Chapter 5: Ancient Temple

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An abandoned tunnel........

Zhang Yuanqing looked around in a panic, and was suddenly brought into an unfamiliar environment. Anyone would panic and be at a loss.

"Tunnel? Is this the She Ling Tunnel in the ghost story?"

As a native of Songhai City, he certainly knows about the She Ling Tunnel among the top ten strange stories. When he was a child and stayed naughty at night, his grandmother would scare him with strange stories.

However, let's not say that the ghost stories are just illusory stories. Let's take the She Ling Tunnel as an example. Zhang Yuanqing passed by the She Ling Tunnel when he returned to his hometown to worship his father a few days ago.

Where is the real Sheling Tunnel like this, so old?

"By the way, this is the spiritual realm, not the real She Ling Tunnel."

The cramped environment made people uneasy. Zhang Yuanqing walked forward cautiously, only the sound of his own lonely footsteps could be heard.

As he walked, he thought about his situation and the information given by the voice in his head.

Undoubtedly, he encountered a supernatural phenomenon and was brought into the ghost story to complete the mission issued by the mysterious force.

"That voice gave me two tasks, namely to survive for three hours; to explore the spirit world. Difficulty level S, single death type... this death type makes me panic."

Surviving for three hours means that there will be great danger.

Exploring the spiritual realm... should be exploring this tunnel. In other words, the tunnel is very dangerous?

He quietly tensed his nerves. At the same time, a question flashed through his mind: What rewards will there be for completing the task?

Since it is a task, there must be rewards.

"Well, according to the attribute panel just now, my occupation is Night God, but level 0 is not 1. Being Night God should be one of the rewards, right? What is Night God?"

"Bingge is right. This black card will indeed change your life, but I ignored the second half of his words. This thing is difficult to control. Do you mean the degree of danger?"

Zhang Yuanqing silently analyzed the known information.

At this moment, the old-fashioned xenon lamp beside him seemed to have an unstable circuit, and flickered a few times. In the intertwined light and darkness, Zhang Yuanqing vaguely saw a figure wearing a miner's hat standing under the lamp.

Fuck... He jumped up in fright, the thoughts in his mind were interrupted instantly, and he ran forward a certain distance like a frightened deer.

Looking back, the xenon lamp continued to turn on and stopped flickering.

The black figure wearing the miner's hat just now seemed to be his illusion.

With this scare, Zhang Yuanqing didn't dare to stay in this ghostly place, and quickly walked towards the tunnel.

Da da da... The sound of footsteps echoed in the quiet tunnel, Zhang Yuanqing didn't dare to stop, and walked like this for five or six minutes, the old-fashioned xenon lamp in the arc dome flickered again, but this time, he was not wearing a miner's hat The figure appeared.

"Didn't follow up?"

He felt a little relaxed and didn't dare to stay. He lowered his head and walked quickly. Suddenly, he stared at the ground and caught a detail that made his heart stop.

The orange xenon lamp dragged his shadow very long, and beside his shadow, there were more than a dozen shadows following him.

They have been following me? !

The coolness ran from his feet to his head, causing goosebumps all over his body. Zhang Yuanqing's face turned pale with fright, and he ran wildly.

Finally, the entrance of the tunnel appeared ahead, and outside the tunnel was the moonlight as cold as frost.

Zhang Yuanqing rushed out of the tunnel in one breath, leaned on his knees, and bent over to breathe.

After recovering his breath, he looked around his surroundings. The full moon was like a disk, hanging lonely in the night sky. Under its brilliance, the stars were overshadowed.

The lush forest was bathed in the moonlight, casting large and thick shadows.

He was in a barren mountain.

The xenon lamps in the tunnel flickered a few times before they were all extinguished. Nuoda's tunnel entrance is dark and quiet, like a beast's mouth that chooses to eat someone.

"Leave quickly..."

