Chapter 6: The Story of the Mountain Temple

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 Fuck... Zhang Yuanqing suddenly didn't want to stay in the main hall anymore.

He has a kind of fear that he is in a desperate situation, making every day unresponsive, and the ground is not working.

It's extremely dangerous here, but he can't turn to the outside world for help. The only thing he can rely on is himself.

After hesitating again and again, he gritted his teeth and bent down to pull out the skeleton wrapped in overalls.


During the pulling process, the labor protection clothing was easily torn. Over the past few years, the clothes have long since rotted.

After dragging the corpse to the candlelight, he endured the discomfort and began to examine it.

Although a person is dead, his body can speak. Knowing the cause of death can help him avoid many dangers.

"Several sternum and ribs are broken, and there are fine cracks on the right shoulder, but it's not serious..."

The deceased suffered heavy injuries during his lifetime, but the specific cause of death cannot be seen due to the age.

Then, Zhang Yuanqing found a few yellow and brittle pieces of paper from the pockets of the senior workers, which were quite old.

The petite characters were written in italics on the paper.

Zhang Yuanqing was overjoyed. The paper was obviously found by senior workers in the temple, which helped him understand the situation of this ancient temple.

With the help of candlelight, he concentrated on reading the content on the paper.

"Another junior disappeared last night. This is already the third member of the same sect who disappeared mysteriously in the temple. The senior brothers said that Sandao Mountain is haunted by ghosts, or there are some goblins with high morals who come to the temple every night. They catch people and eat them, but many disciples in the temple are with them, and the master is a real person with a reputation within a hundred miles. No goblin dares to come here to look for food.

"As for ghosts, my corpse-suppressing talisman and spirit-calling talisman are enough to deal with them, so I don't need to bother Master. I have a bad feeling in my heart, so I have to find my elder brother to calculate them......"

"Another person went missing today. This is the fifth person. Master told us to keep the news from the pilgrims, otherwise it would affect the incense in the temple. He must know something. My senior brother and I plan to patrol at night...... "

"Three days have passed, and three more people disappeared during the period, but my senior brother and I didn't find any clues, and the night was calm. The ominous premonition in my heart deepened..."

"Eldest brother is very strange today. He seems to have found something and looks very angry. I asked him, but he didn't tell me. He is not in a good mood. I'd better ask tomorrow."

"The person who disappeared today is...... Eldest brother, I have searched all over Sandao Mountain but I can't find him, I, I can't take it anymore, I'm going to ask the master to find out, the master in the temple Brothers support me too because they are also scared..."

The handwriting of this passage is a bit scribbled, which shows that the owner of the note has a broken mind.

Zhang Yuanqing continued to look down:

"After my questioning, Master finally agreed to tell me the truth. My premonition was correct. He really knew the reason for the mysterious disappearance of the juniors. But the master said that there are many people talking during the day, and he will come to the room after the sun goes down. Me, tell me a big secret, this secret is related to the rise and fall of thousands of years."

"After dinner, I waited in my room, waiting for the sunset. Ever since someone disappeared at night, I have never looked forward to the darkness so much..."

The content of the paper record ends here.

  Gone? This broken chapter makes people feel a little uncomfortable... Zhang Yuanqing grinned for a while.

He combed through the information on the paper. In a certain year, the disciples of this mountain temple disappeared strangely one after another.

The disciples were helpless, and panic spread. As for this matter, Miao Zhu in the temple, that is, their master, seemed to know the reason.

This reason is related to a big secret of thousands of years of rise and fall.

"The reason for the decline of the mountain temple is unknown. If we discover this source, will we be able to complete the second main task?" Zhang Yuanqing made a guess.

He put the brittle paper back into the corpse's labor protection uniform, pushed the other person back under the table, kept out of sight, and then thought about what he was going to do next.

"There is only so much information about the main hall. Since you want to explore the ancient temple, you must go out. If so, you must face the danger in the temple..."

"In the strange story of the She Ling Tunnel, there is a worker who survived successfully. Following his trajectory, we may be able to find a way to survive."

