Chapter 9: Spirit Realm

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 Li Dongze made a few words and said:

"The spiritual realm is a supernatural power, which cannot be explained by science at present. Although we have been trying to analyze it and understand it, we still have not fully understood it. The spiritual realm exists in reality, but it is divorced from reality. Only selected people can enter the spiritual realm. "

"And the way of being selected..." He took a sip of his wine and said with a smile, "You should have realized it."

"That card?" Zhang Yuanqing responded in a timely manner.

Li Dongze nodded slightly:

"It's called a character card. Those who get the character card will start the trial mission. After passing the trial, they can get a corresponding job with the skills and characteristics of that job.

"The mechanism for selecting walkers in the spirit world has not been explored yet, and the way of issuing character cards is not fixed. Sometimes it will appear directly in your body; sometimes you will pick it up on the side of the road; sometimes you accidentally click on it on the Internet. to a link...

"Completing the trial mission is just the beginning. If a walker in the spirit realm wants to upgrade and become stronger, he must continue to accept missions and enter the spirit realm. But you don't have to worry, the frequency of missions is not high, and it is not the case in any spirit realm scene. Life is at stake, and instead, some spirit worlds can be fun.

"For example, I myself, a level 3 scout, have entered the spiritual realm once a month for the past two years, but only entered the single spiritual realm once in three months, and almost died in it. The rest of the time, I entered the spiritual realm for many people. It is relatively safer and more interesting. Hehe, if you want to obtain superpowers, you have to pay a price."

Li Dongze paused to give Zhang Yuanqing time to ask questions.

"It's similar to a copy of a game?" Zhang Yuanqing gave his understanding.

Li Dongze smiled:

"I like to talk to you young people, because you have strong comprehension skills and are actively exposed to new things."

After approving, he nodded:

"That's right, it's like playing a game, and Lingjing is a dungeon. Some dungeons are single-player, and some dungeons are teamed up and confronted by multiple people. Single-player dungeons are the most dangerous, with the highest death rate .

"The multiplayer type is relatively good. There are death type and punishment type. The latter only needs to deduct a certain amount of experience points."

Zhang Yuanqing asked strangely: "Why is the single-person type the highest death rate?"

Li Dongze pondered for a while, "In the spiritual realm of the multi-person type, you will meet spirit realm walkers of other professions, but the single-player type is the spiritual realm of your profession. Take the scout as an example. The ability of this profession to transcend the mortal realm is to see , track, analyze.

"So the three single-player spirit realms I encountered were playing detective reasoning cases; chasing villains in the jungle to hunt each other; and survival in the wilderness. In addition, for each profession, the ghost realm copies of the extraordinary stage and the saint stage are different. "

My profession is Yeyoushen, and I entered the supernatural dungeon. Huh, fortunately, there are multiple dungeons, otherwise, sooner or later, I will be scared to pee in the spiritual realm. Will there be changes in the spiritual dungeon in the saint stage? Zhang Yuanqing nodded while listening.

"The disappearance of Lei Yibing, did he enter the spiritual realm?" Zhang Yuanqing said in a deep voice.

He urgently needs confirmation from official figures to confirm his guess. If Brother Bing has entered the spirit realm, then things are not too bad.

Li Dongze thought for a moment and said:

"After Lei Yibing disappeared strangely, the official personnel from the Hangzhou Police Station took over the case. Their judgment was that Lei Yibing had died in the spirit realm."

Zhang Yuanqing heard that his heart had stopped suddenly, and he couldn't contain his anxiety and panic, "Why?"

Li Dongze explained: "Because the time is too long, the normal copy of the spiritual realm, at least in the Transcendent Realm, can be as short as a few hours, and as long as a day or two. And Lei Yibing has been missing for four days. The Transcendent Realm represents 1-3 class."

"What about those above the Transcendent Realm?"

"It's not very clear, but there should be a longer copy."

