Chapter 7: Return

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 The san value returns to zero on the spot.

A chill rose from the tailbone and went straight to Tianlinggai. Zhang Yuanqing was like a cat with fried hair, jumping high in place, and blurted out a national curse:

"Fucking muddy horse!"

This is the unconscious instinct to make a sound when a person is strongly stimulated or frightened.

He finally understood why his shoulders were so sore, and he also understood why the corpse by the window had to carry a bronze mirror with him.

This is to observe whether I have been laid down by the resentful spirit.

When did it lie on my shoulder, when it entered the courtyard, or entered this room?

Who gave me the courage to go out and explore, Liang Jingru? !

My mind seemed to explode. All kinds of thoughts popped up in an instant, and panic hit me like a frenzy.

Although he knew that there were weird and frightening things in this temple, and he was prepared in his heart, but when he really faced the ghosts, he still felt unspeakable panic.

By the way, I have a talisman... With trembling hands, Zhang Yuanqing took out the yellow paper talisman in the left pocket of his jacket, and stuck it on his shoulder like a dead horse.


The corpse talisman was patted on his shoulder. He raised the brass mirror and carefully took a picture. The man with a pale face, black lips, and a pair of dead white pupils was still lying on his shoulder.

It's useless, this thing is not considered a corpse... The last sliver of luck is gone, Zhang Yuanqing feels more and more pain in his shoulders, and his hands and feet feel cold.

These are not illusions, but real loss of yang energy.

At this moment, Zhang Yuanqing thought of the corpse under the table in the main hall, and the senior who died tragically under the window. Next, he is likely to die here like the two of them.

There was a bone-chilling chill in my heart.

  "Da da!"

Suddenly, at this fatal moment, there were slight footsteps in the corridor outside.

The footsteps were very light, but in the silent night, they were very clear.

... Zhang Yuanqing's heart shuddered, and he quickly squatted down next to the corpse under the window.

The sound of footsteps was somewhat familiar, very similar to the sound he heard when he entered the temple.

  "Da da da......"

The footsteps were getting closer and closer, walking towards this side, Zhang Yuanqing didn't dare to breathe, his whole body was tense, and he vaguely heard his frantic heartbeat.

When the footsteps passed by the window, Zhang Yuanqing still couldn't hold back, and glanced at the floor of the room. The moonlight shone in, forming a lattice window shadow on the floor.

The window was not high, only reaching to the waist. With a normal height, passing by the window would definitely be reflected on the ground by the moonlight, but he didn't see anything.

This shows that the things passing by outside the window have no bodies.

Fortunately, the footsteps passed by the window without stopping or entering the house, and gradually faded away.

Huh... Zhang Yuanqing breathed a sigh of relief silently, and concentrated on catching the sound of distant footsteps. He heard it stepping into the yard and making a "rustling" sound of trampling on the weeds.

Then it stopped. A few seconds later, the footsteps sounded again.

This time the sound of footsteps was not simply walking, but treading with a certain regularity and rhythm.

What is it doing in the yard?

Supporting his cold body, Zhang Yuanqing stood up with some difficulty, and looked out through the tattered window paper.

Under the moonlight, in the wild grass, a pair of brand new, western-style red dancing shoes tap danced in the night.

Moonlit night, deserted temple, red dancing shoes, solo dance.

This scene looks both absurd and weird, but also reveals an unspeakable... loneliness?

How could there be a pair of Western-style dancing shoes in the mountain temple in the Ming Dynasty?

This ruined temple is getting weirder... He quietly squatted back and waited patiently.

Time passed by, and the wraith lying on his shoulders continued to grab his yang energy, his body became more and more stiff, and the soreness in his shoulders turned into tingling pain.

He felt that if he continued like this, he would either die from the exhaustion of his yang energy, or die from his injuries due to a shattered shoulder bone.

In the agony, the dancing in the yard disappeared.

Zhang Yuanqing still didn't dare to raise his head, and waited for a while before cautiously poking his head out and looking into the yard through the window.

The yard was filled with moonlight, the weeds stood quietly, and the weird pair of dancing shoes left.


He breathed out a sigh of relief, and just about to stand up, his knees sank and he fell to the ground.

After the tense nerves were relaxed and the adrenaline subsided, he realized that his condition was worse than he imagined.

There was a burning pain in the shoulder, the bones seemed to be split, the knee joints were stiff, and the blood seemed to be frozen.

Tremblingly, he grabbed the bronze mirror. In the dusty mirror, Zhang Yuanqing saw that his face was pale, sluggish, and his pupils were dim. This is not a normal person, he is clearly a sick child with exhaustion.

On the shoulder, the black-lipped wraith stared at him strangely and silently.

If he continues like this, he will definitely die, but what can he do? He couldn't touch the wraith on his shoulder with anything.

The severe pain in his shoulder made him have to lean his back against the wall to support his body.

Looking sideways at the corpses of the senior workers, the postures of each corpse were exactly the same.

"So it's like this..." Zhang Yuanqing smiled bitterly.

He seemed to have seen his own end and heard the sigh of death.

But Zhang Yuanqing did not give up his desire to survive. His brain was still active, like an overloaded CPU, looking for hope of survival in a desperate situation.

In the blink of an eye, the corpse under the table in the main hall flashed by in the chaotic flow of information.

"The shoulder fractures of the two corpses are not the same. The shoulder injury of the corpse in the main hall is not fatal. Did the wraith let him go? No, the wraith can't be merciful..."

"Why did he hide under the table..."

"The red dancing shoes followed me secretly when I entered the temple, but when I entered the main hall, it left..."

Thinking of this, Zhang Yuanqing's dark and turbid pupils lit up with hope.