After careful consideration, Zhang Yuanqing walked to the entrance of the main hall and opened two well-preserved lattice doors.


The wooden door hinge made a teeth-stinging sound.

He leaned on the door frame, poked his head out and looked around. There was no sound outside. Except for a bit desolate and gloomy, he didn't see any danger.

After observing for a while, he stepped out of the threshold and walked towards the backyard of the mountain temple along the cobblestone path on the left side of the main hall.

The moonlight was like water, and the wild grass was undulating. Zhang Yuanqing walked for a minute or two, and a building appeared in front of him.

It was several connected bungalows, forming a huge courtyard with black tiles and white walls, a straight roof, and lattice windows and lattice doors under the eaves.

The latticed doors were dusty, and they were either open, upside down or closed tightly, and the paper used to paste the windows was torn and tattered under the erosion of the years.

The moonlight was as bright as frost on the ground. He took advantage of the moonlight to glance at the layout of the backyard of the mountain temple.

In addition to the courtyard in front of you, there is an arched door on the east side, which is a bit like the back house of a wealthy family in a film and television drama. There will always be such an arched door to connect different courtyards.

A towering tree was planted in the yard next door, with lush branches and gnarled branches.


In the undulating grassy yard, he found several skeletons wrapped in labor protection clothing.

Carefully approached and inspected carefully, each of the skeletons was severely damaged, and there was a broken bone under the labor insurance uniform, but except for the one in the main hall, the shoulder bones of the skeletons here were well preserved without cracks.

"These people all suffered terrible injuries before they died, and their deaths were miserable..."

A gust of wind blew, and the branches and leaves "rustled". Zhang Yuanqing vaguely heard the "rustling" sound brought by the wind, mixed with weeping whispers:

"Help, help..."

In this desolate and dead night, cold sweat broke out on Zhang Yuanqing's back.

He stood stiffly on the spot. After a while, the wind stopped, and the whimpering whispers also stopped with the wind.

The courtyard next door seemed a bit dangerous, but the things inside didn't come over... He let out a breath without a sound, stepped on the weeds all over the courtyard, walked into the eaves, and planned to explore the courtyard.

This place seems to be the place where the disciples of the temple live. There are dilapidated and dusty furniture piled up here, and the air is filled with a faint, decaying smell.

Zhang Yuanqing explored the rooms one by one, but found nothing special until he opened the lattice door on the far east.


The door of the room, which had been dusty for an unknown number of years, was pushed open again, and the dust fell. Zhang Yuanqing patted the dust on his shoulders, and scanned every corner of the room warily.

In this room that had been abandoned for many years, by the window, there was a corpse leaning against the wall, lying there crookedly.

It can be inferred from the clothing and the rolled miner's hat that it is another senior.

After crossing the threshold and entering the room, Zhang Yuanqing shuddered, and inexplicably felt that the surrounding temperature seemed to drop a lot.

  "a little cold......"

He cautiously leaned towards the corpse, untied his tattered clothes, and observed the bones of the corpse as usual. This time, he didn't see any broken bones, and the skeleton was well preserved.

But when he cast his eyes on the shoulder bones of the corpse, his pupils froze. There were exaggerated cracks on the shoulder bones of the corpse.

This is the same as the crack on the shoulder of the corpse in the main hall, the difference is that the corpse in front of him suffered more severe injuries.

"Is it a coincidence that only the one in the room and the one in the main hall have broken shoulder bones?" He said to himself a little uneasy.

Then, Zhang Yuanqing found that the trouser pocket of the corpse was swollen, as if something was hidden.

Reaching out his hand, he took out a yellowed ancient book, a dusty bronze mirror, and a yellow paper talisman from the deceased's trouser pocket.

On the yellow paper talisman, there are distorted lines drawn with cinnabar, which are somewhat similar to runes. These lines gather together to form a traditional Chinese character for "corpse".

