Chapter 4: A Strange Arrival

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 In a daze, Zhang Yuanqing felt something soft and plump pressing on him, and he couldn't breathe.

Opening his eyes, he saw a round and delicate face with a narrow smile.

Auntie hummed and said:

"Brat, if you dare to let me go, I will kill you with a single ass."

She sat on her nephew, leaned forward, raised her buttocks and sat down hard.

Zhang Yuanqing let out a muffled snort from the sitting position, and almost died. He straightened his back angrily, and turned the woman over.

Amidst his aunt's scream of "Oops", he saw that it was getting dark outside the window, and unconsciously, he fell asleep from morning to night.

"It's time to eat!"

The auntie lay on her side on the bed, and kicked her nephew's ass with life-threatening serial kicks.

"Don't take revenge. I respect the old and love the young. I don't have the same knowledge as you."

Zhang Yuanqing slipped to the bed, put on his shoes, and walked out of the room.

There was a strong fragrance in the living room. Grandpa and grandma sat at the dining table to eat. Grandpa had silver-white hair, was thin and tall, with a serious face and a serious expression.

"How about it? Is the person I arranged for you this time okay?"

At the dinner table, grandma asked with some expectation.

"Not bad, with an annual salary of one million, a corporate executive, satisfied and satisfied!"

Auntie nodded like a chicken pecking at rice.

"You say that every time, and block people every time." The grandma poked her daughter's head hard with her finger, and reprimanded her:

"Have a little time to think about how old you are."

"Yes, yes... Zhang Yuanqing was gloating, and then Jiang Yubai kicked his calf severely.

The two kicked each other under the table, and the dining table rang loudly.

"If you don't eat, go back to your room."

After grandma roared, Zhang Yuanqing and his aunt immediately lowered their heads to pick up the rice.

"Grandma, when will cousin come back?" Zhang Yuanqing asked.

My uncle's family lived right across the door. A while ago, my aunt from a wealthy family and my bohemian uncle traveled abroad. During this time, my cousin ate dinner here.

"It is said that he will work overtime tonight and won't come back at night... He is a man who works like hell, and he is completely different from his idle father." Grandma complained.

Working overtime... Zhang Yuanqing couldn't hide his disappointed "Oh".

After dinner, Zhang Yuanqing and Jiang Yuyue went back to their rooms, leaving grandma to clean up the mess.


Back in his room, Zhang Yuanqing locked the door, picked up his mobile phone and dialed his cousin.

Since I can't say it in person, let's call.

It was communication on the phone, but it was not clear face to face.

The call was connected quickly, but what came from the loudspeaker was the birdsong prompting to shut down the phone.

  "in a meeting?"

Zhang Yuanqing had no choice but to hang up the phone. As the security captain, his cousin was busy with affairs, and his work, rest and diet were irregular. Situations like this where he could not be contacted happened from time to time.

He is used to it.

Zhang Yuanqing was lying on the bed, looking at the ceiling, letting his thoughts fly away...

Assuming that Brother Bing's disappearance was man-made and the other party's target was a black card, then I have to be careful. The safest way is to hand over the black card to my cousin, who will then report it to the superior.

Given the administrative level of the Songhai Public Security Bureau, the forces in Jiangnan Province have limited influence.

But the problem is that the black card is gone, which is the most troublesome... Zhang Yuanqing scratched his head in distress.

A black card that can disappear out of thin air is scary when you think about it. If you can't get the black card back, the way to hand it over to the country will not work.

I can only confess to my cousin first, then ask him to respond upwards, and then just follow the arrangement. I'm just an ordinary college student, and I can't do anything.

Suddenly, Zhang Yuanqing felt a little pain and heat on his forehead. He stretched out his hand to scratch it, and the pain became more intense.

  Um? It hurts and burns, what's going on...

He left the bed in a daze, walked to the full-length mirror standing by the window, and examined himself in the mirror.

In the dressing mirror, a young man's face was reflected, with handsome features and fair skin, without the fortitude brought out by the beatings of society, and without the vicissitudes washed away by the years.

There is only a vigorous youthful vigor.

On his forehead, there is a black round moon imprint, which is lifelike, and the irregular plaques on the surface are clearly visible.