Back to the main hall, immediately back to the main hall!

He got up immediately, and staggered out of the house. Every step he took was very difficult, as if he was carrying a huge mountain.


He fell in the yard and fell into the grass, unable to stand up again.

Zhang Yuanqing's teeth trembled and bumped up and down, making a "click" sound, feeling that he was in the harsh winter.

The "severe cold" took away the heat and eroded the will.

Zhang Yuanqing crawled towards the main hall little by little, exerting all his strength, holding his head up so that his eyes always reflected the outline of the building in front of him.

In this way, the hope in his eyes will not be extinguished.

It only takes about a minute to walk from the main hall, but at this moment, it feels as far away as the end of the world and the end of the sea.

Finally, the moment he climbed into the eaves of the main hall, illusory screams rang out in his ears. With a light shoulder, the negative effects such as cold, dizziness, and stiffness disappeared instantly.

Zhang Yuanqing scrambled up to the base, staggered around to the front of the main hall, pushed open the lattice door, and threw himself into the threshold.

The candlelight is like a bean, dispelling the haze and bringing the warmth that makes people feel like spring breeze.

He was lying on the ground in a large shape, his chest heaving and wheezing, and he lay there for two or three minutes before he felt that he was finally alive.

"It's terrible, it's terrible...My guess is right, the main hall is a safe haven."

According to the difference in the shoulder injuries of the two skeletons, he judged that something must have prevented the wraith from chasing and killing the person in the temple.

And the workers under the table curled up to die, which is in line with a person's hiding psychology when he is in extreme fear.

In the heart of this senior worker, the main hall is safe.

And the red dancing shoes gave up chasing him, which verified this guess from the side.

For the next time, Zhang Yuanqing stayed in the main hall until the pain in his shoulder subsided and his body temperature recovered.

Sure enough, he never encountered any danger again.

"If the main hall is a safe house, then my hope of surviving will undoubtedly be greatly increased. Even if the ghosts on my shoulders suck me, I can escape back to the main hall. But if I encounter the ghosts and are chased by red shoes, I guess I can't escape back to the main hall.

"And the strangest and most frightening source of this temple is definitely not just resentful spirits..."

He was not proud of resolving a life-and-death crisis. This ancient temple is not that simple.

You must know that before him, a whole construction team died here.

After resting for a long time, he gradually let go of his fear and was hesitating whether to continue exploring.

The voice in my mind sounded again:

[Main task 1: Survive for three hours (completed)]

[Main task 2: Explore No. 0079 spiritual realm, progress: 20%]

[Yuanshi Tianzun, congratulations on completing a main task, and the rewards are being settled for you......]

[Acquired items/props: corpse talisman (can be viewed in the item bar). 】

【Experience gained: 15%】

[The item bar has been unlocked. 】

[You will have a 36-hour rest period, and the next opening of No. 0079 Spirit Realm: 35:59:40. 】

The scenery in the main hall was distorted, like water surface wrinkled by the wind.

When the picture was clear again, Zhang Yuanqing saw the bright energy-saving lamps, the spacious big bed, the desk, the ps5 game console, and the open windows. The wind blew in and the curtains swayed slightly.

He has returned to the human world.

  "came back?"

He looked left and right in astonishment, confirming that he had really returned to the room, then his knees gave way and he threw himself onto the soft bed.

Taking a deep breath, he felt that the air was sweet.

It's good to be alive, the world is good.

After a few minutes of slowing down, Zhang Yuanqing sat up, unzipped the jacket, and found that the corpse-suppressing amulet was gone.

Zhang Yuanqing naturally had the idea of "taking things". The next moment, a fluorescent blue grid appeared in front of his eyes.

There are five grids in total, and the one lying in the first grid is the yellow paper talisman.

It's a wonderful experience. After the item bar is unlocked, this function seems to become his instinct. He doesn't need to learn it, he will naturally know how to open the item bar.

"In addition to the corpse-suppressing talisman, I also gained 15% experience points, but the level is still zero, which means that I haven't become a night god yet, and I'm still an ordinary person."

"I almost died inside after surviving for three hours. How about the second mission? Is this the S-level difficulty..."

The more Zhang Yuanqing thought about it, the more desperate he became. He felt that he had been cheated by Brother Bing.

This broken card can indeed change your life, but it is also really difficult to control.

He is very self-aware. He is just a college student who has never killed a chicken. In the second follow-up mission, it is difficult to survive on his own.

As a good socialist young man with good roots, he must rely on the country and the government at this time.

So he took his mobile phone and planned to dial his cousin's number, but when his fingers touched the screen of the mobile phone, he suddenly stopped.

Because Zhang Yuanqing thought that he might have a better choice.

Immediately turned over and got out of bed, and found the business card left by the man with the big back in the drawer of the desk.

The name and contact information are written on the business card.

What happened tonight reminded him of Brother Bing's mysterious disappearance. If he didn't come out alive, then he also disappeared mysteriously.

It is certain that Brother Bing has been in contact with the so-called spiritual realm for a long time, so maybe his disappearance is because he entered a certain spiritual realm?

According to this idea, the investigators of the Public Security Bureau are credible.

Another reason why he chose to contact the man with the big back is that the other party said that he might also disappear, which is implying that he will enter the spiritual realm.

Combined with the fact that his cousin didn't know about it, Zhang Yuanqing had reason to deduce that those three people were special personnel who specialized in handling similar incidents.

After thinking clearly, Zhang Yuanqing dialed the other party's mobile phone according to the number on the business card.

The beeping sound rang for a few seconds, and the phone was connected on the other side. A deep voice of a mature man asked:

"Which one?"

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