Chapter 3: Character Card

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 Investigator of Kangyang District Public Security Bureau? The unit where my cousin works, looking for me?

Zhang Yuanqing's heart trembled instinctively, and he was about to go to the bedroom door to eavesdrop when he suddenly remembered something, turned on his phone, and deleted the chat records and call records sent to Brother Bing.

Then fold the letter that Brother Bing wrote to him, and put it under the potted plant on the windowsill.

Only then did he feel relieved to open a gap and observe secretly.

Grandma's voice came from the entrance without answering the question:

"What are you looking for him for?"

She didn't ask the investigator to enter, but blocked the door.

"We need to ask him something, this is our certificate."

It was a girl who spoke with a sexy voice.

Grandma's eyes stayed on the certificate for a while, then she frowned and moved out of the way.

Zhang Yuanqing opened the door at the right time and looked at the investigator who entered the living room.

The lead investigator was wearing black formal attire, a white shirt and a black vest, and was holding an ebony cane in his hand. He had a thin face, two mustaches, and his back was combed meticulously.

This strong British style, as well as the two mustaches, make people unconsciously think of the returnee gentlemen in the Republic of China era.

On the left of the returnee gentleman is a beautiful young female investigator. Her facial features are full of three-dimensionality. She seems to be of mixed race. There is a smile on the corner of her mouth, and her watery eyes are very agile.

She is about 175cm tall and has long legs comparable to a supermodel. She wears a formal suit with the hem of a lady's shirt tucked into the waistband of her trousers, outlining a slender waist and bulging chest, capable and delicate.

The last investigator, with a dull expression, wearing black-rimmed glasses, slightly messy hair, has a very reasonable temperament.

"I'm Zhang Yuanqing, what do you want from me?"

While Zhang Yuanqing was examining them, the investigator was also looking at this young man.

The mixed-race female investigator said with a smile:

"We are investigators from the Public Security Bureau of Kangyang District. I want to ask you some questions. Please cooperate with the investigation."


Zhang Yuanqing led them to sit down on the sofa in the living room. Grandma poured a glass of water for the three investigators, and then stared at her grandson with a puzzled expression.

It never occurred to her that a warm, cheerful, sociable child who was brought up by herself would need a police investigator to come to her home for inquiries about something.

The young investigator with disheveled hair and dull eyes took out a small notebook and pen, and unscrewed the cap of the pen.

The man with the big back was sitting on the sofa, leaning on a stick with both hands, and said solemnly:

"Do you know Lei Yibing?"

Sure enough, he came here for Brother Bing's business, and he came so quickly... Zhang Yuanqing replied truthfully:

"We've been friends since childhood, why did you ask this all of a sudden?"

A doubt flashed in his mind. My cousin is the captain of the second team of the Kangyang District Public Security Department. Since the three investigators came to visit him, they must have checked his family background.

It stands to reason that knowing that the family members of the second team leader of the Public Security Department are being visited, we are all colleagues, so shouldn't we just say hello?

Mixed system, don't you understand this bit of sophistication?

But there was no movement from my cousin, obviously he didn't know, otherwise even if he didn't follow, he would have called to inform him.

"Oh, buddy!"

The man stepped lightly on his shiny leather shoes, and said in a leisurely manner:

"It's like this. Lei Yibing disappeared. The Public Security Bureau in Hangzhou, Jiangnan Province contacted us and said that they found that Lei Yibing had sent a package the morning before his disappearance. The addressee was you."

He stared at Zhang Yuanqing with eyes as deep as a pool, as if he could see through people's hearts, "Is there such a thing?"

Zhang Yuanqing showed a stunned and dazed expression: "Missing? How is this possible..."

The Science and Technology Dog who took the notes reminded:

"You just need to answer yes or no."

"Yes, just now, I received a package, but the sender's name was not written on it, and I wondered who sent me the package." Zhang Yuanqing nodded with a heavy face.

It's useless to deny this matter. Since the police station can find the courier, it's even easier to check the community surveillance.

The man with the big back nodded and asked:

"What's in the package? I hope you can answer truthfully. This is a very important clue for us."

While the grandma next to her breathed a sigh of relief, she couldn't help worrying about Lei Yibing.

That child can be regarded as the child she watched grow up, even though she moved for many years.

Zhang Yuanqing replied:

"There's nothing in the package, it's empty."

"Empty?" The hunched-haired man narrowed his eyes, and his eyes that seemed to be able to read people's hearts examined Zhang Yuanqing.

Although I lied, the black card disappeared, no different from the empty one. I'm not afraid of you checking... Zhang Yuanqing did not dodge, looked at him sincerely, and said:

"When I opened the package, I found that it was empty, only the anti-fall air cushion. By the way, the package is still in my room. If you don't believe me, you can go and see it."

If Brother Bing's disappearance is what he guessed, he must hide it now, and explain everything after his cousin returns home from get off work.

Naturally, it is safest to discuss this kind of possible risky matter with your own family.

The man with the back of his head gestured to the female subordinate with his eyes.

The latter entered the room with a smile, and after a while, returned to the living room, nodding slightly to his companion.

The man with the back of his head pondered for a while, and said:

"If it's convenient, we want to check your room and computer. Also, please show me your mobile phone."