Maybe Brother Bing is a powerful spiritual practitioner... Zhang Yuanqing can only comfort himself like this.

As for Brother Bing's disappearance, at this stage, he is doomed to be of little help no matter in terms of ability or knowledge.

In comparison, joining an official organization and then saving yourself is the most important thing right now.

"...By the way, there is one more important thing before I introduce the official organization to you." Li Dongze took a sip of wine to moisten his throat, "What is your moral value?"

"60 points, the initial value." Zhang Yuanqing answered honestly.

Li Dongze nodded: "For a novice like you, morality is the biggest pitfall. You must keep this in mind."

"Why do you say that?" Zhang Yuanqing didn't hide his doubts.

"Do you still remember the remarks under the moral value?"

Remember, it made me a good person...Zhang Yuanqing almost put on Hua Tsai's face.

Li Dongze said seriously:

"The initial value of the moral value is 60. If it is lower than this value, the punishment mechanism of the spirit realm will be triggered. It will notify all the spirit realm walkers in the same city of your location and issue a task to clear you."

... Zhang Yuanqing was dumbfounded, and blurted out:

"Then I won't be able to do bad things for the rest of my life?"

Well, I don't mean to do bad things, but being a saint is too tiring.

In addition, what is the standard for measuring moral value? If making crafts, posting pictures and so on are considered morally depraved, then his life is over.

Li Dongze laughed, he seemed to like to see newcomers showing such expressions, and said slowly:

"Don't be so nervous. According to our observations, spiritual practitioners who steal, rob, or hurt others...will deduct 1-5 points of morality depending on the seriousness of the case. Killing people will deduct 10 points of morality. Serious consequences will result. If many people are killed or injured, the corresponding moral value will be deducted depending on the severity of the circumstances.

"As for the loss of personal morality, it will not affect the moral value. In addition, the moral value will be deducted, and of course it can be accumulated. That's why I want you to be a good person."

This mechanism sounds like it is deliberately used to restrain the walkers in the spirit realm, but why does the spirit realm restrain the walkers?

Be it morality or law, they are all created by human beings to maintain order. In the natural world, other than human beings, other creatures do not need these things.

In other words, unless the standpoint of the spiritual realm is human beings, the existence of moral values is somewhat unreasonable.

But the spiritual realm is a supernatural phenomenon.

Zhang Yuanqing instinctively felt that this restriction was unreasonable, but since Li Dongze didn't explain it, it meant that he didn't know the reason.

From the conversation just now, it is not difficult to see that the official understanding of the spiritual realm is limited.

Zhang Yuanqing suddenly said: "Understood, no wonder it is a big pit for newcomers, so how to accumulate moral value?"

After getting super powers, novices often use their powers to do things they wanted to do but couldn't do before, such as making money.

And the methods of making quick money are all written in the criminal law.

What else is there... Well, I don't know if supporting poor young ladies will lower moral values? In the definition of the spiritual realm, is this considered a loss of personal morality, or is it against the law?

Zhang Yuanqing didn't dare to ask this question. After all, everyone was still unfamiliar, and he didn't want to leave a bad impression on the future leaders.

"Accumulating moral value is as simple as reducing moral value. Just do good deeds. In fact, many spiritual practitioners of evil organizations are keen to do charity and donate money, because this is the fastest way to accumulate moral value. As long as there is enough money, You can kill people recklessly." Li Dongze snorted:

"It's ironic, isn't it? You never know the face behind those charitable people. What's even more ironic is that human life can be measured by money. This is true in reality, and so is spirituality.

"In addition, the moral value will not be deducted when fighting among spiritual practitioners."

After Zhang Yuanqing initially digested the information, Li Dongze continued:

"Next, let's talk about the official organization.

"The official organization we belong to is called the Five Elements League, which is composed of five major forces, namely the Hundred Flowers Club, the White Tiger Soldiers, the Red Fire Gang, the Water God Palace, and the Atrium. The five major forces represent five professions, wood demons, scouts, and fire masters. , water ghosts, and earth monsters."

