his feet. Before he could react, a sliding shovel rushed out, plowing a trail in the weeds.


The zombies wrapped in ragged clothes rushed to nothing.

Dodge, dodge... Zhang Yuanqing got up in a hurry, overwhelmed with surprise, and put his heart back into his stomach.

The red dancing shoes are indeed miraculous, and their ability to dodge is stronger than he expected. With his own reflexes, it was impossible to dodge the pounce of the zombies just now.

Zhang Yuanqing's confidence increased greatly.

"Ho ho ho..."

The zombie with hair like dry grass let out a roar that shook the eardrums, and its protruding eyeballs became more ferocious. It bounced its knees and rushed towards the prey again.

The speed is as fast as a car running at high speed.

In the midst of the horrific wind, the terrifying femininity was already in sight. Zhang Yuanqing twisted his feet uncontrollably, like a ballet spinning, smoothly cutting out a semicircle, avoiding the sharp nails, and cutting behind the zombie.

Immediately afterwards, he "naturally" performed the splits, his body suddenly collapsed, the strong wind howled above his head, and his arms swept across.

Twitch, it's getting to the point... Zhang Yuanqing's face was contorted, and he really wanted to scream with his crotch in his hands, but the red dancing shoes had already manipulated his legs into a jump, and he jumped up.

He jumped high and kicked the zombie's chest fiercely with both feet.


Amidst the muffled sound, the zombie's tattered clothes splashed fine dust.

It let out an angry and unwilling roar, and was kicked by this huge force and fell on its back.

  Chance! Seeing this scene, Zhang Yuanqing didn't care about the tearing pain in his crotch, and ran with big strides, slapping the corpse suppressing talisman in his hand hard at the highly rotten and foul-smelling face in front of him.

Pat it on the forehead.


The violent and bloodthirsty zombie froze suddenly as if under a holding spell.

All movement and movement disappeared and returned to silence.

The zombie lay upright among the wild grass, and the scarlet color in its ferocious eyeballs gradually dimmed.

It lost its "vitality".

Looking at the zombie who turned into a clay sculpture and couldn't show off his power, Zhang Yuanqing panted violently, exhaustion and joy welling up in his heart.

He survived!

"Without the help of the red dancing shoes, it is difficult to single-handedly deal with the zombies, and the zombies are just one of the weird ones. As expected of an S-level spiritual realm, it is too difficult.

"But the construction team has a lot of people, so it stands to reason that dealing with zombies should not be a problem. How can a group of old men be so unbearable..."

Zhang Yuanqing sighed suddenly, he knew the reason.

The corpse talisman was found in the pocket of the corpse under the window. The senior got this item, but he didn't tell his companions, but hid it privately.

The human heart is more complicated than ghosts, and it is also more terrifying.

After the zombies have been dealt with, it's time to go to the well to find that shameless female ghost.

But before that, there was one thing that Zhang Yuanqing was very concerned about.

He left the zombies behind and walked to the room where the coffins were displayed, and stepped across the threshold while holding the door frame. In the dark room, the moonlight shone like beams.

He stamped his feet in front of the mummy, bent down and picked up the copper awl.

It's obviously a copper object, but it doesn't feel cold when held in the hand, but is as warm as jade.

Immediately, a message appeared in the field of vision.

【Name: Demon Crusade】

[Type: Weapon]

[Function: Purify, suppress spirits, destroy demons]

[Introduction: The weapon that contains the divine power of the sun is the nemesis of all yin things. Sacrifice this pestle with essence and blood, and you will gain the power of the sun god. 】

[Remarks: Is it powerful? In exchange for life. 】

Sure enough, it is a prop. Looking at the function introduction, it seems to be stronger than the candles in the main hall. The seniors of the construction team probably wanted to use it to kill the zombies, but they failed. Alas, they had already lost too much before dealing with the zombies. Zhang Yuanqing is glad that he made the correct judgment.

Cleverly using the red dancing shoes to solve the difficulty.

Of course, the seniors of the construction team had no choice. It was impossible for them to subdue this regular item, and most of them died from being trampled by the red dancing shoes.

"With this item that is designed to counteract femininity, and paired with red dancing shoes, my chances of passing the trial mission will be greatly increased."

Holding the crouching pestle in his hand, he felt a strong sense of confidence in his heart. He left the room and returned to the yard before five minutes had arrived.

This time, he went straight to the ancient well for the final investigation.

The mouth of the well is deep and dark, and a damp, rotten smell of vegetation surges up.

Go down and have a look... Zhang Yuanqing held the crouching pestle tightly in a defensive posture, raised one foot to step on the edge of the well, and then he just walked down the well wall like walking on the ground.

Before switching to it, he definitely didn't dare to go down to explore, not to mention whether there was any danger at the bottom of the well. Without ropes and helpers, jumping to the bottom of the well meant suicide.

Soon, he successfully reached the bottom of the not-deep well, where the moonlight was already very faint.

The water in the well had long since dried up, black silt was deposited at the bottom, clumps of weeds grew on the edge, and dark blue moss covered the walls of the well.

"There are no ghosts in the well..."

Zhang Yuanqing frowned, thinking that this is wrong, I clearly saw a faceless female ghost protruding from the well.

He checked repeatedly at the bottom of the well. Because the wearing time of the red dancing shoes was limited, he had no choice but to step on the steep well wall, return to the ground, and quickly ran back to the eaves of the main hall.

Only then did he relieve himself of wearing the red dancing shoes.


In the main hall, bathed in dim candlelight, Zhang Yuanqing leaned against the tribute table with a sluggish expression. The corpse poison's erosion of his body deepened. Following dizziness, he developed symptoms such as dyspnea and heart and lung pain.

  time is limited.

"I've already explored the two backyards and successfully subdued the zombies. The mission is not over yet, which means I haven't explored yet..."

Every room in the backyard has been explored, and even the bottom of the well has been lowered. There can be no mistakes.

Then, where is it?

When all possibilities are ruled out, no matter how unbelievable the remaining one is, it must be the truth... He muttered in his heart, and slowly supported his body.

The place that has not been "explored" is this place, the main hall in front of you.

Zhang Yuanqing's gaze swept across the main hall slowly, and finally stopped on the clay sculpture of the Empress of Sandao Mountain. When he entered the main hall for the first time, he was very concerned about a detail on the clay sculpture.

The right hand of the clay sculpture is empty, but it is in the shape of a grasp, indicating that it was originally holding something.

I didn't know what she was holding in her hand before, but now I know.

It's the crouching pestle.

With the mentality that it would be no harm to try, Zhang Yuanqing stepped forward, inserted the yellow crouching pestle into the palm of the clay sculpture, then jumped off the base, and took a few steps back.

Almost at the moment when he retreated, the surface of the base "squeaked" and cracked, and a burst of dense dust bounced off the crack, and then the entire base collapsed, revealing a dark cavern.

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