Checking the computer is fine, but please don't open the history of the webpage or the learning materials in the hard drive... Zhang Yuanqing unlocked the phone screen without blushing and handed it over.

The man with the back of his head took the phone, while the female investigator re-entered the room.

The back-haired man held the phone with one hand, and after a few simple swipes with his thumb, he returned it to Zhang Yuanqing, and then waited patiently.

Half a quarter of an hour later, the female investigator came out with long legs. This time, she shook her head.

The man with the big back nodded slightly, and said gently:

"Thank you for your cooperation. We won't disturb you anymore."

Zhang Yuanqing quickly asked:

"Can I ask about Lei Yibing's situation?"

He did it out of sincerity, but also to "cover a lie". It would be too suspicious if he didn't ask about the situation when he heard that Fa Xiao disappeared.

The man with the big back answered patiently:

"Lei Yibing disappeared in the dormitory, and the surveillance in the corridor did not capture him leaving. According to the information provided by a roommate, when he got up to go to the bathroom that night, he saw Lei Yibing sleeping on the bed.

"But when they got up in the morning, they were gone. 24 hours later, because they couldn't be contacted, their counselor notified the school, and the school immediately called the police.

"For more details, you have to call the local Public Security Bureau."

This is the same as what Uncle Lei said. It seems that the local Public Security Bureau has made no progress at all. Well, maybe this guy doesn't want to tell me... Zhang Yuanqing nodded:

  "I see."

The man with the back of his head led two subordinates towards the anti-theft door, stopped halfway, turned around and said:

"If you have any clues, you must notify us in time, and don't hide anything from us."

Zhang Yuanqing was about to nod, when he said with a meaningful smile:

"Otherwise, you might be the next one to go missing."

I'm the next one to go missing?

What did he mean by threatening me? If I don't hand over the black card, will I disappear from the world like Brother Bing?

Having said that, what happened to that card? It disappeared out of thin air...I couldn't hand it in even if I wanted to.

  "Thank you for reminding!"

He returned a smile without a smile on his face.

No matter what, let's wait until my cousin comes back from get off work.

Brother Bing definitely doesn't want the card to fall into the hands of the Public Security Department, otherwise he won't send the things to him.

Besides, as a buddy and a young boy, he believes that Brother Bing won't cheat him.

The grandmother on the side turned dark, and said coldly:


What's the matter with this person, he cursed her grandson gracefully.

The man with the hunched hair smiled, took out a business card from the left pocket of his suit, and handed it over, "Contact me anytime if you need anything."

After Zhang Yuanqing took over, he led his two subordinates away.

"Why is Ah Bing missing? Well, I'll go and see Ah Bing's mother sometime later." After the others left, grandma said worriedly.

The two families used to be neighbors, and they have been seeing each other for more than ten years without seeing each other. They still have a little affection.

Zhang Yuanqing said with a tired face:

"Grandma, I didn't sleep well last night, go back to my room to rest first, if you don't wake up at noon, don't call me.

"If grandpa comes back, tell him about this and ask him to contact Uncle Lei."

Last night I played with my aunt until two or three o'clock in the morning. In the morning, my old illness relapsed and I was awakened. I was sleep deprived. In order to find Brother Bing to get to the black card, I forcibly exhausted my brain power.

At this moment, my tired brain felt dizzy.

After grandma nodded, Zhang Yuanqing returned to the room.

Close the door, step on each other's heels, take off the shoes, plunge into the bed, and fall into a deep sleep.


In the black business car, Li Dongze was sitting on a soft leather chair, leaning against the chair with a gold-inlaid cane, holding a goblet in his palm, shaking the scarlet wine.

"Guan Ya, what did you find in the room just now?"

He turned his head and looked at the half-race beauty sitting next to him.

Guan Ya leaned lazily on the soft chair, with her two slender thighs close together, she said with a serious face:

"There is a major discovery."

"Say." Li Dongze said seriously.

The engineering man in the back row also looked away from his phone and looked over.

Guan Ya's tone was serious:

"That kid is a black-haired lady connoisseur. His study materials are full of mature ladies, but his trash can is so clean. It's simply unreasonable."

"His social circle is very wide, there are all kinds of groups, but he is only active in the game group and lsp group, and other groups have set up message blocking...... His room does not have any entertainment products except for the game console, which is The boy's actual personality is a bit withdrawn... By the way, sir, you know what lsp means, right?"

The mixed-race beauty smiled and made masturbation gestures.

The two companions were stunned for a while, Li Dongze quickly raised his hand to interrupt, and said angrily:

"Oh my God, I want to kick your ass with my boots. I'm telling you business, what are you talking about. I've told you many times, don't play hooligans, don't tell jokes, you It's a very bad habit, very inelegant."

The long-legged sister Yu was not afraid of the angry boss at all, and said with a smile:

"Don't be so boring. Appropriate jokes are good for enlivening the atmosphere."

She slowly put away her smile and said:

"I didn't find anything suspicious in his computer, but I found a letter sent to him by Lei Yibing under the potted plant on the window sill. Lei Yibing did send him something. It's a character card, but I don't know what it is. What kind of occupation."

Li Dongze was silent for a few seconds, closed his eyes and meditated:

"Come here again tomorrow, heh, if he is not missing."


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