Zhang Yuanqing's scalp went numb, and he climbed the mountain along the rugged mountain road.

After walking a dozen or so steps, he turned his head again and saw a row of people wearing miner hats and shabby clothes standing at the entrance of the tunnel with their heads bowed.

They stood in the shadow of the moonlight, without saying a word, as if they were seeing him off.

Zhang Yuanqing took a few steps back in shock, turned around and ran up the mountain.

The branches and leaves on both sides of the mountain road are luxuriant, and the moonlight is sprinkled in pieces, which is enough for Zhang Yuanqing to see the road clearly.

It's just that the silence in the mountains was terrifying, and there were no insects or birds singing in the woods, which made Zhang Yuanqing's footsteps seem extraordinarily loud.

"It's too quiet. It's impossible that there won't even be insects chirping in the mountains this season."

He looked around, the full moon was like a disk, and the shade of the trees was whirling. He always felt that there was something watching him in the darkness.

After walking for an unknown amount of time, Zhang Yuanqing finally walked out of the dense forest, and his vision suddenly widened.

The moonlight is like water, and the surroundings are dead silent. At the end of the rugged mountain road, there is a deserted ancient temple.

Standing quietly in the darkness.

This ancient temple has been abandoned for an unknown number of years. The paint on the gate in front of the temple is mottled and blackened, and it is full of erosion holes. The lanterns at the corners of the eaves fell to the ground, leaving only the skeleton of bamboo strips.

The plaque is still there, full of cobwebs, hanging obliquely under the eaves, but the light is too dim to see clearly what is written on the plaque.

The steps in front of the temple gate are cracked, and weeds are overgrown in the cracks.

There are barren mountains and wild mountains here, with no villages and shops behind, how can there be a temple.

Wait... a temple? !

Zhang Yuanqing reacted abruptly, as if the voice in the information introduction of the spiritual realm sounded in his ears:

"Don't enter the temple, don't enter the temple..."

"According to the prompt of that strange voice, I should not be able to enter the temple. No, I have already come out of the tunnel, which means that what I really want to explore is this dilapidated ancient temple."

After hesitating at the entrance of the temple for a long time, Zhang Yuanqing walked cautiously towards the ancient temple standing in the darkness, and stepped over the dilapidated threshold.

What came into view was a vast front yard, with waist-high weeds growing in the yard, and a rotten incense burner with a height of half a person was dumped in the grass, and it had been hit by wind and rain for many years.

Underfoot is a road paved with bluestone slabs, and clumps of weeds also grow in the gaps between the slates.

Following the undulating decayed grass, he looked towards the end of the bluestone road, where there was a dilapidated main hall with a very high foundation and six steps. There is a dim light shining through the latticed door of the main hall.

"Is there a light?"

The surroundings were silent, desolate and dilapidated, and the bright moonlight shone down. In such an environment, the halo did not bring Zhang Yuanqing the slightest bit of warmth.

Even more terrifying.


Stepping forward on clumps of withered and yellow weeds, he kept his vigilance and walked towards the main hall. In the empty environment, the sound of his footsteps was very clear.

Rustle, rustle...Suddenly, Zhang Yuanqing's ears moved slightly, and he heard footsteps behind him, and something was following him.

Huo Ran turned his head.

The night is like water, the grass is luxuriant, and there is nothing behind.

"Hearing hallucinations?"

Zhang Yuanqing stopped for a moment in fear, then moved his legs forward again.


The sound of footsteps came again, this time he could hear it very clearly, there was really something following behind him.

.......It can't be so evil, it just encounters dirty things when entering the temple? He didn't dare to look back and quickened his pace.

The footsteps behind him also accelerated.

Zhang Yuanqing couldn't collapse anymore, and at the same time his goosebumps were raised, he ran wildly and rushed to the main hall.

The footsteps behind him followed him like a shadow.

