Chapter 2: Missing

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"Bing brother sent it?"

Zhang Yuanqing frowned after reading the contents of the letter.

What is life changing? What is uncontrollable?

Really, he didn't speak clearly....... He turned his attention to the black card again, observed it repeatedly, and confirmed that it was just an ordinary card. rare.

Could it be the supreme card of a certain top club? Only a strange man like me can control the 36D lady.

Lei Yibing was his buddy who grew up playing with him. His nickname was A Bing, and he was two years older than him. Before his grandparents bought a new house, the two lived in the same alley.

Lei Yibing's strength is double-A, and his intelligence is C. He has always been on his side since he was a child. He rushed to the front in fights and stayed behind after being beaten. If anyone laughed at Zhang Yuanqing as a child without a father, Lei Yibing would stand up for him.

So Zhang Yuanqing kept calling him Brother Bing.

A Bing's grades in high school were not satisfactory, so he went to the neighboring Jiangnan Province to study at university. After that, the two separated the two places and they had less contact.

Zhang Yuanqing put the black card into the pocket of the jacket, and at the same time picked up the mobile phone and sent a message to Brother Bing to tease:

"Which club is the supreme card, at least give me the address or contact information."

I sent this message, but I haven't received a reply for half an hour.

Zhang Yuanqing simply called Brother Bing.

After two beeps, the phone was connected, and a man's deep voice came from the loudspeaker:

"Hello! I'm Lei Yibing's father."

"Uncle Lei?" Zhang Yuanqing was taken aback, and then said happily:

"Bingge returned to Songhai this week? You ask him to answer the phone, I have something to ask him."

There was silence on the other side of the phone, and then a deep voice sounded:

"Yuanzi, I'm in Jiangnan Province. Ah Bing is missing..."

Brother Bing disappeared? ! Zhang Yuanqing stood there blankly, and after a few seconds, he asked in a daze and eagerly:

  "what happened?"

Why did Brother Bing disappear? He obviously sent me something.

"I disappeared the day before yesterday. Aunt Zhou and I rushed over immediately after receiving the school's notice yesterday." Uncle Lei was depressed.

"Did you call the police? What did the public security department say?" Zhang Yuanqing said in a deep voice.

Uncle Lei was silent for a long time, and said with some hesitation:

"It's hard to talk about it, Ah Bing is a little strange..."

  strangeness? What do you mean... Zhang Yuanqing was taken aback.

Uncle Lei said:

"A Bing disappeared in the dormitory the night before yesterday. The police called the surveillance in the corridor of the dormitory and found that A Bing hadn't left the dormitory all night, but he disappeared early the next morning.

"The students in the same dormitory said that they saw him before going to bed, but when they woke up, there was no one there. They thought he just went out."

Zhang Yuanqing blurted out: "How is this possible......"

Could it be that people disappear out of thin air? Even a three-year-old child wouldn't believe this kind of talk.

Zhang Yuanqing suppressed the anxiety in his heart and said in a low voice:

"Uncle Lei, did Brother Bing offend someone at school?"

The first thing he thought of was that Brother Bing had offended someone at school, and the other party had a certain amount of power in the local area, so the monitoring would not be able to see the problem, because it often meant that the school had cover-up behavior.

In the era of the information explosion, anyone who has surfed the Internet has heard of similar things more or less.

"The school leaders said they would try their best to cooperate with the police, but the police said that we should go back and wait for news, and they will investigate...your aunt and I stayed up all night."

Uncle Lei's tone was mixed with frustration and worry.

Sure enough, this is the answer, damn... Zhang Yuanqing took a deep breath, and said soothingly:

"Don't worry, my grandfather and cousin both work in the Public Security Bureau, you know that. I will ask them later how to deal with this kind of thing, what things should be paid attention to, and if you don't understand anything, please consult Yes, feel free to call me.

"In addition, you must ask your classmates at school. If Brother Bing offends someone, some of your classmates will know."

Uncle Lei felt a little relieved, and said:

"Understood, Yuanzi, don't worry, I will tell you as soon as I have news."

After hanging up the phone, Zhang Yuanqing was a little restless, pacing back and forth in the room, worried about Brother Bing's safety.

It is impossible for a person to disappear for no reason. If the surveillance cannot capture it, then the surveillance must have been tampered with. I just don't know who Bingge offended.

But who can a junior student offend?

Wait, the one who disappeared the day before yesterday...

The day before yesterday? !