At the bottom of the full moon imprint, there is also something like a progress bar, which shows: 90%

This... Zhang Yuanqing backed away in shock. He rubbed his forehead vigorously, but the imprint was like a tattoo, and he couldn't rub it off no matter what.

Why do I have this kind of thing on my forehead? When did it appear? Chaotic thoughts flashed through his mind, mixed with panic and confusion.

"Wait! This, isn't this pattern the black moon on the card?"

He was taken aback for a moment before his thoughts suddenly came to his mind.

The black card was not lost, but entered his body, and in a way he couldn't understand, it became a mark on his forehead.

Just as he was in a daze, he found that the progress bar under the black moon mark had changed to 92%. Along with the number of words beating, his forehead was burning hot.

What is this, a supernatural phenomenon? high tech? Hallucination?

At this moment, the content of the letter came to mind again: This is a gift that can change lives...

"The black card is really a treasure, so my previous guess was correct. Someone coveted this card. Brother Bing didn't want the other party to succeed, so he sent it to me, and he disappeared because of this..."

While worrying about Brother Bing, Zhang Yuanqing stared at the progress bar with implicit expectation.

What happens when the progress bar reaches 100%? Witnessing the miracle in front of him, he was full of curiosity about the next changes.

After several more burning pains, the progress bar at the bottom of the black moon finally finished its journey and reached 100%.

The next moment, an emotionless and emotionless voice sounded in my ears:

[The restart of the character card is complete...]

[Name: To be named (please name it immediately)]

【Race: Human】

【Occupation: Night Tourist】

[Level: 0]

[Skill: None]

【Experience value: 0%】

[Moral value: 60 (initial value)]

There is another line of remarks under the moral value:

[Don't let your moral value drop below 60. You may not have had a choice before, but please be a good person now. 】

Looking at the fluorescent blue character attribute panel that appeared in front of him, Zhang Yuanqing was in a daze for a long time, wondering what it was?

He tentatively asked, "System?"

As a small expert in surfing the Internet, being well-informed is an essential quality.

The voice without emotional ups and downs echoed in my ears again:

[Please name the character immediately! 】

On the property panel, which was frozen in mid-air, a fluorescent blue handwritten box popped up.

It's not a system, otherwise the intelligence is too low, and they can't communicate... With the idea of taking one step at a time, Zhang Yuanqing stretched out his finger and wrote down his name:

Zhang Yuanqing

[Warning, please do not use your real name. 】

Can't use my real name? Zhang Yuanqing was taken aback, then wrote down the second name:

Yuanshi Tianzun

[The naming was successful! The spirit realm will be opened in ten seconds, Yuanshi Tianzun, I wish you good luck! 】

Hearing the voice echoing in his ears, Zhang Yuanqing was stunned for a moment, what was going on in his mind, to open the spiritual realm? Shouldn't you first explain what the spirit realm is.

Before he had time to regain his composure, the ten-second countdown was over.

[Ding, the map of the spirit realm is opened, welcome to "God of Night Tour - She Ling Tunnel", number: 0079. 】

【Difficulty level: S】

[Type: Single (Death Type)]

[Main task one: Survive for three hours. 】

[Main task 2: Explore No. 0079 spiritual realm, current exploration rate: 0%]

[Remarks: Non-spiritual items cannot be brought in. 】

[Introduction to Spirit Realm No. 0079: Do you know the She Ling Tunnel, one of the top ten strange stories in Songhai? 】

[The Sheling Tunnel was built at the end of the last century. During the construction of the tunnel, a construction team entered the tunnel on a rainy night to dig, and disappeared into the tunnel since then, never to appear again.

[The Public Security Department organized a search team to search for several days, and found a worker who participated in the excavation that night in the mountain, but the others were nowhere to be seen.

[Although the survivor survived, he suffered some inexplicable stimulation, had mental problems, and became crazy... No matter how the security officer asked him, there was only one sentence in his mouth.

【He said: Don't enter the temple, don't enter the temple......】

The voice in my ears became lower and lower, and gradually became inaudible. The scenery in front of me was distorted and blurred like a wrinkled lake surface.

After a while, the picture gradually stabilized, the dim light shone on the uneven walls, and the pavement paved with fine gravel was underfoot.

"Where is this place?"

Zhang Yuanqing looked around in astonishment, and found himself in an old tunnel. The old-fashioned xenon lamp on the curved dome emitted a faint orange halo.


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