Zhang Yuanqing couldn't help complaining in his heart: Why are the official organizations full of demons and ghosts?

"In addition to the Five Elements League, there are several other organizations with official backgrounds. I will send them to you in the information later." Li Dongze fumbled for the wine glass and said:

"The five major organizations within the Five Elements League formed an alliance in the past twenty years. Before that, they were independent and did not have a harmonious relationship with each other. This involves the birth and restraint of the Five Elements, as well as the differences in the habits of various occupations."

Li Dongze took a sip of his wine and shrugged, "Take the group of wood demons from the Hundred Flowers Club as an example. They are a group of extreme environmentalists and members of the Animal Protection Association. God, they are trying to push the headquarters of the Five Elements League to promulgate a ban on members of the organization from eating dog meat." It is stipulated that God does not have them outrageous, every time I see their sick faces of loving animals, I can't help but want to kick their butts with leather shoes."

Next, Li Dongze severely criticized the four major professions other than Baihu Bingzhong.

This gave Zhang Yuanqing a more intuitive understanding of other organizations in the Five Elements League, such as the Chihuo Gang, which would never beep if they could do anything; for example, the Water God Palace, which has a gloomy personality and likes to cultivate viruses and bacteria.

For example, the atrium of the local boss engaged in real estate and mine development.

"Only the scouts of our white tiger soldiers are wise, calm and courageous, and they are the perfect profession." Li Dongze concluded.

Zhang Yuanqing said in his heart, do the other four major organizations agree with your statement?

"Heh, the more you talk about it, the more it looks like a game, right? Some people in the Five Elements League also refer to the spirit realm as a "game server". The spirit realm walker has a character panel, props, and tasks to do, and each of the different spirit realms is like a dungeon. In addition, it has different professions. The members of the Red Fire Gang are reckless and impulsive and like to promote violence, just like berserkers. The people of the Water God Palace have the ability to control water and are water mages. The Hundred Flowers Society can raise pets and treat injuries. They are priests and summoners. The people in the courtyard are rough and thick, typical MTs."

Zhang Yuanqing couldn't help but joked:

"Then your scouts are the eyes of 75 gold coins in the game?"

Li Dongze was taken aback for a moment, couldn't help but clenched the handle of the cane, and said without expression:

"If I were the Fire Master of the Scarlet Fire Gang, I would have blown your dog's head off with a single stick."

"I'm sorry!" Zhang Yuanqing apologized resolutely.

After the joke, the atmosphere between the two became more harmonious. Li Dongze said with a smile:

"After passing the extraordinary stage, scouts will have extremely strong individual combat capabilities. I say this is a perfect profession, not bragging.

"Of course, among the orthodox professions, the Night God is recognized as the strongest profession. Well, I'm talking about the orthodox profession, not including the evil profession. Even us scouts have to admit that the Night God is more perfect than us."

  ah? Is Yeyoushen very strong, can he hit ten... Zhang Yuanqing was overjoyed: "Can you tell me about the profession of Yeyoushen?"

Li Dongze couldn't help laughing, but he also understood the young people's psychology of admiration, and said:

"In the early stages of the Transcendent Realm, the Ye Youshen can display extremely strong assassination capabilities, and their explosive power is also extremely impressive. In addition, they also have the ability to communicate with souls, refine corpses and control spirits. They have various skills and powerful combat capabilities.

"However, the number of Yeyoushen is extremely rare. At present, there is no Yeyoushen in the Songhai branch. This is because there are too few Yeyoushens in Songhai to test their spiritual realms, and the Taiyi Sect in the capital is constantly absorbing nightshens from all over the country."

Having said that, he naturally asked about the occupation of the new employee, saying:

"What is your occupation? I hope you are not a fire master. I hate rude and violent young people the most."


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