Zhang Yuanqing was taken aback. It would take 2-3 days for the courier package to go from Jiangnan Province to Songhai. According to the time calculation, Brother Bing disappeared on the night after he finished sending the things to me...

Is this a coincidence? Or is there any connection.

Thinking of this, he instinctively touched the black card in his pocket, but when he reached into his pocket, he suddenly froze.

The black card disappeared.

It fell to the ground? Zhang Yuanqing quickly lowered his head, his eyes quickly swept across the floor of the room.


He lay down on the ground and looked under the bed. There was a layer of dust on the bottom of the bed, as well as some coins, pens, buttons and other sundries, but there was no black card.

The card was gone, but he remembered clearly that he put it in his pocket.

Why did it just disappear out of thin air?

Reminiscent of Brother Bing's mysterious disappearance, letters with strange contents, and black cards that disappeared strangely, Zhang Yuanqing felt inexplicably terrified and bewildered.

"Will the black card be related to Bingge's disappearance? Or is it an important clue?"

Taking a deep breath, Zhang Yuanqing decided to use his "old disease" to restart his memory.

He first poured cold water into the glass, took out the medicine bottle from the bedside table, unscrewed it, then took off his shoes and lay down on the bed.

After finishing all this, he closed his eyes, remained motionless, and visualized his father's face in his mind.

The condition for active triggering of the old disease is to calm down and imagine a picture, preferably one that has been seen before but not remembered clearly.

This will stimulate the vitality of the brain, slowly warm up, and finally the brain will boil.

After many years, my father's face has long been blurred, and he is the perfect object.

As time passed by, his father's face gradually changed from blurred to clear, and finally all the fine details appeared, while Zhang Yuanqing's heart was beating violently, like an overloaded engine.

At this moment, time seems to flow backwards, and the picture from an hour ago, like a film and television drama, flashes by frame by frame.

He saw himself unpacking the courier package, reading the letter, putting the black card into the jacket pocket, and sending a message to Brother Bing next.

Up to here, for the next half an hour, he sat motionless by the table, watched short videos for more than ten minutes, and exchanged a few pictures with lsps in the game group.

Saved several high-quality pictures.

Then I read the novel for a few minutes, and because I was always thinking about the card, I called Brother Bing.

After the phone call, the critical moment came. He hurriedly walked around the room. This is the time when cards are most likely to be dropped.

In the memory picture, he saw himself frowning and pacing around the room, then reached out to touch the black card, only to find that the card was gone.

Zhang Yuanqing suddenly opened his eyes, his face full of horror.

  Gone? !

The black card just disappeared, disappearing out of thin air.

What the hell did Bingge send me... For a moment, his scalp felt a little numb.

Before I had time to think about it, chaotic noises sounded in my ears, as if the voices of countless people were superimposed together, and the broken images in my mind surged up like an erupting volcano.

Warm liquid flowed through Zhang Yuanqing's nose, and his head seemed to be driven into steel nails.

With a distorted expression, he crawled towards the head of the bed, tremblingly poured out five small blue pills and stuffed them into his mouth, then tremblingly picked up the water glass, raised his head and swallowed the pills and water into his stomach together.

A moment later, Zhang Yuanqing sat on the bedside with a pale face, panting.

At this point, he can basically be sure that there is a certain connection between Brother Bing's disappearance and the black card.

"Bingge disappeared after he sent me a black card, and that black card has something weird, obviously it's not an ordinary thing..."

This has to make people think that he may have been threatened and forced to transfer the items.

"But why didn't he hand it over to the local Public Security Bureau, instead he sent it to me."

Could it be that I, a college student who has never killed or slept with a chicken, is more reliable than a police officer in the police station?

Zhang Yuanqing suddenly thought of the detail that "the monitoring and dormitory staff did not notice anything abnormal".

And those who can achieve this level must have a certain amount of power.

Brother Bing didn't hand over his black card to the local Public Security Bureau because...the Public Security Bureau is not trustworthy either?

In other words, the influence of the person or force that caused him to disappear has spread to the local Public Security Bureau.

"He sent me the black card because he knew that my grandfather is a retired police chief, and my cousin is a security captain. He has quite deep contacts in Songhai City. People in Jiangnan Province can't influence me?"

I have to tell my cousin about this.

"Ding Dong~"

At this moment, he heard the doorbell ringing from the entrance.

Grandma's footsteps sounded immediately, she walked through the living room to the entrance, and turned the doorknob.

"Who are you looking for?"

"Hello, we are investigators from the Public Security Bureau of Kangyang District. Is Zhang Yuanqing at home?"

The person outside the door responded.


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