Chapter 8: Contact (addition)

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 Taking a deep breath, Zhang Yuanqing tried to keep his tone calm:

"Officer Li, I'm Zhang Yuanqing."

"...It's you." The other person laughed, "What do you want me to do in the middle of the night?"

Zhang Yuanqing said in a deep voice: "I have clues to report. In fact, before Lei Yibing disappeared, he sent me a card."

"Why didn't you say it before?"

There was no surprise in Li Dongze's tone.

This... Zhang Yuanqing hesitated for a while, and told the other party exactly what he had guessed about the disappearance of Brother Bing.

There was silence for a long while, then he laughed and said:

"You kid can really add drama to yourself."

Guan Ya was right. Zhang Yuanqing was actually very withdrawn. A normal college student who was cheerful, optimistic and positive would not be so wary.

  "Feel sorry......"

Zhang Yuanqing was a little embarrassed, and immediately changed the topic, no, cut to the main topic:

"I encountered some weird and incomprehensible things tonight. Well, can you understand what I mean?"

"It seems that you have successfully walked out of the spiritual realm." Li Dongze's tone was a little relieved.

Yes, I just walked out and almost died inside... Zhang Yuanqing felt at ease when he heard such an answer.

The other party really knew about the spiritual realm.

Li Dongze said: "College student, congratulations on becoming a spiritual practitioner. This is what people like us are called. I am also a spiritual practitioner. The difference is that I am an official and you are a wild one."

Walker in the Spirit Realm... Zhang Yuanqing savored these words and asked:

"What is the spiritual realm?"

He has too many questions and wants to seek answers, so he can only ask the most basic ones.

"I can't tell you now, if you want to know about the spiritual realm, you have to make a choice." Li Dongze said in a deep voice:

"The official attitude towards the spiritual realm is divided into two types, one is to absorb and cultivate, and the other is to supervise and control. The former means joining us and becoming a member of the official spiritual realm practitioners.

"The latter is a casual cultivator. You only need to register with us and promise not to use your ability to violate discipline, and we will ignore it. Of course, you will not be able to get any official help."

Zhang Yuanqing said without hesitation: "I am willing to join the organization and shed my blood for the country and the people."

Li Dongze said with a smile: "As expected of being from a family of security officers, he is very enlightened."

For a moment, Zhang Yuanqing couldn't tell whether the other party was mocking or praising.

"Then go to bed early. I'll pick you up at eight o'clock tomorrow morning." Li Dongze said.

  ah? not now? Zhang Yuanqing hesitated: "Tomorrow?"

"Otherwise, what time is it now? If you want to shed your blood for the organization, you have to wait for the organization to go to work."

You don't want to say it on the phone, for fear that I'll go back on my word and prostitute information for nothing? So we have to wait for the offline meeting tomorrow... Zhang Yuanqing could only helplessly say, "Okay."

After hanging up the phone, he glanced at his phone. The time showed 11:00 p.m., and the time elapsed in the spiritual realm was the same as that in the outside world.

After successfully contacting the official organization, Zhang Yuanqing felt relieved. At this time, the exhaustion brought about by struggling to survive in the spiritual realm surged.

He lay on the bed, set the alarm clock, his eyelids became heavier and heavier, and fell into a deep sleep.


The next morning, at 7:15, Zhang Yuanqing was awakened by the sound of the alarm clock. He almost suffered a cardiac arrest and died on the spot.

While turning off the alarm clock, she yawned and got out of bed.

The quality of sleep last night was not ideal. I had several nightmares, each of which was related to ghosts, and woke up several times.

In the living room, my grandfather was sitting on the sofa watching the news. He had silvery white and thinning hair, a tall figure, and a wrinkled face that was serious and serious.

Grandma was making breakfast in the kitchen. At the long dining table, my aunt was squatting on a chair and playing with her mobile phone, puffing her cheeks, like a cute hamster.

"Wake up so early?"

The aunt looked at the dispirited nephew, and moaned, "You look like you're overindulging, did you do something bad last night? I'm going to check your trash can."

Normally, Zhang Yuanqing would sarcastically say: Go find something to eat?

But now I'm thinking about the spiritual realm, thinking about meeting with the official organization, and I'm not in the mood to argue with my aunt.

Listlessly sitting next to this woman, he waited for the meal with blank eyes.

Soon, grandma came out with a basket of hot rice porridge, fried dough sticks, and boiled eggs.

Zhang Yuanqing took a sip of hot porridge to moisten his throat, looked at his grandfather, and tentatively said:

"Grandpa, I remember that after the construction team of the Sheling Tunnel disappeared, the Public Security Department organized a search team to search for it, and you were inside."

Grandpa let out a "hmm", and said with some doubts: "It's all a long time ago, why are you asking this?"

"I saw this story on the Internet again yesterday. Do you know how the found worker is doing now?"

Grandpa frowned and said, "I forgot, I can't remember what happened so long ago."

"Didn't you say you disappeared again?" The grandmother next to me interrupted, joining the discussion with great interest, "And it was a mysterious disappearance. This incident caused panic in the police force back then, and the leader of the police headquarters came down in person. Calm down, it's over."

"Is there such a thing?" Grandpa refused to admit it.

"Old Chen, are you getting old and suffering from dementia? You told me about this yourself." Grandma said plausibly.

...Grandpa lowered his head and drank the porridge: "Believe in science, don't fall in love with these superstitions, the older you get, the more you gossip."

After finding it, it disappeared... Zhang Yuanqing drank a mouthful of porridge in a depressed mood.

Obviously, the survivor entered the spirit realm again 36 hours later, but this time, he failed to come out alive.

He was right in predicting that the death rate in the Mountain Temple was extremely high, and the second main line mission was very, very dangerous.

If you want to survive, relying on the official is the most correct decision.

After breakfast and a simple wash, Zhang Yuanqing took the elevator downstairs and waited for more than ten minutes at the gate of the community.

A black commercial vehicle slowly pulled over, and the electric door slid open automatically. Li Dongze sat on the white leather sofa, leaning on a cane and crossing his legs.

The same as yesterday's dress, black suit, black vest, white shirt, oily hair combed back neatly, and two exquisite mustaches.

"Get in the car, college student."

Li Dongze was smiling.

"Okay, investigator." Zhang Yuanqing smiled back.

After he got into the car, the black commercial vehicle merged into the traffic flow and drove on the streets in the early morning at a moderate speed.

Li Dongze opened the car refrigerator and asked, "What do you drink?"


"Then you can only go to the supermarket to buy later." Li Dongze poured himself a glass of whiskey, and threw an ice hockey puck into it. Holding the wine, he leaned back in his chair and said leisurely:

"I'll take you to go through the entry procedures now and give you basic training. First, let me introduce myself. Li Dongze, a level 3 spirit walker, the leader of the Songhai branch of the Five Elements League, the second team of Kangyang District, is a scout."

Scout? In addition to the night tour god, do you have other professions? Zhang Yuanqing put on a posture of listening carefully.

Although he was puzzled, he didn't interrupt.

As a person who is good at socializing, Zhang Yuanqing knows that it is impolite to interrupt others casually, and he will not allow himself to be penalized for these trivial matters.

Li Dongze took a sip of his wine and said, "Let me tell you first, what is a spiritual realm!"

Zhang Yuanqing cheered up immediately.


ps: This chapter is an update.

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