While examining the yellow paper talisman, a bright blue message appeared in front of Zhang Yuanqing's eyes:

[Name: Corpse Suppression Talisman]

[Type: Consumables]

[Function: Suppressing corpses]

[Introduction: The talisman made by the mighty Yeyoushen is the nemesis of all corpses. Paste it on the forehead of the genitals to complete the seal. 】

[Note: It can only be used once. 】

The fluorescent blue information is a bit like his attribute panel. It is obvious that this is a hint from "Spirit Realm".

It was the first time Zhang Yuanqing saw such a reminder since he entered the weird ancient temple.

"It should be an important item." Zhang Yuanqing folded it, put it in the pocket of the jacket, and zipped it up.

After thinking about it, he opened the zipper again.

Because he remembered a stalk in a martial arts novel, a certain swordsman with superb swordsmanship likes to wrap his sword with cloth strips on his back.

One day, a challenger challenged the swordsman while he was eating.

Then the swordsman disappeared.

The cause of death was that the cloth strips were inconvenient to remove...

Zhang Yuanqing then picked up the ancient book and bronze mirror, but no relevant information emerged.

He put the bronze mirror aside first, and carefully opened the yellowed and brittle booklet that was rolled up at the footer.

It says:

"It has been two and a half years since I entered the Sandaoshan Niangniang Temple. I have already learned to read and write. The senior brother said that when the master saves the souls of the dead and returns to the mountain, he can formally introduce me to practice the art of swallowing the moon and nourishing the soul. This is to become a night wandering god way to get started."

"The king of Yan rebelled, and the smoke was everywhere. Master, as the strongest person in the lineage of the Ye Youshen in Songfu, had to go down the mountain to save the dead. Otherwise, the war will not be settled, and the disaster will recur, and the people will be even more restless..."

Zhang Yuanqing felt a little sore in his shoulders, rubbed it, and preliminarily judged that this was an essay, that is, a diary.

The contents of the diary are all the experience of the 'author' practicing and living in the temple. According to the handwriting, this diary and the paper on the corpse in the main hall come from the same source.

Through words like "Yanwang Rebellion", the timeline is the history of the Jingnan Battle.

But he is not sure whether this temple really existed in history, because the contents of the essay contain words such as "practice", "night tour god", "breathing technique", "talisman" and so on.

Zhang Yuanqing moved his sore shoulders, scanned the room vigilantly, listened to the movement outside the room, and continued to read the essay after confirming that there was nothing unusual.

Soon, he turned to the continuation of the content of the main hall. The first few pages were torn off, and the continuation read:

"Sunset, it was finally dark. I heard a knock on the door and hurriedly opened the door. Standing outside the door was not the master, but the elder brother who disappeared last night."

"The eldest brother who had been missing for a day and a night came back, but I didn't have any joy because...he was already dead, and what came back was a corpse. His chest was dripping with blood, and someone dug out his heart."

"Eldest brother stared straight at me, he said: Don't trust Master..."

These few paragraphs are written crookedly. It is conceivable that when the owner of the essay wrote this content, his mentality exploded.

When Zhang Yuanqing turned to the next page, he found that there was no follow-up to the notes, and the owner of the diary never wrote a diary again.

"Hiss...what do you mean by don't trust Master?"

Zhang Yuanqing was shocked by this reversal and felt chills in his heart.

Miao Zhu killed that senior brother? He is also the chief culprit for the disciples disappearing one after another? Zhang Yuanqing rubbed his shoulders, put the booklet back into the corpse's pocket, then picked up the bronze mirror, and was about to leave.

But when he glanced out of the corner of his eye and inadvertently glanced at the bronze mirror, his body suddenly stiffened.

The moonlight was like water, projected on the mirror, and his appearance was reflected in the bronze mirror, and on his back lay a person.

The man's face was pale, his lips were deep purple, and he had a pair of white pupils. He rested his head sideways on Zhang Yuanqing's shoulder, and those white pupils stared at him silently.


ps: This book has supernatural elements, but it's not the main focus. Readers who don't like supernatural can rest assured.

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