While chasing, Zhang Yuanqing quickly rushed out of the wild grass, approached the main hall, jumped up the six steps in two steps, and finally broke through the two lattice doors of the main hall amidst a loud bang.

The sound of footsteps behind him suddenly disappeared.

"Whoa, whoa..."

Panting heavily, he finally dared to look back. The moonlight sprinkled on the courtyard like water. The weeds and stone roads were so quiet that it was scary, but there was nothing there.

"Fortunately, they didn't come after me."

After Zhang Yuanqing took a breath, he gently closed the door of the main hall, as if blocking fear from the outside.

Then, he glanced at the scene in the main hall. On the high stone base, there was a lady in a fur cloak and gorgeous costumes enshrined. She had a round face, slender eyebrows, and a kindness.

This empress is holding the fly whisk in one hand, and the other hand is grasping. It seems that she is holding something, but at the moment it is empty.

On the left and right sides are boys holding swords and maids holding books.

In front of the pedestal was a dusty tribute table. On the table was a candlestick, a twenty centimeter long candle as thick as a baby's forearm, burning quietly.

The candlelight dispelled the darkness, and seemed to dispel the fear in Zhang Yuanqing's heart. He felt that his mood was much more stable.

On the wall on the left, there are two faded and cracked wooden boards, which are engraved with italic characters.

Zhang Yuanqing strolled to the wall and gazed at it by the candlelight at dusk. The style of these scripts was classical Chinese.

His Chinese proficiency is not bad. Through half-guessing and half-reading, he has a clear understanding of the environment he is in.

This mountain is called Sandao Mountain, and the mountain god enshrined in the temple is called Sandao Mountain Empress.

This mountain god lady is from Songfu in the early Ming Dynasty. She practiced in Sandao Mountain in Songfu. She is proficient in the method of talisman and alchemy. She can pray for rain to drive away ghosts and protect one side with good weather.

After she became a fairy, the local government built this temple in Sandao Mountain, named "Sandao Mountain Niangniang Temple", and the successors of the empress managed the incense and served as temple blessings.

"The temple in the early Ming Dynasty must have been five or six hundred years old." Zhang Yuanqing muttered.

At this moment, he couldn't help but glanced at the bottom of the tribute table, and his heart suddenly trembled.

A black figure lay in the shadows under the table.

I was too panicked just now, and the candlelight was dim, so I didn't notice it immediately.

Zhang Yuanqing approached boldly and took a closer look. It turned out to be a corpse with only a skeleton left.

Zhang Yuanqing breathed a sigh of relief amidst the horror. Compared with this weird mountain temple, the corpse is not so scary.

After taking a few steps closer, by the faint candlelight, he could clearly see the clothes on the skeleton, a dusty labor protection suit.


"This is the construction team from back then? So I did enter the world of strange stories."

As soon as Zhang Yuanqing made a guess, he thought of a more sensational possibility. Perhaps, the construction team back then, like me, strayed into this place by mistake.

That's why the urban legend was left behind.

If it's the former, this so-called spiritual realm is based on ghost stories.

And if it's the latter, it means that the ancient temple has always existed, and the construction team, like him at this moment, is a victim.

According to the historical background of the mountain temple, Zhang Yuanqing prefers the latter.

"The entire construction team died in the temple, and only one person survived. People will really die here... Now that I have also entered this temple, I will face unknown dangers at any time... "

Hiss~ He gasped, his emotions tensed up again, and he subconsciously looked around.

Then, he suddenly realized a detail that was terribly thoughtful.

This ancient temple is from the Ming Dynasty and has a long history. How could the candles still be burning? Who is changing the candles in the main hall?

The more he thought about it, the more frightened he felt. Even the sculpture with a kind face and kind eyes seemed to be eerily eerie in the candlelight.

Although the three clay sculptures are covered with dust, they are lifelike, and every detail is vividly carved, especially the eyes.

They stood on the pedestal, staring down at Zhang Yuanqing under the candlelight at dusk.

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